MyammeeThere is no recap; again.
Not because I couldn't bother to; because I bothered to; but because I really don't know the ladies on the show.
Last night was the first time I've really seen the women so it's gonna take me another week to know who from whom.

I like Myamee though -hope I have the spelling right- and I liked St Lewis (how can you forget her name?).
Sinceer was alright, but with that forehead I was waiting for her to suddenly sing "ella, ella, ay, ay". Then she got up, and she wasn't alright any longer..what a fantastic body, eh? Eh, eh, eh.
Which leads me back to Myamee; when she revealed herself in the hospital, OMG!

I am not feeling the twins, not one bit, not two bits even. Hotlanta is kinda sexy, in a your-friend's-mother-is-sexy kinda way. I guess she's a classic MILF, but I suppose you have to be at least 35 to really be a classic MILF. Is she over 35?

Myammee_Flavor_of_Love_3Besides that lot, Prancer looks like a leprechaun, albeit a sexy leprechaun and I am sure Ice reminds us all of that other man who tried to slip past us on Rock of Love.
It was sad to see Tik go, but after you got past the novelty of her ass, there wasn't much there, really. Her voice is annoying, her face is too child-like and her calves are like matchsticks.

No one else comes to mind though as being that memorable, so, until I familiarize myself with the characters, I won't do a recap.

So that's that...thanks to all of you who kept the site running and active; particularly Quanda and Aurelius. Welcome to Aani, as well.
Now that I am back, there are gonna be some changes; but nothing for you to worry about.

Oky, I found a recap.


  1. The Q © 2007 // 19/2/08 4:06 PM  

    LOL for so many reasons!!!

    Your welcome. However, Gabrielle was a huge help.

  2. your mother // 19/2/08 4:13 PM  

    i've just watched last nights episode and i don't know what everybody is complaining about. i loved it. especially grayvee putting aluminum foil in her mouth to create her own grill. "i don't ride alligators. i ride cows." she's got me.

    and flav pulling the string 10,000ft up in the air? i couldn't stop laughing. i really like this season so far and since there's no recap i'm going to write my own ;o)

    p.s.: no cc in the next episode, eh? ;o)

  3. The Q © 2007 // 19/2/08 4:16 PM  

    I am not complaining. I just don't think episode 2 was all that and a bag of chips.

    I am glad someone enjoyed it. LOL!

  4. zzbd444 // 19/2/08 4:45 PM  

    yay Steupz is back.... Honestly this season is full of girls that know how this game work, and there's no real pressure from Flav as to finding true love, it's all for the cameras. But I can't wait to see if this season gets better. I think Season 1 and 2 after New York were the best.

  5. steups // 19/2/08 5:44 PM  

    Thanks zzb.
    Q, who is this Gabrielle, you speak of?

  6. The Q © 2007 // 19/2/08 6:11 PM  

    Oh now you playing dumb Steups?!


  7. steups // 19/2/08 6:14 PM  

    I don't dwell in the past.

  8. KitBit // 19/2/08 6:41 PM  

    Epi. 2 was "bleh" for me.

    I do LOVE Myamee the most! I think she's the prettiest girl there. Rayna could've had that role in my book if it weren't for her stank attitude. (I'll bet Rayna doesn't last 3 more episodes.) Prancer looks like a praying mantis to me (Google some images on one and TELL me that I'm lying!), and overall, I'm really surprised that Tik went home as early as she did. I mean, come on... We all knew Flav wasn't feelin' her and that her time there would be short, but I thought she'd at least be some comic relief in the season. She seemed funny and I thought she'd be the "LikeDat" of the season! :)

    On another tip, I DO want to see "Hotlanta" go! I don't really have anything against her except for the fact that she has a gold-digger air over her and the fact that she's sportin' my city's name!! For those of you who have never been to Atlanta, that is NOT how the majority of us women look here! I'm not one to hate people, but she is NOT representin'!! LOL!!

    I hope episode 3 brings some much needed K-I-C-K! And did anyone else feel that Cheryl Lee Ralph's appearance was a bit weird and out of place?!! I was like, "WTF... Why NOW during episode 2?!!" Anyway, SHE should have been the madame of 'Charm School', not Monique!


  9. steups // 19/2/08 6:53 PM  

    Yeah, she was out there.
    And married to a Senator? A senator of what?

    Or did he say a Centaur?

  10. KitBit // 19/2/08 6:58 PM  


    Nah, she's REALLY married to the senator of Penn. (Lord, pleaaase don't make me spell Penn. out!!)

    Anyway, his names is James I think. Kinda weird lookin' dude.

  11. steups // 19/2/08 7:28 PM  

    For real? Wtf?

    **feels ignorant all of a sudden**

  12. Bubo the Hater // 19/2/08 7:40 PM  

    Sheryl Lee Ralph is married to a member o fthe PA state Senate, not the US senate. It does not surprise me that flav does not know civics. He is one of 50-60, not one of the 2 sent from Pennsylvania to DC.

    I liek Myamee, Rayna, she is intelligent, but on the defensive cause the females are jealous of her beauty and body...she also seems phony. Ice is a phony, and her voice is too deep. I like Hotlanta, that was a cool gift, original and she put some thought into it. The hoochie twins need to go somewhere, they are not cute.

    Prancer was cute, but regular cute, not stunningly beautiful. She is like a regular cutie, but too skinny. I like Seezins and sinceer is aiiight.

    Bee-Ex is cool and Shy is annoying as hell! You are not and never will be NY, more like Midget Mac

  13. steups // 19/2/08 7:41 PM  

    Ohhhhhh, that's bad for her; but good for me, because I feel less ignorant.

    kitbit had me doubting myself.

    Bubo, that last girl you mentioned, the one who snitched, Seezins...yesss, she is up there.

    And in a grand effort to sound even more sexist than I am...has there ever been a FOL with more and better ass. The butts on this show are pretty damn special

  14. KitBit // 19/2/08 7:46 PM  

    LOL!! Thanks for the clear-up, Bubo! I stand corrected. :)

  15. your mother // 19/2/08 7:48 PM  

    Rayna is intelligent? She's too dumb to buy shoes in her size... or she's smart enough to buy shoes in her size but too dumb to walk in them.

    "I'd be jealous of me too, if I wasn't me."... giving a personal glass to flav, that's changing colors when you punch it.


  16. steups // 19/2/08 8:13 PM  

    The ladies are probably right, but Rayn is mad hot.
    That diva, drama-queen ish is compelling.

    If Myammee wasn't so dang hot, Rayna would be my fave

  17. Bubo the Hater // 19/2/08 11:06 PM  

    Perhaps I am giving her the Obama syndrome, she has good mic skills, but that does not make her anything more than a good quote. Mastery (or decent command) of the English language goes a long way.

    Yes, there is plenty o ass in this house, a co-worker and I were talking about that today. I am still pissed off he got rid of Dymez. Her, Rayna, Hotlanta and Myamee...and a few others would have been wonderful to watch.

    The affirmative action babe, Ice has no reason being on the show after she really didn't know why she was there on episode one...she is tall white and blond, but looks 10 times better than drunk ass Gita.,

  18. steups // 20/2/08 12:10 AM  

    Hahaha@ affirmative action babe.

  19. Cheesemeister // 22/2/08 1:33 AM  

    One of these days Prancer will suddenly say "Like, gag me with a spoon, totally." Worse still, Flav will be turned on by it when she does. She is really, really, really annoying and seems like she's, like, so proud to be shallow, totally. Her whole personality just shrieks VALLEY GIRL!
    Still, I can tolerate her better than Sinceer, who is an obnoxious drunk. And I can tolerate Sinceer better than Rayna, who just seems like a straight up beeeyatch!

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