Laughs hysterically...

**looks up**
Come on dee, stop playin'.

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  1. steups // 19/2/08 6:50 PM  

    Come on now

  2. KitBit // 19/2/08 6:55 PM  



  3. steups // 19/2/08 6:58 PM  

    Let's play, "how gay is he?"

    Gayer than Richard Simmons masturbating next to Paul Reubens in a cinema?

  4. Anonymous // 19/2/08 7:00 PM  

    LMFAO @ steupz I'm Glad your back

  5. The Q © 2007 // 19/2/08 7:04 PM  

    Nothing about him seems homosexual to me....

  6. steups // 19/2/08 7:06 PM  

    Thank you mate. Glad to be back...

  7. steups // 19/2/08 7:07 PM  

    Q, you worry me.
    I bet his testicles are

  8. KitBit // 19/2/08 7:10 PM  

    The only strange thing to me is, why did Dee feel the need to rush out and say that there aint a "gay bone in his body!"?!!! I mean, is she trying to say that she KNOWS that's what people will automatically speculate, or is it that people have already been saying that?!! Perhaps SHE herself thought that when she first met him herself! LOL!!!

    I mean, whenever I have a new beau on the scene, I don't feel a need to add "AND HE AINT GAY!" when introducing him. I'm just sayin' is all. ;)

    But... GO AHEAD, DEE!! Work ya' man!!

  9. Anonymous // 19/2/08 7:11 PM  

    pink testicles LMAO I'm seriously getting an Al Reynolds/Jonathan Plummer vibe from him.

  10. Anonymous // 19/2/08 7:16 PM  

    steupz Hey man he's got some sugar in his tank LOL

  11. steups // 19/2/08 7:27 PM  

    DEADDD at work ya man, lol.

    Anon, nooo, not Al. He is like the poster-boy of closeted gayness. He's like a mentor

  12. your mother // 19/2/08 7:33 PM  

    i think he looks like carlos solis and carlos solis isn't gay @ all ;)

    don't know if someone cares, but i've got my little recap of last nights flavor of love online.. not trying to promote me, only trying to communicate :)

  13. steups // 19/2/08 7:43 PM  

    I'ma link you Your mother...and anon, he most def got sugar in that tank

  14. Anonymous // 19/2/08 7:44 PM  

    LMAO @al being the mentor. who do you think taught Dee's "man" to smile with his eyes like that. He looks sessy.
    looking at the picture further I see a little norwood in there too. WORK BITCH!!!!!

  15. Anonymous // 19/2/08 7:54 PM  

    your mother i see you like prancers

  16. Anonymous // 19/2/08 8:01 PM  

    OMFG LOL steups is back i though you were kidnapped Welcome Back

  17. your mother // 19/2/08 8:02 PM  

    how do you know, anon? ;o)

    i think she's really cute, judging from my gay point of view... she'd be the one who actually could make me bi curious ^^

    thanks for the link, steups, that's some nice treatment here :o)

  18. Anonymous // 19/2/08 8:11 PM  

    your mother no i agree she is cute but my favorite Contestant is Hotlanta boy she Beautiful

  19. steups // 19/2/08 8:15 PM  

    It takes me a while to assimilate "your mother" as a term of endearment, lol.

    Yes I'm back anon. It's me, it's me, it's me!!!

  20. steups // 19/2/08 8:18 PM  

    Anon, you see norwood?
    What about some Carlton Banks from Fresh prince of Bel Air?

  21. Anonymous // 19/2/08 8:19 PM  

    steups do you know anything about Candace Cabrerea who will be on FOL in a few episodes and who used date Terrell Owens

  22. Anonymous // 19/2/08 8:21 PM  

    steupz norwood no Fresh prince of Bel Air yes

  23. steups // 19/2/08 8:25 PM  

    Don't know her...but you know I'ma go Google like mad, now.

  24. The Q © 2007 // 19/2/08 8:30 PM  


    I think she is addressing things ahead of time. When you put yourself on TV, you open the door to people prying into your life. And those who have nothing better to do try to write things to rain on someone's happiness.

    So, I don't think she feels he is gay. I think she is addresses what those will say negative shit about him to downplay their relationship & happiness.

  25. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 19/2/08 8:31 PM  

    My love for the Detroit women overrides my thoughts about deelishis' looks. I wonder if she still lives around here...

  26. The Q © 2007 // 19/2/08 8:31 PM  

    She is easy to find Steups. I have pics of her if you like. And yes she will be a contestant on FOL3.

  27. Anonymous // 19/2/08 8:33 PM  

    so steupz were have you been for a couple of mouths i was starting to worry about you

  28. Anonymous // 19/2/08 8:35 PM  

    i don't think he's gay

  29. your mother // 19/2/08 8:40 PM  

    she[candace]'s got a myspace, just add her name to "", that's easy ;)

    i agree deelishis is adressing ahead of times, she's got some experience with the media and she knows what is going to be said in the future. she could've denied numerous rumors that are not circulating yet, she was just presuming the most possible ones ;)

  30. steups // 19/2/08 8:43 PM  

    I crossed the Atlantic, mate.

  31. steups // 19/2/08 8:45 PM  

    oky, adding candace didn't work. But it did remind me I have to get these girls' My Space accounts and put it up

  32. Tye Tyson // 19/2/08 8:47 PM  

    Hey Steups, Gabrielle, AaniHaan, and My girl Q. Go check out MediaFakeout's new story about Tailor Made cheating on New York
    By Clicking on the box below!!

    By the way i'm a HUGE READER!!!!
    i just don't comment much, sorry.

  33. Tye Tyson // 19/2/08 8:49 PM  

    I don't know if i thynk he's gay or i'm just jealious of him.

  34. Tye Tyson // 19/2/08 8:51 PM  

    And will you CREDIT me for the mediatakeout story(I just wanted to be credited cause my friends are often readers and i made a bet that i could get credited faster)

  35. steups // 19/2/08 8:53 PM  

    Okay, tye, and DEAD at the box

  36. Anonymous // 19/2/08 8:53 PM  

    wow steups you been gone for so long you don't have clue What's Going On here

  37. steups // 19/2/08 8:57 PM  

    How dare she make her MySpace private????

    The gall, the temerity, the bold-facedness

  38. steups // 19/2/08 8:58 PM  

    Very true, anon.
    You're talking generally, right?

    Like that wasn't about something specific?
    **looks around, sensing danger**

  39. Tye Tyson // 19/2/08 8:58 PM  

    Hahaha, i just didn't want to do the unoriginal Click Here!!!

  40. Anonymous // 19/2/08 8:58 PM  

    'Flavor of Love 3' promising midseason twist and "happy ending

  41. Tye Tyson // 19/2/08 9:00 PM  

    Do u want to hear about the new reality show coming to vh1?

    P.s. not the show taping in mexico!

  42. Anonymous // 19/2/08 9:00 PM  

    steups yes generally

  43. steups // 19/2/08 9:02 PM  

    Oh oh, can't remember my MySpace password.
    Have I been gone that long?

    Like have they invented anything new? I remember Apple had some new products they were going to launch, did they?
    A new phone they said, and an mp3 player.

  44. steups // 19/2/08 9:04 PM  

    yeah, let's hear about the new show

  45. Anonymous // 19/2/08 9:09 PM  

    so steups what you think about flava flav have his own TV sitcom call Under One Roof now that something like Fresh prince of Bel Air

  46. Anonymous // 19/2/08 9:17 PM  

    The Q's post are always confusing when she adds The Q. into the middle of stuff and the period after Q always gets me confused.

  47. Anonymous // 19/2/08 9:17 PM  

    i'm Sorry steups i'm just been trying to give you a Up To Date Scents you've been gone

  48. Anonymous // 19/2/08 9:19 PM  

    Anon, just because he's been gone doesn't mean he hasn't been keeping up with the news.

  49. steups // 19/2/08 9:22 PM  

    why would she be mad...type quietly.

  50. Anonymous // 19/2/08 9:25 PM  

    LMAO naw Steupz I dont SEE norwood, but I feel his aura pouring from her man's arched eyebrows.

  51. Gabrielle // 19/2/08 10:52 PM  

    Usually gay men are the one's who can quickly make the call on other men being gay just by looking at them. Learned that by experience knowing gay guys.

  52. steups // 19/2/08 11:31 PM  

    Has there been a post here that put Sinceer in an Outkast video?

    Just asking.

  53. Anonymous // 19/2/08 11:50 PM  

    steupz do you mean Sinceer from the FOL

  54. steups // 19/2/08 11:58 PM  

    Uhmmn, yes.

  55. The Q © 2007 // 20/2/08 12:06 AM  

    I don't believe there has been a post related to Sinceer's appearance in an Outkast video.

  56. Anonymous // 20/2/08 12:06 AM  

    no why do you have something steupz

  57. steups // 20/2/08 12:17 AM  

    Nope, but I thought I did, a few minutes ago

  58. your mother // 20/2/08 4:34 AM  

    so what do you believe, when one gay man says he's gay and another gay man thinks he's not, elle?

    do you have to figure out who's the gayer one? ;o)

    so nobody sees carlos solis in him?

  59. your mother // 20/2/08 4:41 AM  

    nice link, anon @ 8:58PM.

    i didn't know that deelishis' name is chandra davis.. i always thought london charles was her real name.. is that her second stage name or what?

    "You'll never see Flavor Flav disrespect women."...

  60. Jada // 20/2/08 8:20 AM  

    I'm not saying he's gay... maybe just a little ZESTY!!

    Welcome back, Steups.

  61. Anonymous // 20/2/08 9:18 AM  

    Did she have her keloids removed? I haven't noticed them in a few of her recent photos.
    She's still a cutie to me! He's just "pretty"!!!!!!

  62. Katsgoturtongue // 20/2/08 9:28 AM  

    Granted Dee's man is a pretty boy and totally not my type, however, I don't believe for one moment that he is gay.

    Don't be quick to judge a book by its cover without reading a few chapters first. Case in point, here in the DC area, we have a lot homo-thugs...gangsta boys who are actually gay. Think Omar from The Wire. See them riding the subway, looking like straight up gangsters - but as soon as they open their mouths its "howyoudoin."

  63. steups // 20/2/08 12:48 PM  

    Hey Jada.
    God morning everyone

  64. Anonymous // 21/2/08 2:01 AM  

    yeah, he gay, just like erryone swore up & down PRETTY was straight huh? wonders if it's the same hopefulls?

    STEUPS!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for coming back and saving us!

    not all of us enjoy being treated like shit...

  65. your mother // 21/2/08 3:05 AM  

    who has been treated like shit?

  66. Cheesemeister // 22/2/08 1:30 AM  

    he's certainly a damn sight easier on the eye than Flav's tore-up old self. I bet you can even take him out in public and he'll behave civilized!

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