As the 'Rock of Love 2' viewers anxiously await episode 4 of the hit series, has a very interesting interview up with Angelique. Unfortunately Angelique was eliminated on episode 3 'Roller Derby'. Yes, I typed unfortunately. I found her highly entertaining. Though she was not my favorite to win. She definitely was my favorite to watch. Angelique shares why she thought Bret's reason for eliminating her was bogus. She also openly talks about her career in the sex industry. The French exhibitionist also shares her thoughts on haters. Here is a tidbit of what the blond shared during the VH1 interview:

Was there anyone you didn’t get along with?
Yeah. Aubry. I think she is not confident because from day one I go to the house, she look at me like she was in a panic. But I understand because she is like 80 lbs., and you see me with my boobs and my ass and how loud I am. She want to die or something. We had an argument that they didn’t air, and I’m so pissed off because I shut her down. She f***ing shut up. I’m like, “I feel sorry for you that you need to put people down behind their back.” Not just me but everybody else. I’m like, “You need to get a f***ing personality.” She also said a lot of stuff about plastic surgery on the first day, “I’m like, you really need to call 911 plastic surgery emergency line and get your teeth fixed, get some boobs and get some ass, because you look like a f***ing boy.” I’m really upset they didn’t air that. It’s not fair!

What are your goals? Are you going to strip forever?
No, not forever. The thing with stripping is you make so much money and you have so much freedom that is very difficult to stop. You can make $500 to $2,000 a day. You choose when to work. If I want to take off, I do. Nobody cares. I’m an independent contractor. When I started dancing, it really pushed my level of life up. I live really well. I went to school twice, including real estate school. When I saw how much you make in real estate, I thought, “F*** that s***. I might as well dance.” At least for now. But I have a lot of stuff coming up. I’ve been working on a movie that’s coming out this year called Stripper, of course. I have a little role as a stripper-porn star in it, so it match with me perfectly. The funny part is that they wanted me to train the actress, like how to give a lap dance, how to be sexy, how to be comfortable when naked. Stuff like that. But then they end up offer me small role. So that’s really awesome. I also have my own radio show coming up called Ask Angelique (on QGasm). I will give relationship and sex advice to anybody who want to. But if I get the opportunity to stop stripping, I will. I may become a featured dancer very soon, which is better. You don’t have to walk on the floor. You just go on the stage and then you take picture and sign autograph, and you get paid crazy money, like $1,500 to $2,000 a day for a couple of hour.

Don't miss 'Rock of Love 2' airing on Sundays @ 9pm. I so miss Babykin & Groovy Noodles. *waves @ Kimberlyn, Tim, Revenge, Ava, Kitbit, Beebs, Jorundi, Lareigna, MaiTye, Bubo, Speak, Miesha, Aurelius, Teddy, Cham, GAM, 'D', Licious, Irresistible Deliscious & all others
An Angelique Qmoment!


  1. Anonymous // 2/2/08 7:30 PM  

    q their no rock of love this sunday because of the super bowl

  2. The Q © 2007 // 2/2/08 7:33 PM  

    Anon, I understand that is why I typed Sundays and not 'this Sunday'.

    Thanks for helping me stay in the know. Have a good weekend.

  3. Anonymous // 2/2/08 7:55 PM  

    Oops! my bad q LOL

  4. Aurelius (aka Adnan Ghalib) // 2/2/08 8:24 PM  

    Q, whats goin on?
    who is your favorite on ROL2 so far?

  5. Bubo the Hater // 2/2/08 9:18 PM  

    i miss you too!

  6. RockstarDani // 2/2/08 10:56 PM  

    what's the matter with her? She needs some ADHD medication STAT!

  7. your mother // 3/2/08 1:56 PM  

    wow, adnan posting... no rock of love this sunday? that sucks... not another rewatch....

  8. zzbd444 // 3/2/08 3:20 PM  

    I like Angelique's honesty...

  9. Anonymous // 4/2/08 9:43 AM  

    i don't get it -- why do they have those women plaster on the make up -- Some of them look much better with less of it -- instead most of them look like clowns. Like Destiny, she is scary with the make-up but when she was fighting with Kristie Jo (who needs the makeup) she looked good. And Angelique always looked like a clown

  10. Anonymous // 4/2/08 5:42 PM  

    I think Destiny's face looks old, if it wasnt for her body she would be tore up! You can look at her and tell that she wont age gracefully, in the face atleast.

  11. Lily Strange // 4/2/08 9:41 PM  

    Angelique was definitely entertaining. I didn't expect her to win, but I'm surprised she was eliminated so early. I'll never get why the hideous Lacey was kept around for so long on Season 1, but Angelique, who was actually fun, was given the chop this soon. Go figure.

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