From time to time the Anon's Love The Q and I... and I guess today was one of those days lol, because they gave us the link to the extended trailer along with the casting specials for Flavor of Love 3. Their will be a FOL3 casting special airing this Sunday at 9pm EST (thanks anon). Click the picture or HERE to get to the videos!!!

Oh and for those who care... add my NEW MYSPACE page and Check out the Devin the Dude Interview that took place last night.


  1. Gabrielle // 1/2/08 3:58 PM  

    I don't see any of the girls from the casting tapes on the super trailer :(

  2. Anonymous // 1/2/08 4:21 PM  

    gabrielle casting special is sunday at 9:pm that why thair no rock of love

  3. Anonymous // 1/2/08 4:26 PM  

    do i see a wedding on FOL3

  4. Gabrielle // 1/2/08 4:47 PM  

    thanks anon

  5. Anonymous // 1/2/08 6:13 PM  

    well i can't wait flava flav is a Hot Mess!

  6. paleblacksheep // 1/2/08 9:22 PM  

    Ok why in the world I flav in the casket? Death is nothin to joke about

  7. Anonymous // 1/2/08 11:02 PM  

    Hey Q,

    Go and grab the casting video. There is 6 of them that's in the video.

    Glad to see you using the banner.

    Let the force be with you.

    he he he

  8. Aani Haan // 2/2/08 11:57 AM  


    Thanks so much for this, I'd stopped checking VH1's site so long ago! FOL3 ... I need it in my life!

  9. Bubo the Hater // 2/2/08 3:34 PM  

    Is Big Rick back or am I seeing things on the tv?

  10. The Q © 2007 // 2/2/08 7:20 PM  

    I think he is back. But hell I am crazy. LOL!

  11. Anonymous // 4/2/08 5:30 PM  

    Hey Q,

    Did you happen to heard about Ny and TM getting into a fight this weekend and they broke up because he head butt her?

  12. Anonymous // 4/2/08 5:32 PM  

    So is it true that 51 minds, vh1 along with TM and NY stage a engagement and its all fake.

    You guys are the bomb and I know you all know the scoop on this fake out situation?

  13. Anonymous // 6/2/08 12:49 AM  

    found this modeling website with 3 of the women on the show and of course deelishes. THought you might be interested

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