Tik-Flavor-of-Love-3Got this from my fellow Scorpio, Akerera.

"This Saturday at the Jermaine D. 'So So Def' party in the N.O., me and my friend attended, and who do we see? Tik (Flavor of Love 3). My friend asked her, "are you, Tik?" and she just shook her head, "yeah", but walked away with a nasty attitude. Then, deeper into the party she was by herself the entire time and she had this pissed off look on her face. Maybe cuz everyone was ignoring her? When my friend and I were leaving (cuz the party was whack) we just happened to see Tik, driving off by herself, and pissed off in her silver Focus. I wonder what was up her ass? And by the way, she looks way wider in person."

Lmfao, now tell me if the idea of Tik in a Focus isn't the funniest thing ever?
Not that I am ragging on the Focus (I think it's a cute car), it's the idea that she can fit in a Focus that's surprising to me.


  1. The Q © 2007 // 20/2/08 3:56 PM  

    D@MN there goes my interview!

    "(I think it's a cute car)"


    There is definitely nothing wrong with driving a Focus. Why couldn't Tik fit in a Focus? You are acting like she is huge. She is just thick with a huge butt.

  2. Anonymous // 20/2/08 4:01 PM  

    steups you was at n.o. on saturday

  3. Anonymous // 20/2/08 4:13 PM  

    There seems to be a lack of characters this time around. New york pretty much made the last 2 and some of the other girls. Shy seems like the only reason to watch But Hopefully this show will pick up in the another few episodes

  4. none of your business // 20/2/08 5:53 PM  

    If the party was whack as hell damn right you would be piss too. I think Focus car are cute.

  5. Anonymous // 20/2/08 6:03 PM  

    THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH A FOCUS.(i drive one :P) but I mean the seats ain't but so big...I'm just sayin........

  6. Bubo the Hater // 20/2/08 6:52 PM  

    she may need a Crown Victoria wiht bench seats. What is up her ass? Perhaps midget Mac.

    When she puts clothes on, as witnessed in FOL, her body was not really nice. Just a freakishly large ass.

  7. Anonymous // 20/2/08 7:34 PM  

    i have Watch Season 1 and 2 of i love new york I so Done With new york i will skip new york new show Thank You, But No. Thank You

  8. KitBit // 20/2/08 8:48 PM  

    LMBAO!!! Steups, you KNOW you made this story up! It's just too hilarious to believe. :)

    Unfortunately I agree with the second anon... There just aren't any interesting characters this go-'round. The show still makes for great entertainment though!!

  9. The Q © 2007 // 20/2/08 9:29 PM  

    I don't know about this season of 'Flavor of Love 3'. I did laugh quite a bit during the premiere episode.


    Different names, different gender... same desperate for attention individuals.

  10. RockstarDani // 20/2/08 10:27 PM  

    ...maybe she was just having a bad day? I don't know. But in my opinion, a no-list flavorette with an ass the size of earth, REALLY shouldn't be that stuck up. Just saying.

  11. steups // 20/2/08 10:32 PM  

    "What is up her ass? Perhaps midget Mac."

    Collapses in a heap. Lmao.

  12. Anonymous // 20/2/08 10:37 PM  


  13. Anonymous // 20/2/08 10:46 PM  

    LOL steups You're funnier than a motherfucker

  14. Bubo the Hater // 20/2/08 11:36 PM  

    With running the chance of being seen more sexist than Steups, Tik's butt only looks favorable when she is semi-naked. In jeans or clothes, she is as we used to say way, way back, funny-built. She has a pretty face, but Dino is not as sexy as she thinks/

  15. Anonymous // 21/2/08 12:38 AM  

    Q.. U old Tired ass wench. why u gon tell somebody to call in to help save u from ur whack show and then be gettin a attitude with em??? how sad If i was her u woulda got cussed out and hung up on

  16. The Q © 2007 // 21/2/08 12:43 AM  


  17. AaniHaan // 21/2/08 1:09 AM  

    Anon, were we listening to the same show?

  18. steups // 21/2/08 1:17 AM  

    Anons, that was Bubo's quote, not mine.
    I ain't no Barrack Obama.

  19. Anonymous // 21/2/08 2:13 AM  

    I see alot of recent high school grads driving ford focus, personally, ill stick to my LEXUS, doubt there is any comparison in the way they drive

  20. Anonymous // 21/2/08 2:14 AM  

    oh yeah, this chick is wack, my opinion from the gate

  21. Anonymous // 21/2/08 5:05 AM  

    over priced Toyota

  22. Bubo the Hater // 21/2/08 10:22 AM  

    but Steups/meups/weups and I are one in the same. Focus is a good car. Something affordable and reliable from F(ound) O(n) R(oad) D(ead). Their oil filters are tricky, so you should probably take it to the dealer for oil changes

  23. Gabrielle // 21/2/08 11:16 AM  

    I HATE focuses with a passion. They always jump in front of me on the freeway pushin 60 when I'm going 80. Why do Ford focus drivers think that being in the fast lane is cute? Fords suck as a car brand anyways. My dad won't even let me get one with my own money. Hope I don't sound like I'm hating, but I been waiting to get that off my chest. And if I see one more 18+ black thuggish looking male in a Ford Focus, I'mma high kick something like Shy was doing in that hospital on FOL3.

  24. SapphireTigress // 21/2/08 11:48 AM  

    I liked Tik, I just wish she had more of a personality. Her look reminds me a little of Loretta Devine from her role in Waiting to Exhale... that is besides the extremely disproportionate (god i know I totally spelled that wrong) curves.

    Anyone else catch the Color Purple on BET last night? Shug was hosting it and she she looked really good!

  25. Anonymous // 21/2/08 12:02 PM  

    the Q said...
    D@MN there goes my interview!

    no wonder comment box is empty since its aboutg you interviews instead of talking about the show freely ......U made dead Elle word chat dead with all youre baning and now a dead blog since no1 can comment truethfully but U got youre interview..... allright!

  26. The Q © 2007 // 21/2/08 1:49 PM  


  27. your mother // 21/2/08 1:57 PM  

    so whose idea was it to re allow anonymous comments?

  28. LovetogiveFacials // 21/2/08 2:42 PM  

    I love Rayna she is the bomb! This is a cool blog by the way.

  29. Anonymous // 21/2/08 3:21 PM  

    I concur with Elle above!

    While on my mind, (from last comment) does anyone else see a resemblance with Rayna and Tokara (unsure of spelling) from ANTM and celebrity fit club and now she's a host I believe, she looks like a skinny Tocara to me.

  30. LovetogiveFacials // 21/2/08 3:48 PM  

    Holy shit, your right they could past for sisters. Oh, and I happen to have a candy red focus, I admit it doesn't help my swagger, but it sure as hell spares me from soaring gas prices.

  31. Cheesemeister // 22/2/08 1:24 AM  

    I do have to give Tik props for having the guts to work her big bootay. I hide mine in loose clothes! Then again, I'm kind of a modest sort and wear loose clothes whatever size I may be at--which right now just happens to be an XL.

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