New York performs at the Arie Crown Theater
Thanks to DJ BuckyBlends, I had a phone chat with Tiffany 'New York' Pollard in the wee hours of this morning. Sorta made my weekend, that did.
Probably lasted about 15 minutes and I was able to extract quite a bit of information -after I got over my 'stanism '

She's doing very well, and fielding offers everyday from bookers, agents and media organizations. But, she is no rush, she says; because she enjoys being fact, if memory serves me, she'd just returned from the gym when we spoke.
Rumor has it she will commence production on a new series about her search for fame in Hollywood, but, for now, she has been watching the Flavor of Love 3. Her opinion on FOL3 echoes ours, but I won't get into that.

What I will get into is a project she confirmed she will be a part of, and that is, her theater debut. 'New York' will share the stage at the Arie Crown Theater with Jill Marie Jones (Girlfriends) and Tommy Ford (Martin) in Safia Bernard's play, 'Relationship Games.
Her character is described as an arrogant, self-centered, unemployed, man-eater from the south side of Chicago. (sounds like a role she can pull off)

The play will run for two nights only, on Friday March 14th and Saturday March 15th; showtime is 8pm.
The Arie Crown Theater (2301 S. Lake Shore Drive) is no joke, so don't think this is some fly-by-night operation. This theater boasts Chicago's largest stage and can hosts more than 4000 patrons.

So, go support the Queen of cable television, tickets are available at the Arie Crown Box Office and all Ticketmaster outlets. Group discounts can be had as well (847-791-6458)
For more information, visit Safia Bernard's website.

Once again, much thanks to DJ BuckyBlends.


  1. Baby™ aka Mrs. Weisgerber // 2/3/08 1:39 PM  

    Dayum. Inna's gone (sobs quietly). So now I am peeved...One pony left in the race (KJ).

    Now onto FOL3:

    Sinceer needs her teeth cleaned...badly...OMFG and the picture below makes her look like she needs to disinfectant(I don't know why either).

    Bunz should be renamed Tons. She's just overweight. She's also one of those white/non-Black women that got attention from a black man and as a result, now overuses the "um-hmm" twisted lip, an exaggerated arm fold and repeated "yo' mommas" thinking that only these three things are needed to endear her to Black people. May God help her...

    Hotlanta is old (27 in what? Dog years?) and desperately seeking a daddy for her semi "urban" misbegotten brood. Good luck with all that.

    Until someone can prove to me otherwise, I still maintain that the twins are Deelishus' genetic discards.

    Myamee is bald, bowlegged, barely intelligible and seems to have undergone a charisma bypass. She's still there and Miss Rayna is gone? Come on, now? Plus, she ain't from Miami--unless Tupelo, MS has been renamed "Miami" recently and I am unaware of the name change.

    Bee-Ex-I hope she's not a trick.

    Rayna was still funny as all get out (I will miss her--I like her whole "Unflustered Diva" schtick). Seezinz is very pretty with class. Grayvee is wonderful (even if a bit mannish w/fake boobies) but my girl is Prancer.

    Prancer has a fantastic sense of humor, she's cute and doesn't seem to take herself too seriously. And she can string a sentence together. She might just actually be my favorite FOLer, period.

    Now that I've vented, I'll go make lunch now. Maybe a stroganoff in honor of my girl Inna...

  2. P.B.S. aka Ms. F // 2/3/08 1:48 PM  

    Well Steups I am impressed, you got to speak to the HBIC! Wow! I really do love her, she did grow on me...

    Baby I am sad Inna is gone too...I keep watching hoping they will get rid of Megan..but alas...she is still there...and was it just me or did I see some scenes last week that this week they were going to go into the whole Daisy is living with her exboyfriend thing?

    And yes Prancer and Graveey are my two girls on FOL3..I am trying to keep my excitment level up for this show but I think ROL2 is beating ole Flav this season...

  3. your mother // 2/3/08 1:54 PM  

    naaaw... i hate being spoiled accidentally...

  4. steups // 2/3/08 1:56 PM  

    DEAD at y'all still watching that garbage.
    I turned on the telly today, saw some plastic-looking thing in a skinny jeans with her midriff showing and I was like "ughhhhhh!"

  5. Baby™ aka Mrs. Weisgerber // 2/3/08 2:01 PM  

    Megan. I like her--she's tall, great legs and plays dumb but obviously not dumb at all. She needs 5 more pounds though. And she needs an ass, but she's hella funny to me. Really funny. She brings humor, the rest of them are too dayum serious.

    I wonder when they are going to show the "before" pictures of Daisy. You know, the pictures before the surgery, when she had a d*ck? When does THAT episode air?

    The episode that dare not speak its name...

    Yeah, Flav is mailing it in for FOL3, no doubt, yet and still, I watch. But I will say that the FOL# dates that they go on, all of them have been great (skydiving, skating, water slides). Flav at least stepped it up with the date thing--got to find the bright spot somewhere:)

  6. steups // 2/3/08 2:07 PM  

    Prancer is crazy pretty.
    I liked that Saint Lewis chick, though.

  7. Bubo the Hater // 2/3/08 2:23 PM  

    PRancer is girl next door cute, nothing to get that excited about. Crazy hair and skinny

  8. Baby™ aka Mrs. Weisgerber // 2/3/08 2:36 PM  

    I am rewatching ROL. Dear God, is there no end to the vileness that is Destiney's abdominal area? What a gelatinous, water logged mess.

  9. steups // 2/3/08 4:01 PM  

    I wouldn't say skinny. She's got a nice body on her, especially in the backside area.

  10. Anonymous // 2/3/08 4:20 PM  

    I Love Money: VH1 Challenge Show is a VH1 reality show. It is a spinoff of Flavor of Love, I Love New York and Rock of Love with Bret Michaels and was created by the producers of reality TV juggernaut The Surreal Life. This show will be contestants from Flavor of Love (Seasons 1-3), I Love New York (Seasons 1-2), Rock of Love (Seasons 1-2). This co-ed battle between reality stars will throw contestants from each of those shows in a mansion in Mexico and have them battle each other. Similar to MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge, these reality show stars will be fighting physically and mentally to take home $100,000.

    Production started in early February, 2008, and is wrapping up in March. No contestants have been revealed yet.
    Retrieved from ""
    Categories: 2000s American television after FOL3 I'm DONE FOL Spinoffs shows so i will not be Watching this new show or Anything Else from the FOL Spinoffs shows

  11. your mother // 2/3/08 4:22 PM  

    May I add:
    "This article does not cite any references or sources."

    Although I like the idea of contestants of all three FOLs fighting each other.

  12. steups // 2/3/08 4:30 PM  

    Shouldn't that be, "May I subtract"

    You pretty much shut it down, lol.

  13. Anonymous // 2/3/08 4:36 PM  

    steups this new show call I Love Money: VH1 Challenge Show sound like Garbage don't it

  14. steups // 2/3/08 4:45 PM  

    total garbage...
    But these shows are never good because of the scripted part; it's the unscripted element that makes it good.

    So, let's hope it works out.

  15. Anonymous // 2/3/08 4:51 PM  

    your mother i had no idea you were a male the name your mother I thought you were a Female

  16. your mother // 2/3/08 5:09 PM  

    do we have to think in male/ female? ;o)

  17. Bubo the Hater // 2/3/08 5:20 PM  

    Regarding the midsection, I think you mean Inna, who is gonna now. She was the main one who pranced around with her middles exposed.

    SOmething irks me about destiny. She seems extremley angry.

    Ambre should be teaching third grade, not competing on this show

    Jessica needs to go

    Megan is retarded, I can't beleive they won with that crap. Ambre and KJ were better

  18. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 2/3/08 6:35 PM  
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  19. Anonymous // 2/3/08 7:14 PM  

    every guy loves an ass shot but to be a little more objective why would insin-cere post all these ass shot pics before the show even ends? is that all she is? she boxes herself into a corner before seeing if she can do anything better than that! all deelicious is now is an ass out model and that shit is so dime a dozen and tired..aspire to be something better than than just another low class slut that's a bad example

  20. Anonymous // 2/3/08 7:18 PM  

    I wish I lived closer to chicago because I would absolutely love to watch the hbic act a fool live on stage..

  21. steups // 2/3/08 7:31 PM  

    Dude, Sinceeer is a pornstar!!!
    Ass shots are like prom pictures for her.

  22. AaniHaan: holding the boogie down // 2/3/08 9:01 PM  

    WOW ... tough

  23. Anonymous // 2/3/08 9:03 PM  

    where's the link to sinceer or
    "alleged" sinceer pornsite?

  24. Anonymous // 2/3/08 9:04 PM  

    hehe you think thats bad check out the reply to your other post!!!

  25. steups // 2/3/08 9:11 PM  

    anon, go to Q-Gasm

  26. revenge // 2/3/08 9:12 PM  

    aani - I would NOT like to see that dumb broad sinceer in a show of her own - if i wanted to see a ghetto hoe act up, i got to the local hoe-ville and watch their antics.

    not very original or entertaining.

    just sayin'

    I missed rock of love damn it.

    oh and steups what is up with her and tailor made?

  27. Bubo the Hater // 2/3/08 9:21 PM  

    I live in the Chicgo Burbs an dwouldn't pay to see her skank ass if tickets were free. they came with a free limo ride and a fre emeal.

  28. revenge // 2/3/08 9:25 PM  


    i think itwould be hilarious just due to the circumstances....

    play acting and television are huge differences - i wonder what she looks like with all the make upin th eflesh.

  29. Anonymous // 2/3/08 9:26 PM  


  30. AaniHaan: holding the boogie down // 2/3/08 10:35 PM  

    Sigh, dammit, that is not Sinceer at the porn site! LOL

    Revenge: Oh, COME ON!! New York aggravated my SOUL!! But I got some weird enjoyment out of that ... I know I'm not alone, haha!! Honestly, 90% of the enjoyment came from watching men act a fool as opposed to women. I just wanna see another show in the format of ILNY, you know?

    A lot of anons these days ... can't keep up with them all...

  31. revenge // 2/3/08 11:45 PM  

    aani - yes i would enjoy watching something like that buut definitely not with someone who looks like wharf from star trek the next generation (so what im a fucking trekkie, screw you asshole).

    bah, i think im tired of flavor of love...its become so transparently clear that its all over-produced and staged. i may be a sucker but im not that dumb and neither are most of the viewers (note that i said most and not all) - this series needs to be put out of its misery.

    and i hate to say it but I MISS NEW YORK.

    (has an emotional breakdown)


  32. Anonymous // 3/3/08 1:59 AM  

    hey this new layout is much much better!!!

  33. your mother // 3/3/08 4:29 AM  


    nice design, mr. s. first i thought i clicked the wrong shortcut... looks great!

  34. Bubo the Hater // 3/3/08 5:51 AM  

    Yeah Revenge, I feel you. I fast forward through most of ROL2. FOL3 and ROL2 are too formulaic and predictable. I think they are running concurrently because people are tiring of these shows and wanted to get money while poeole would still watch

  35. your mother // 3/3/08 8:39 AM  

    But why don't you broaden the main section? The banners don't fit, Pumkin is just "Bro"...

  36. LovetogiveFacials // 3/3/08 9:05 AM  

    Sinceer, ain't nothing but a "Quickie" and that's all she is, she really does have a banging body, but a fucked up 'tude.

  37. your mother // 3/3/08 12:20 PM  

    Have you seen Saaphyris lip chap commercial? Ridiculous....

  38. Gabrielle // 3/3/08 12:23 PM  

    Flav got rid of Grayvee for being too country. Same reason New York gave to Wolf right?

    Last epsiode he kept her because he said country girls know how to take care of their man. Guess he didn't want to be taken care of!

    Sad stuff

  39. your mother // 3/3/08 12:26 PM  

    oh no, not another comment box spoiler *aaargh*

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