Yeah that's Cristal 'Serious' Steverson (Flavor of Love, Charm School) in a NSFW video of a recent body-pain photoshoot.

[Lauryn hooked me up]

[Megan & Brandi I Love Money kiss]


  1. jorundi // 16/9/08 4:12 PM  

    Just to be completely off-topic: What is flavor flav up to next? His TV show didn't do too well, I don't think. Is he cancelled, renewed for next year, coming back to VH-1 for some type of reality show, moving back to Public Enemy ventures or what? I kind of miss the little crusty roach that started it all. :)

  2. Lauryn aka Mrs. Big D. // 16/9/08 4:22 PM  

    You're welcome! I know how much you LOVE her.

    Nice to see you got the spot back. Don't forget to vote for her IMPACT Model of the Year.

  3. Anonymous // 18/9/08 10:41 AM  

    Wow. Who needs when you can come over here and get actual posts of Serious' latest news?

  4. steups // 19/9/08 12:35 AM is the sensei, now.

  5. steups // 19/9/08 12:36 AM  

    I'mma research that for you, Jorundi

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