Ice of 'Flavor of Love 3' not only has love for Flavor Flav. She is a huge fan of cheese. The blond enjoys cheddar, colby, mozarella, cream, blue, muenster, pepperjack, brie, gouda, provolone and monterey jack cheese. Soft, stinky, hard or blue this Flavorette needs cheese in her life. Besides cheese Ice a.k.a. Amanda can inhale some shellfish. Shrimp cocktail, lobster, crab legs with a side of steak & veggies make for a flavorful meal in this beezy's tummy. Don't expect Ice to win any cooking challenges this season on VH1's successful franchise 'Flavor of Love'. She cannot cook. If Flavor Flav needs a snack she can make him macaroni & cheese or a grilled cheese sandwich. (Y'all realize it's a good chance macaroni & cheese means microwaveable... right?) Ice can make a mean sandwich. *wonders who can't

A resident of Saint Clair Shores, Michigan Ice resides with her parents. Before y'all start criticizing, she's only 21 years old. It's cost efficient & a great way to save money. The best thing about living in Saint Clair Shores is the close proximity of her friends & family. Ice melts at the thought of moving out to Los Angeles. She feels as though she belongs there with the people, palm trees & beaches. (I'll remind her about the traffic & smog later.) Why taint her view of L.A. with realism now?

Let's get back to family. Ice shares an extremely close relationship with her mom. They're best friends; often mistakened for sisters. Ice is the splitting image of her mother. Mom & mini me love to go out & party. Dad is the one who keeps the two hotties in line until summer hits. Good ole dad owns a boat. Summer arrives and no one comes in between man & boat. Another perk of living @ home, when her ride it busted; she gets to roll mommy's Cadillac. Mom & dad instilled in Amanda a.k.a. Ice the importance of not letting what others say about her weigh on how she feels about herself. Don't allow others' negativity bother you was their motto. The lesson obliviously has been learned. Ice is reaching for her dreams, moving forward in life & learning all she can @ WKQI - FM 95.5 as the radio personality Paris.

Ice of 'Flavor of Love 3' has a great sense of humor. She loves making individuals laugh & forget about the bad sh!t going on in the world. Not only can this beezy work a microphone; she is skilled with a pencil and paint brush. As many other artistic individuals, Ice has mood swings all of the time. Happy go lucky & cheery... five minutes later she's mad at the world, depressed & wanting to punch somebody. D@mn can we all say it on the count of three? 1 - 2 - 3, "BIPOLAR!" Which means Amanda a.k.a. Ice will have The Q. & millions of others glued to the television screen; waiting for her to snap. Bipolar b!tches are the reason many of us watch 'Flavor of Love' and all of it's spin offs. *thinks about starting a non profit organization 'Hug A Bipolar B!tch Today'


Sorry folks, I had to stop laughing. If a possible Bipolar disorder doesn't phase you, how about a Kleptomania? Yes ladies, men & eStans, I typed Kleptomania. When Ice was between the ages of 14-16 years old, she had an urge to steal. The blond didn't care if it was a piece of gum, an article of clothing or chapstick. (Can y'all envision Ice stealing Saaphyri's chapstick?) For awhile the Kleptomaniac stole without consequence. However, one day her stealing spree would come to an end. On one of her sticky finger excursions a man followed Ice around the mall. As he followed her he announced, "They know!" The experience was a chilling one. She ditched the shirt & got the heck out of there. The almost getting caught put a permanent freeze on her shoplifting era. She hasn't stolen one thing since that day.

The 'Flavor of Love 3' beezy thinks Flavor Flav is the coolest dude. They share a mutual appreciation of accessorizing in a large way. Watching Flavor Flav or TV made Ice want to get to know him. The casting of the last installment of 'Flavor of Love' gave her an opportunity to chill with Public Enemy's front man. How much did they chill this season? Ice isn't leaking whether she melts Flavor Flav's heart enough to get that final clock. She shares this instead, "I did not go on that show saying I was in love with Flav because I didn't even know him. Once I got to know him there was ....... You'll just have to watch the show for the rest!" We plan on it Ice. Don't miss the premiere of 'Flavor of Love 3' airing Monday, February 11th @ 9pm on VH1! I wouldn't miss it for a Frosty Freeze ice cream cone.

An iced out Qmoment!


  1. Anonymous // 8/2/08 7:39 AM  

    she a sexy looking Female her and Hotlanta q tell steups don't come back we don't need him you got this blogger lockdown

  2. The Q © 2007 // 8/2/08 8:22 AM  

    Thanks but you are mistaken. Steups needs to come back to handle his ish. I am not around as much. I have a lot going on.

    So if you all what the information Steups has to take back over the reins.

    The Blogspot is better with Steups in charge & posting.

  3. Anonymous // 8/2/08 12:04 PM  

    Q came up in the ranks and her articles are very well written but this site has been very much used to be a good place to come for updates but now every article seems to run for days on end with only single digit comments...can we just face the fact that it was abandoned by steups because he does not have time or care about this project anymore..
    Q, when you leave don't forget to turn off all the lights and lock the door behind you the days look numbered and the fat queen brina is singing

  4. RockstarDani // 8/2/08 1:06 PM  

    she's cute, and seems like a lot of fun...LET'S PARTAY!!!!!!!!

  5. shawn // 8/2/08 1:26 PM  

    IS that her mom in the last pic?

  6. Anonymous // 8/2/08 1:34 PM  

    steups your girlfriend serious is in the new yung joc video

  7. The Q © 2007 // 8/2/08 2:43 PM  

    Thanks Anon 12:04PM. Steups is coming back. Also the lack of comments is not a reflection of the amount of this sites readers.

    Y'all have a good day.

  8. ~MEALE~ // 8/2/08 2:55 PM  

    Hi Q' and everyone else here at the blogspot.(Nice post btw Q)

    Just wanted to let you all know the 1st episode of FOL3 is now On Demand

  9. The Q © 2007 // 8/2/08 3:00 PM  

    My Meale!

    All I need is Revenge, Lareigna, Dorfam, Tx Shawty, IRRE and I'd be in comment box bliss. I am about to watch now Meale.


  10. your mother // 8/2/08 3:02 PM  

    don't forget to turn off all the lights and lock the door behind you?

    why so sad... the blogspot is one of my few places of joy and flavor of love 3 is coming, so i think we should leave brina laughing and have our own fun...

    i'll keep reading this blog even if it's updated every once in a month..

  11. The Q © 2007 // 8/2/08 3:12 PM  

    Exactly Your Mother!!!

  12. Gabrielle // 8/2/08 4:03 PM  

    I shall not lie! I miss the days were there were 300 comments after an hour and everyone would comment!!

    Good times, good stuff!

  13. Shawn // 8/2/08 4:36 PM  

    Alrighty Yall,

    Let's bring it back to the old days. Party Party. Party at Q's house (she know how to cook that flat back cornbread).

    He he he he

    Hey can we have a afterparty when the show airs on Monday? You know the roundtable sessions.

  14. none of your business // 8/2/08 4:46 PM  

    So is the comment box open for a little while?

  15. jorundi // 8/2/08 6:38 PM  

    Sure there used to be a lot of comments, but they were waaaaay off topic.

    About 1/3 or them would be about the actual blog and the other 2/3 would be insults and in-fighting. I like it better this way.

  16. none of your business // 8/2/08 8:01 PM  

    I like it either way. Maybe if you shut off the anon part then it wouldn't be so much of a issue.

    Alrighty now so can we start the "Blogspot Idol".

    Out of all the shows FOL 1 and 2, ILNY 1 and 2, ROL 1, and all the rest of Vh1 love sequal. Can you come up with best lines from a contestant and your favorite moments.

    OK we got the disco ball out and you got to wear your 70 gear to enter the "Blogspot Idol".

  17. none of your business // 8/2/08 8:03 PM  

    I guess I go first.

    Season 1 ILNY: NY and Whiteboy scene: when he call home and he found out his friend die.

    "COme here and let me comfort you with boobies".

  18. none of your business // 8/2/08 8:07 PM  

    OK I got another one

    Flavor of love 2: Contestant: Flavor Flav Scence: When he first seen Deelishes ass.


  19. your mother // 10/2/08 7:53 AM  

    don't threaten me with a good time...

    all time favorite ;)

  20. Cheesemeister // 11/2/08 10:34 PM  

    I usually enjoy reading what is written here but I do have to speak out as a person who actually does suffer with bipolar disorder. It isn't a joke. The behavior which you're commenting on is actually more likely borderline personality disorder (also a real mental illness and not a joke) I try to live my life as best I can, but for myself and other folks with mental illness, the stigma hurts. Not all of us act in over the top fashions and many of us have struggled for a lot of years to overcome the strike against us. I wish you would think about what you were saying before you go cracking wise about a real illness that in some cases kills people (due to suicide.)
    Since the only way to end stigma is to educate, I hope perhaps I've done so. I'm just asking that you think about what you say.

  21. Anonymous // 6/12/08 12:28 AM  

    Ice I met her she is really nice and down to earth she seems to not be like other celebs I met Wish her luck what happen to her?

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