"Tiffany (New York) Pollard will be back with a third season of her VH1 reality show, this time sharing the bill with her ne'er-do-well boyfriend George (Tailor Made) Weisgerber"
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Credit: Shawn


  1. your mother // 21/2/08 12:26 PM  

    and every week she's eliminated by another casting director or what?

  2. your mother // 21/2/08 12:26 PM  

    oooh, first :)

  3. steups // 21/2/08 12:30 PM  

    Ha @ eliminated by a casting director

  4. none of your business // 21/2/08 12:37 PM  

    That was funny. When I seen the article I was like this show will be about her and George while she goes out looking for job. SO will she be playing the part of NY or as herself. This show is going to be a trainwreck. Another will she be able to keep up the ratings.

  5. steups // 21/2/08 12:47 PM  

    I am tryna get Flav's ratings...if it's good then hers will definitely be.
    Bret probably appeals to someone, but Flav and NY are it for me

  6. none of your business // 21/2/08 1:01 PM  

    I like all 3 shows but since this is her 3rd show this show will be something entirely new so I guess or wondering will this 3rd show be able to match the rest of her other shows ratings.

  7. Theodius**Misterballer** // 21/2/08 1:12 PM  

    great, another season, same old same old

  8. Anonymous // 21/2/08 1:32 PM  

    Tye maybe he got the info from Shawn first!

  9. The Q © 2007 // 21/2/08 1:36 PM  

    How funny!

  10. Anonymous // 21/2/08 1:39 PM  

    How is steups an ass for not crediting you? I used to give him info all the time that he never credited me for. If you don't like it just stop giving him info.

  11. Theodius**Misterballer** // 21/2/08 1:48 PM  

    I don't have school right now. I'm 15. Some breaks go for the week,dude

  12. revenge // 21/2/08 1:51 PM  

    oh lord.

    ok, the readers are teh authors then why dont you all just leave and create your own blogspot pages...which most do and FAIL at.


    dont attack when you patronize and endorse everytime you come here. some of these readers are one of the reasons why i dont frequent as much...you all make me sick, whinning like babies. get a goddamn grip.

    blogy you are pathetic...so much so that I am concerned for the well being of those around you...I recommend you get yourself a little appointment for psychological testing...you seem very serial killer-ish...goddamn stalker.


    Im in a vicious mood.

  13. The Q © 2007 // 21/2/08 1:55 PM  


    How are you?!

  14. revenge // 21/2/08 1:57 PM  

    ::bows low::

    no no my darling, you are the goddess.

    I have a story swirling around my head for q-gasm...im trying to make it good, short, dirty, and full of lesbianism.


  15. revenge // 21/2/08 1:58 PM  

    blogy dont be upset becuase i probably have more balls than you darling...not to mention i can pull more bitches than you will ever see in your pathetic little attempt at life.


    come see me when you are grown little boy.

  16. revenge // 21/2/08 2:03 PM  


    this little fat white kid is like annoying puppy an dmostly likely a premature ejaculator...get your rocks off by insulting people over the internet, do you? feels good to get back at people for picking on you as you make your way to and from school, hating yourself and realizing that the fantasy world that you live in will never be as real as the miserable little life that you stuck with.

    I pity you and everything you represent..so much so that these are my last words to you...pity is probably the only emotion other than disgust that you will ever receive from women, get used to it.

  17. The Q © 2007 // 21/2/08 2:04 PM  


    What have I told you about playing with those with profuse ineptness.

  18. your mother // 21/2/08 2:09 PM  


  19. SapphireTigress // 21/2/08 2:27 PM  

    The Humpty Dance is your chance, do tha hump!

    Sorry, DU came to Minneapolis and I'm still trippin.

    I swear what is it with these people! We get rid of one and another pops up.

    Hey Rev, Q, & all the normal blogspot folk.

  20. The Q © 2007 // 21/2/08 2:31 PM  

    Clamoring for attention is my prediction.

  21. The Q © 2007 // 21/2/08 2:44 PM  

    Hey Shawn & Tigress~

    The Ice interview is tonight. Should be fun & interesting, she has an awesome personality.

  22. none of your business // 21/2/08 2:50 PM  

    Hey Q,

    Oh goody I can have something to watch while watching bravo "something supermodel".

    You know I am surprise that they let her stay since she a radio personality. Wondering did she quit her job to do this.

  23. The Q © 2007 // 21/2/08 2:59 PM  

    Tik is also a radio personality. Hell 'FOL3' have eye candy models, aspiring actresses, video vixens, etc. Why kick off the radio personality?

    No she still works on 95.5.

  24. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 21/2/08 3:14 PM  

    955, that station is aweosme. Onetime they were giving away Hannah Montana tickets away to a person who could get someone famous to call in. I thought I'd do something nice for my sister but didn't know if reality show stars counted lol

  25. your mother // 21/2/08 3:14 PM  

    i'd love to listen to one of your interviews, can't you do one in the morning so that i get a chance ;)

  26. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 21/2/08 3:17 PM  

    when will this man ever give up?

  27. none of your business // 21/2/08 3:24 PM  

    Oh cool. Maybe oneday you can share the link and the time she be on. I would love to hear her and tik on the radio I know they are funny.

  28. The Q © 2007 // 21/2/08 3:36 PM  

    Your Mother~

    You can listen to the archives. I know the time difference is a killer.

    I really enjoy your blog by the way!

  29. Jane // 21/2/08 3:47 PM  

    Does anyone have anymore info on the challenge show?

  30. SapphireTigress // 21/2/08 3:55 PM  

    Aurelius -
    I was just reading about that 7 year old little hero girl from Detroit (Alexis Goggins). That is some deep stuff. They didn't have any info listed for donations although they state that her school set up a fund for her. Since you are local do you have any info?

  31. LovetogiveFacials // 21/2/08 3:57 PM  

    If New York is with Tailor made, how will a third season work will some please explain this?

  32. your mother // 21/2/08 4:06 PM  

    thank you, Q, you just made my day :o)

    i had no idea there are archives.. i need to have a look at that ;o)

  33. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 21/2/08 4:12 PM  

    yea, she is recovering in therapy. They interviewed her on local news a few weeks ago. The address to send donations is at this link:


  34. Why Am I Doing This // 21/2/08 4:15 PM  

    welcome back steups! where the hell have you been?! hey there q! just dropping by.

  35. revenge // 21/2/08 4:16 PM  


    calling from my job phone - it might come up unlisted.

  36. zzbd444 // 21/2/08 4:18 PM  

    I'm glad that the rumors of the TM and NY split were false and they're doing their own show... I really wanna see New york On Vh1 again.

  37. RockstarDani // 21/2/08 4:19 PM  

    omg, when will this bitch just disappear???????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. The Q © 2007 // 21/2/08 4:36 PM  

    I found my cell phone; dial away Revenge.

    Oh my is the the one very sexy (mean to me) Onix?!

    Congrats on you movie role!

    Rock you know you love you some New York.

  39. AaniHaan // 21/2/08 6:13 PM  


    Revenge: I love you more. You've made my day :)


  40. none of your business // 21/2/08 6:20 PM  

    Wow I must be so out of the loop. Why the drama? Its just a blog that gives people a chance to read about certain shows. They cant please everyone.

  41. The Q © 2007 // 21/2/08 6:31 PM  

    ICE of Flavor of Love 3 Interview NOW on The ELLE Word @ 3:30PM Pacific Time/6:30PM Eastern Time


  42. jorundi // 21/2/08 6:43 PM  

    Revenge @ 1:51, 1:57, 1:58 and 2:03...ROFLMAO!!!

    I got here too late to see the comments that set you off, but if it was blogy, I can imagine. All I can say is...


  43. Gabrielle // 21/2/08 6:53 PM  

    Ice is being interviewed now

  44. RockstarDani // 21/2/08 7:06 PM  

    *sigh* maybe i'll watch just an episode...or two of this show.haha.


  45. The Q © 2007 // 21/2/08 7:41 PM  


    Your guess is correct. LOL!

  46. Cheesemeister // 22/2/08 1:22 AM  

    I have reluctantly come to have a soft spot in my heart for New York. But I did have to chuckle at the commenter on the article's site who said she looked like a ghetto muppet. She does--and it works.

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