Alright we've been blessed by the VH1 gods. This post is taking forever because I can't stop watching the premiere of 'Flavor of Love 3'. Not only is Flavor Flav brutal this time around; he is on some Barrack Obama sh!t. *speechless Y'all can CLICK HERE to watch it on Want to watch it on your big screen? 'Flavor of Love 3' is also available On Demand, Comcast or Cox Communications. The Q. won't be back for at least an hour. This has been my good deed for the week.

"Yeeaaaaaa Booooooy!" Is it only me or is KRS-ONE raking your nerves too?

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A joyful Qmoment!


  1. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 8/2/08 4:27 PM  

    oh snap...only if my computer was fast enough

  2. The Q © 2007 // 8/2/08 4:32 PM  

    I know y'all have On Demand Aurelius!

    Oh you are screwed. HAHAHAHAHA!

  3. your mother // 8/2/08 5:09 PM  

    can't watch it either, still haven't found out how to configure a us- proxy- server... looks like i have to get us- resident to stay in the know...

    hopefully somebody will "send" "me" "the" "videotape" "soon". "".

  4. MB // 8/2/08 5:59 PM  

    shy seems like the nest new york...she even looks like her a lil bit...and the internet winners are BORING! no wonder they do casting calls and select girls that stand out with their personalities..

  5. jorundi // 8/2/08 6:33 PM  

    I just watched all five acts and all I can say is Flaaaaava Flaaaav!!!

    Hold on to your seats, America because the sh*t has already started. We've got a New York clone up in da House!

    The only thing I DON'T know is who gets the last clock.

    I can hardly wait. They are really going to top themselves at 25.5 Minds this go 'round.

  6. Anonymous // 8/2/08 6:40 PM  

    Hi everyone,

    I just saw the first two parts the show but then my computer stopped loading them. But it looks like it will be a good season.

  7. Bubo the Hater // 8/2/08 7:02 PM  

    Barack Obamaish? What is that, say pretty words with no new ideas and get hyped up and overblown?

  8. Aani Haan // 8/2/08 8:04 PM  

    OOOO Bubo, no you didn't!!! LMFAO

    All I got to say is: HELL TO THA NAH!! How they gonna end it like that? I'm so glad my fav. is sticking around! And I'm hating on a certain radio personality that got a clock, WTF?

  9. pimpboy77 // 8/2/08 8:32 PM  

    all I have to say i'm Deeply In Love with Grayvee that the type of woman i been looking for All My Life

  10. The Q © 2007 // 8/2/08 8:46 PM  

    If spoilers are typed in the comment boxes, moderation will be enabled. It's great to know what you think you know but many don't want to know until they watch the episode Monday night.


  11. pimpboy77 // 8/2/08 9:00 PM  

    q well Then vh1 shound not put this on demand why can't vh1 Wait Until Monday i keep the spoilers to myself Then

  12. none of your business // 8/2/08 9:07 PM  


    OMFG, this is going to be the show.

  13. none of your business // 8/2/08 9:10 PM  

    Ok Q, which one is the wifey?

  14. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 8/2/08 9:35 PM  

    hahaha Q, no ON Demand for me. I have WOW, and they pretty much suck.

  15. The Q © 2007 // 8/2/08 9:42 PM  

    Shawn I don't know why you listen to bullshit rumor. None of those women are the wifey if you are referring to the rumor that one of them is the mother of his youngest child.

    Man Aurelius, I feel for you.

  16. lareigna // 8/2/08 10:49 PM  

    Dammit I want to know who he hell got the last clock.

    Shy is New York.2

    I have a feeling she's gonna stick round folks.....

  17. lareigna // 8/2/08 10:51 PM  

    BTW, what was up with Flac sying that Deelishis left him to start her jeans line? Didn't he break up with her cuz' he impregnanted somebody out in Vegas?

  18. Buddah Tha Messiah // 8/2/08 10:57 PM  

    Good episode! Some of these women are like the ghosts of Flavor of Love past. I see several women trying for the Ny crown that has now been left vacant. I spy some psychotics and some suspect women who may or may not be packing. Someone please send Flav the memo that he is not the shiz and should not be judging people on how good they look. Looking like a crispy cricket!

    My favorite girls are ones that I didn''t suspect would be. Still love Peechee and her sweet persona. Bee-ex is that fire. Also like Grayvee, because she's so country. The twins are like watching one big long doublemint commercial. Don't know how much of these two I can take.

  19. Anonymous // 9/2/08 5:19 AM  

    oh man, i so did not enjoy that episode. this season is not touchin season 2 or even 1. i really dont like it and i wish they would jus start season 2 over. bring back the same girls and lets do it again.

  20. Gabrielle // 9/2/08 3:46 PM  

    Ok, I know Q said no spoilers but this is just what I noticed as I watched act 5.... for those who want to know who gets the last clock.

    Flav said... "I have 2 clocks and 8 bodies" 8 - 2 is 6.... only 5 girls go home....

    In the confessional the twins are together and anytime u see one u see the other.
    They also showed a flash forward clip of flav in his hot tub with the 2 twins....

    I'm just guessing here...

    I think Shy is better than NY honestly. I'm really feeling Shy and her hair.

  21. AaniHaan // 9/2/08 6:39 PM  

    OMG, I'm so hating on Shy.... but that beasie is gonna keep things interesting!

  22. The Q © 2007 // 9/2/08 9:29 PM  

    I have only one thing to say about SHY.

    "I like her hair."

  23. Bubo the Hater // 9/2/08 9:48 PM  

    I saw the casting special...Saph was very Un un professional, I was impressed with her mic skills.

    The coffin was a play on 911 is a Joke

  24. The Q © 2007 // 10/2/08 4:40 AM  

    Blogy you are not welcomed he anymore. You've cloned my blogger account after you apologized to me. Wrote some rude things and then you continue to do the same crap.

    I know you are a minor. However, unless you have a severe emotional and/or mental disorder... you know right for wrong.

    Your comments are no long welcomed here.

  25. jorundi // 10/2/08 12:06 PM  

    Thanks Q.

  26. revenge // 10/2/08 6:03 PM  

    seems like im missing alot.

    damn it.

  27. The Q © 2007 // 10/2/08 6:58 PM  

    Hey Revenge~

    You aren't missing much. Same old bullshit, different individuals. I really miss you. And you can call me anytime! By the way, I need a piece from you on Qgasm.


  28. revenge // 10/2/08 7:42 PM  


    i need a piece of me in Qgasm and in other gasms as well. in fantasy is almost as good as masturbating for an audience.


    time to wipe the dust off the steel six inch stilettos...yeah i typed steel.

    shawn...i missed ur email by two days, and im sorry i did.

    one of my fav. lines "yeah, buckey was buckin and she was truckin'...Flav season two.

  29. Blogy™ // 10/2/08 7:56 PM  

    I posed under your name because i thought you where trying to make Groovy not let me comment at her blog(misunderstanding)(my bad)

  30. Blogy™ // 10/2/08 7:58 PM  

    But if you want to delete my comment and turn on moderation i could care less. I comment at other blog(Because you always turn moderation on over here)

  31. SpeakNtrutH // 10/2/08 8:42 PM  

    NOW This is what I've been waiting on

    Hey Everyone I missed you guys

    It's been so long I couldn't remember my password

  32. Bubo the Hater // 10/2/08 10:58 PM  

    I am beginning to think I can do without ROL. Simply too much drama. I am tiring of Kristie Joe and her emo self. I am tired of "Almost Angelique" (Daisy), I am glad Aubrey..Amber or the one who looks like a horse and quit the show, I am tired of dumb ass Megan, tired of Peyton Man(ning), yes, she looks like a man, I am tired of old lady Catherine and her New Jersey 1980's Hair, I am tired of Destiney and her too much make-up, she looks 20x better plain faced. They are simply all to dramatic and really notthat interesting and is Korei the Worman or Wormaid still on the show?.

    If I didn't have so much hatred to bestow on people, this show would be deleted from my Tivo season pass. Please let FOL3 be more entertaining and less dramatic!

  33. The Q © 2007 // 11/2/08 12:36 AM  

    This is the last time I'm addressing you Blogy. Maybe your parents haven't taught you this or maybe they have and you haven't listened.

    No one owes you a damn thing just because you want it. You come here to read; I cannot control that. However, you posing as me & other commenters is just fraudulent. It also makes you a liar. You always apologize. Then days later you are posting rude things about me & lying. Always claiming to send me information, which you never have.

    What if I warned Groovy about your antics? It's not as if I made shit up about you. But the funny thing is... I didn't even mention your name in my comment. Yet you started calling me bitches and other foul things. LOL! Which validated my comment whether it was in reference to you or not.

    Does it hurt me the things you type? Of course not, however your weekly apologies & continued internet harrassment is pathetic and annoying. Just because you are angry doesn't justify your lying or rude behavior. Not many of our commenters care for your participation on our comment boxes. Nor do they appreciate your desperation for attention by pretending to be them on your blog. While you complain about comment moderation; many regulars have thanked me for enabling it. In your immature mind you even inflate yourself thinking my enabling comment moderation is an attack on you. It's not about you. It's about individuals trying to continue drama on our blog. It's about spammers posting links to spyware. It's about others who do nothing but try to make our blog a negative place and ASSESSIVELY promote themselves.

    Speak, Bubo, Vengy & Lareigna glad to see you around.

  34. Bubo the Hater // 11/2/08 1:36 AM  

    Q, during my suspension, what happened o Brina..speaking of annoying internet personalities.

  35. The Q © 2007 // 11/2/08 2:04 AM  

    LMAO @ Bubo

    I don't know. I don't seek her out. Last I heard from her, she messaged me (as Blogy did) on and I blocked her. That was a couple of weeks ago.

  36. Anonymous // 11/2/08 4:21 AM  

    SHY is trying wayyy to hard to be the HBIC. It came natural to New York.

    This bitch just tryna become the next new york..

    I aint feelin it. She phony.

  37. PaleBlackSheep // 11/2/08 9:54 AM  

    The show looks good, although I am little disappointed in the internet winners, it doesn't seem like FOL is going to give them a chance either, just like ILNY.

  38. Jenny // 11/2/08 11:23 PM  

    Is it me or do a majority of the women this season look ugly? Compared to season 1 and 2 it looks like season 3 lost a step when in came down to having good lookin women on the show.

    I was so pissed when dymes left, she by far was the best hottest looking out the bunch. I really wanted her to stay on the show, atleast that way I'd have something good to look at every week.

    And the twins? seriously? are they only hot because their twins? cuz to me those are some ugly ass twins

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