The Q. is depressed. Episode 3 of 'Rock of Love 2' was a kick in the stomach. How do you send Angelique home? I mean the woman had me doubled over in pain as a hot mess mixture of Charro, Ivana Trump & Zsa Zsa Gabor in a stripper package. How come Roxy goes home for having manners? Did Bret Michaels not turn Daisy away telling her it was an inappropriate time? Was Roxy to follow Destiney & Daisy's route after Bret made it clear he was displeased & not having it anymore? *sighs My reality television heart was broken the Sunday before last. Thanks VH1, 51 Minds & Bret! Where the hell was Big John to talk some sense into his boss? On with this introduction of Roxy of 'Rock of Love 2' before this turns into a vent fest.

Roxy is a self proclaimed dork living in Sin City. The 'Rock of Love 2' beauty enjoys hiking, skiing & skydiving. Did this beezy say skydiving?! Oh hell she is 'The Whitest Black Girl'. Do black people skydive? It's a joke folks. *dodges rotten fruit being thrown I am sure some of us do. Roxy equally enjoys shopping, dining and the Vegas night life. She loves the fact; she can party 24 hours straight if she wants to. Roxy chows down on her favorite foods Italian cuisine & sushi. The lovely lady also adulates duck, escargo and frog legs. (Someone tell Kermit to run if he bumps into Roxy!) The Q. has a sneaky suspicion Roxy thought she was auditioning for 'Fear Factor' instead of 'Rock of Love 2'.

The pierced tattoed beezy admits to being messy. Her bedroom & vehicle can easily be mistaken for a pig sty. One of her many talents we didn't get to see on the show is her ability to crack her knuckles. Interesting enough Roxy claims to be annoyingly forgetful. (I thought that only happened to old hags like me.) Those close to her describe her as a loyal risk taker. She craves adventure & excitement. In addition Roxy is refreshingly honest to everyone & most importantly to herself. She shared, "There's no front about me." She openly admits to doing some gnarly stuff. However, she doesn't consider them necessarily wrongs or rights. Every decision or action she makes; she views as a learning experience. On a couple of occasions she's made fun of someone. Roxy doesn't feel great about going down that road.

The 'Rock of Love 2' nonconformist definitely adores her parents. She shares, "My dad is the sweetest person you'd ever want to know. He's accepting of everyone he meets. He works hard & loves his family. I gey my nonconformity from my mom. She's the type of person who lived her life to the fullest. That's such an important way to live." When Roxy mentions her folks; one easily understands her 'Rock of Love 2' endeavor. Her take on Bret, a cool funny guy who happens to be a Pisces like herself. Why not try to win the heart of a rock star? We all know Roxy was eliminated during the 'Roller Derby' episode. No big, The Q. thinks there's bigger fish for 'The Whitest Black Girl' to catch. I am sure she has no regrets & chalks up 'Rock of Love 2' as another learning experience. Lesson learned; be rude and use your VIP pass. She won't get the final tour pass this season. However, she'll always be Bret's Roxy of Love. Don't miss this Sunday's episode of 'Rock of Love 2' @ 9pm on VH1.

A Roxy Qmoment!


  1. RockstarDani // 8/2/08 1:09 PM  

    she's pretty. Bret's an idiot.

    ...oh, and first?

  2. Anonymous // 8/2/08 4:37 PM  

    ...pretty boring

  3. The Q © 2007 // 8/2/08 4:40 PM  


  4. Aani Haan // 8/2/08 7:00 PM  

    I can't say I saw her winning the whole thing BUT I CAN"T BELIEVE SHE AND FRENCHIE WENT HOME SO SOON!! Once upon I time, I may have had her beat with that whole "Whitest Black Girl," thing, haha! Hope to see her around some more.... tres easy on the eyes...

  5. Lily Strange // 12/2/08 2:20 AM  

    I liked Roxy and Angelique was a riot. She made the show. Now it's just a bunch of drama. Feh!

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