I am torn; which show do I watch...Flavor of Love or the Academy Awards?
Now logic says I should watch Flavor of Love at mid-day then devote my wasteful attentions to the Oscars later in the evening, but we all know we watch Flavor of Love twice on Sundays! Right?
Right? Oh, I thought I wasn't the only one.

Well I guess I'll just do like the rest of you and pretend I care if 'Brokeback Mountain' or 'Crash' wins 'Best picture'.

Well, my dear readers there isn't much going on in the Flavor of Love universe, except an interview by Sweetie, you remember her don't you?
If you don't I'll slip a picture in this blog somewhere, just keep reading, or scroll down, whichever comes first.

In the interview Sweetie describes Flava Flav as "wolf cookies"
I am going to link to the interview but be forewarned she does not come across as very smart, and that's even if you factor in for ebonics.
She says shit like, "I was always trying to help people out...trying to be mannerable to the producers"

Now I researched the word at Dictionary dot com because you know, you never know...but when I entered the word it replied 'that's not a word you jackass.'

There were few things worthwhile in the interview but one of them was her man-keeping advice

I say when I have a man, that's what I wanna be for my man. If you're gonna have a man you need to be in there in the house so he don't gotta go nowhere else...I'm totally down with bein' a freak FOR YOUR MAN. Not for everybody else, but for your man. You know, I believe in breakfast and a 'bj' for your man...Oooh, was I allowed to say that word?

No sweetie you should not be allowed to say any words.
Jesus Christ, and people want to know why I like New York? Could it be because she is the only contestant with a more than average helping of intelligence?

That said -I hate saying that- Tika Rainn (that's her real name supposedly) is quite a sexy woman. If I had a woman like that I would more than be able to forgive her enuniciatory challenges...actually no, there is nothing to surpass an intelligent woman; like our devoted reader Miss Annji.
She really laid into someone yesterday in the comments box, you should go read it.

Actually there are more things of interest, like Flav Flav is about to be a daddy...again. Really, I should not give a damn about that but you know it's a blog about Flav Flav and that means I should give a damn about that.
Yes readers, apparently Flav Flav is pregnant again.
tika rainn sweetie from flavor of love
Sweetie from Flavor of Love interview.

If anyone wants to relive the moment of Pumkin spitting in the face of New York, go here for the for the, let me see what do I call it, how about video of pumkin spit at New York a la carte.

I do so much for you guys for so little gain...I wish this blog was chockfull of money producing advertisements like this reality television website.

I should end now but I have a picture to post, a picture of Sweetie, Tika Rainn at a porn convention with Lloyd Banks from G-Unit.
What? A porn convention!!!
Yeah, but she says she was there to promote her music...oh that's what they call it now. Didn't we hear New York saying she and Flav Flav made sweet music together? I really need to keep up on my hip-hop slang.
sweetie at a porn convention

You know what, I have one more photograph...if I am going to use Sweetie's pictures (from her blog) the least I can do is post a photo of her children's album and add to the publicity.
flavor of love children's album sweetie


  1. Anonymous // 2/3/06 8:41 PM  

    I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how much I enjoy your VH1 FLAVOR OF LOVE BLOG! Not only is it informative, but it's funny and brightens my day/night (whenever you post the next entry). Actually, you had me at "Smiley" because she was great on the show and I don't think her departure from the show was fair. Smiley has an advocate in you because you have given her the most respectful accolades. Later for a clock! She deserves the praise you give her and roses.

    Your assessment of each episode is perfect! Wow! Where are you getting the "insider" information? I LOVE IT! The photos, the interviews (especially Sweetie) and your commentary of all the events on the show. I truly appreciate your effort here and I would be more than willing to make a donation to your blog. It's the best writing about the show on the World Wide Web.

    Thanks Again!

    Your #1 Fan!

    PS: BTW, it was me who added your site to WIKIPEDIA (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flavor_of_Love). Thanks for the shout out. However, my entry was edited incorrectly ("may contain spoilers"), presumably by the producers, or, heck, maybe FLAV himself! The GREEN MONSTER enters again! Not only is that incorrect it is insulting to the hard work you do on this blog. I have NEVER seen anything but honest conjecture in your commentary. Heck, this is the internet and free speech still rocks (yeah OPRAH!). Again, thanks for the blog and the joy it brings to my heart.

    PSS: I'm watching FLAVOR OF LOVE on Sunday but I want Terrence Howard to win for HUSTLE AND FLOW!!

  2. Sam's Lil Sis // 2/3/06 9:46 PM  

    I love this blog. I love that show because it is so funny. Plus i am glad to see that someone else besides me thinks New York is not all that bad, but ya gotta admit, she is borderline fatal attraction material. please keep posting an I will be watching Sunday 2 times early and late.

  3. steups // 3/3/06 10:26 AM  

    Oh Jesus, thanks for the comments, I feel like Truman Capote or something.
    Of course, I meant a heterosexual Truman Capote...

  4. Anonymous // 11/3/06 1:40 PM  


  5. Anonymous // 14/3/06 11:38 AM  

    hi. im pretty much obsessed with flavor of love, and now ill be obessed with this blog haha

    thank you

  6. Anonymous // 24/3/06 2:33 PM  

    You dont hate New York, You are hatin' on New York!!!

  7. Anonymous // 3/4/06 2:10 PM  

    You can Shut up cuz she aint gotta hate on New york Sour azz

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