We heard about the Jennifer Hudson engagement; but now pictures surfaced of the massive Neil Lane diamond engagement ring bought by fiance, David 'Punk' Otunga.
At least, we assume he bought the ring.



  1. Electra (trinidad) // 17/9/08 9:05 AM  

    Macco!!! LOL

  2. jorundi // 17/9/08 12:26 PM  

    Pretty ring. :)

  3. Anonymous // 18/9/08 10:51 AM  

    that is a unique ring

  4. steups // 19/9/08 12:33 AM  

    What up CL?

    And J, of course.

  5. jorundi // 20/9/08 11:38 AM  

    I still think that Latoya London was jacked. She was a better singer than both 'Tazia and J-Hud.

  6. Anonymous // 14/3/10 6:23 PM  

    I know that there has not been a post since 08, after reading jorundi post I had to write one. Honestly you don't know real talent. Yes, Latoya can sing, but to say she is a better singer than Jhud and Tazia is a LIE and the truth ant in you. Tazia is doing her thang, but Jennifer Hudson is the best female vocalist in the industry today hands down. She is both incredible and amazing on the MIC.

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