Lol it's not mystery that The Elle Boogie sucks as a Writer but she was giving it a shot. You know, comparing people, posting videos... just lil boring stuff to keep the blogspot flowing. Well looks like that time has passed on. Aani is doing a great job at keeping this blog running and this will be The Elle Boogie's (yes I'm speaking in 3rd person, soooo) last boring post!!!! HOORAY (I know anons, I know) lol

Lets take a look at this comparison.... I think that Flavor of Love 3 is casted from Flavor of Love 2. I would go through all the pics but I wanted to bring this certain comparison up!
Yeeesssss, Myammee and Cristal Serious Steverrr blah (don't remember the last name.)

I was so bored last night that I went MediaFakeOut and I saw the post that they did on Ms. Myammee. I don't read the post on MFO, I just read comments and they were mighty funny! People kept saying that she had a nice body but she looked like a Man. I would have to disagree but I remembered hearing those SAME comments about another FOL beezy... and who was she? SERIOUS!!!! lol

What do you think?

Ok for more comparisons... Think of Deelishes and Tic, Hotlanta and Krazy, Dymz and Bootz, Sinceer and Buckeey (kinda but not really) and last but not least (though I don't agree with this one) Shy and New York!

Tell me that you can't look at these FOL3 girls and see something that reminds you of the FOL2 girls.
Oh yea and lets not forget that Sinceer already has fans dressing up as her for Halloween, and it's 7 months away! Guess he was just excited!

LOL.. I had to go out with a laugh! Y'all be blessed now ya hear!!

Oh yea, continue to support The Elle Word if you ever liked it lol. And AANI HAN and The Q... I LOVE YOU!!!
Keep in touch.


  1. P.B.S. aka Ms. F // 1/3/08 1:14 PM  

    Awww Elle..we are going to miss u!

  2. Gabrielle // 1/3/08 1:26 PM  

    indeed!!!! lol


  3. Bubo the Hater // 1/3/08 1:44 PM  

    Good effort. I hope you had fun, i know I enjoyed your contributions. You will be staying around, true?

    Tik and Deelicious had nothing in common but a butt. And the only time Tik's looked nice was whenshe had no clothes on, when she wore clothes, she looked funny.

    Sinceer and Buckey had big foreheads, but so do I. Other than that, SInceer couldn't hold Buckeey's hat.

    Bootz is in a league all of her own. DYmez resembeld a thinner, much cuter hottie, perhaps it is the crazy eyes....and Hottie was just Crazy.

    Serious and Myame do not share anything in commom except they are both gorgeous. Serious has a reaslistic body while Myamee makes one look in disbeleif. Anyone who says either look like a man is either gay, jealous, retrarded or some combination of the 3. Serious is prettier, in my and steups opinions.

    I WILL continue to read you in comments, Elle

  4. Gabrielle // 1/3/08 1:57 PM  

    I now know that Bubo the Hater is steups.

  5. Bubo the Hater // 1/3/08 1:58 PM  

    yes, me and steups..or meups or weups as I call us, are two in the same

  6. Gabrielle // 1/3/08 2:03 PM  

    The simple fact that u keep posting that same answer considering no one has brought up meups or a weups and u know exactly who steups is. u give it away!

    "You will be staying around, true?"

    I WILL continue to read you in comments, Elle

    Are how I know u are steuped. Steuped is the only person who talked like that, and u Bolded the word WILL knowing good and well that after the conversation we had last night were u put down all of your writers that I'm not stuttin' u

  7. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 1/3/08 2:21 PM  

    elle, wassa goin on?? lol

  8. Bubo the Hater // 1/3/08 2:22 PM  

    Elle, if I really had a conversation with you, I'd remember and cherish it. You seem to have some sense about you and trying to do something with your life. I am not steupz, but we think a lot a like. I am not how he treats the blog writers, but you all are underappreciated by most.

    If I knew you were the type, Bubothelover may write something nasty to you in Qgasm

  9. KitBit // 1/3/08 3:04 PM  

    Best of luck, Elle! I will check you over on 'The Elle Word'!!


  10. Anonymous // 1/3/08 3:05 PM  


  11. AaniHaan: holding the boogie down // 1/3/08 6:00 PM  

    Hey Elle ... much love for you too!!! And you know I'm holding down the Elle Word!!!

  12. Baby™ aka Mrs. Weisgerber // 1/3/08 6:26 PM  

    a. Cristal really deserves better than that comparison.

    b. Elle, you know I'll definitely keep up with you on the Elle Word! Of course...;-)

    c. Random: Is it wrong to order ribs from the same restaurant twice in one day? If it's wrong, I don't want to be right...

  13. steups // 1/3/08 7:15 PM  

    I WILL not

  14. Anonymous // 1/3/08 7:19 PM  

    so when are we gettin a farwell blog from the Q i cant wait for her to leave!

  15. RockstarDani // 1/3/08 7:30 PM  

    haha. this was a funny post. especially the last comparison.=)

  16. Anonymous // 2/3/08 1:14 AM  

    yeah, I liked the post too, thanks Elle, very entertaining.

  17. jorundi // 2/3/08 4:11 AM  

    Now I'm all confused. I thought Serious was on FOL 1 not FOL 2.

  18. Anonymous // 2/3/08 6:08 AM  

    elle you still comin over my house later so i can show you what it's like to make love for 6 hours str8

  19. Anonymous // 2/3/08 6:16 AM  

    listen anon hater Q really came up and actually writes good articles with a little humor thrown in so blow it out your dirty dumpster... besides everybody feeds off hate nowadays take gabby "elle" hatin on NY but chasin after every shlong that ever appeared on NY's show and still havin that tired ass "vote for my brother to get on ILNY" on her page. i want to get Q in the crib so i can blaze that from the back make her moan and write an article about how she walkin funny now.

  20. Anonymous // 2/3/08 6:17 AM  

    elle you can get it

  21. Anonymous // 2/3/08 1:04 PM  

    nick stop talking to urself its fraudulant

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