Monique-abused by brother.jpgMo'Nique was never that funny to me, and it always seemed to me that there was more to her humor than comedy, if you get what i'm saying.
Well; in the October issue of 'Essence', the former 'Charm School' confesses a horrific truth that she was sexually abused by her brother at the tender age of seven.

"I was molested by my older brother,and even when I confronted him and told my parents, he said I was lying, and nothing was really done."

Mo'Nique recounts four separate incidents of molestation in the candid interview over a four-year span and said her 'brother' used candy to lure her into the bathroom.



  1. Ms. F // 16/9/08 9:04 AM  

    The Blogspot-Unhijacked. DEAD! LOL

  2. steups // 16/9/08 12:57 PM  


    dilly dallies
    (feels motivated like a half-dink)

    True story F... last night I dreamt I was in Paris with a girl i've never seen before -although I would have had to for her to show up in my dream- and as I went deeper into the city to visit a friend of mine; I saw video on my watch of the girl having sex with 50 cent.

    Wtf does that mean?
    I hope it doesn't mean I think my girlfriend is a whore.
    Or French women.

    Or all women.

    Weird-ass dream I tell ya.

  3. jorundi // 16/9/08 4:03 PM  

    As for Monique's situation, I believe it wholeheartedly. I have found in my 2 1/2 decades of teaching teenagers that when you look at the chubby teen who tries to make everyone laugh by being outrageous, 90% of the time you will find a child that has been brutalized in some way and was ignored by her adult caretakers. Comedy DOES come from tragedy.

  4. Ms. F // 17/9/08 11:36 AM  

    Hmm Steupz..maybe the issue is not with the woman per say but with 50 nah really I don't have a clue, hopefully dreams don't mean anything, if they do then I have a lot of s'plaining to do! LOL

    Jorundi, I have heard that a lot. It really is sad, but a lot of times parents just don't want to beleive it. That maybe why I tend to over believe is my kids come to me with anything that might resemble abuse of any kind! I jump right on it!

  5. CL // 18/9/08 10:56 AM  

    Steupz, when I analyze dreams -- many of my friends share them with me for some strange reason -- I like to delve beyond the words and into the emotion behind it.

    Here's my take on it...

  6. CL // 18/9/08 11:00 AM  

    Paris is supposed to be the city of romance... or something like that. You are walking in such a city with said girl -- this may imply that, in reality, you have one woman in particular for who you have or had feelings.

  7. CL // 18/9/08 11:02 AM  

    The walk deeper into the city to meet these friends (your heart, a place of trust) may represent your thoughts or consideration to take the relationship a bit further... to trust more.

  8. CL // 18/9/08 11:14 AM  

    The watch respresents your fondness for technology and perhaps that you consider yourself a guy on or that was on a mission -- of love or relationship, perhaps. The watch, a special part of James Bond's wardrobe plays into the way in which you might see yourself.

    Well.. in a dream... if anybody was to exploit a girl or go up against a "Steupz" James Bondesque kinda guy, who other than a Fiddy? Fiddy v. Steupz. In any case, this comparison shows that you have a good self esteem.

  9. CL // 18/9/08 11:18 AM  

    Your fondness for techology and info gathering (scandal) underpins the whole video watch part of the dream.

    Lastly, one could surmise that the dream was just a way to vent feelings of mistrust or fear of love - past or present. Who is to say, but only you?

    Well, that's my two cents.

  10. CL // 18/9/08 11:21 AM  

    Oh... the lesson of the dream could be that there is room to develop trust. Ya gotta end a dream analysis with a lesson discovery.

    Okay, I'm done.

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