Ice-talks-to-955FMFirst up; Aurelius was dead on the money, 'Prancer' is beautiful. I didn't see it at first because that Farrah Fawcett hairstyle only works on Farrah Fawcett, but tonight, when she had her hair pulled-back? OMG, that's my new 'fave' right there.

And there was my new fave in the opening scene, chatting with Ice who reiterated she works on weekends at a Detroit Radio station. 2 to 5 in the morning. She even labeled herself a radio personality.
Wait! Did she say 2-5 in the morning?
Listen sweetie, if you work 2 to 5 in the morning all you can call yourself is 'unlucky'.
Prancer tells us Ice was all up on the radio boasting about being on the show. And that pretty much confirms Prancer is there for Flav, because no woman with a man listens to the radio between 2 and 5 in the morning.
But back to Ice, who's making statements like, "ain't nobody betta than Ice" (ain't nobody dumber, either)

But enough about her, it's time for the next challenge which is personally delivered by Flavor Flav. Big Rick summons the ladies downstairs and they all gather except one; Myammee. Seems Myammee is in the bathroom, and told us why she's a bit late..."me, I took my time; got cute." "I'd rather be late than look terrible" (as if you can ever look terrible)
Flav sends for her and Myammee finally makes an appearance, in a bathrobe, looking sexy. As she said, "I was late, but I was cute, though."

The challenge called for two teams to create and design a restaurant. Both teams were given a $1000 and a mandate to decorate and serve a three-course meal.

A-Team: Grayvee (manager), Ice, Thing 1, Thing 2, Bunz, Sinceer and Seezinz
B-Team: Rayna (manager), Shy, Prancer, Hotlanta, Myammee and Bee-ex

Immediately, Rayna says she dresses people for a living and thinks this gives her the edge. (when VH-1 airs a comment like that you can bet the True Religions her team is not going to win)
Team A, seems quietly confident, and gets down to business. Sinceer volunteers her idea to name the restaurant after a person; and they choose Flavor's son' name, Karma. (the latest child, #7, I think)
Team B opts for Flavas (Oh Dear)

Ice-Grayvee-in-the-limousinesWhilst team-members prepare meals, Rayna, Shy, Ice and Grayvee visit the Prop House to acquire props, I guess. But, in the limousine, Ice is constantly on the phone, and to her radio-station, no less. (Now, either she wanted to get kicked off, or she is just the biggest dummy on the radio since Rush Limbaugh)
Soon enough, they arrive; although it was a pretty long drive if you know California. (pay me no mind, I don't know California at all)

At the Prop House, it's chaos (it's never like that with David Bromstad on Color Splash). Rayna thinks they ought to go classy and show the "business side" of Flav, while Ice is on that damn cell-phone again. Somewhere between collecting table-cloths and other paraphernalia, Shy spots a reindeer and lobbies to make it part of their design.
Rayna nixes the idea, "I am the manager, I have the final word; so anything she says after that, means nothing."
But, ominously, the A-Team takes the reindeer back with them. Having secured all of their props and whatnot, the ladies return to the mansion.

Where...they meet the ladies preparing their meals. The others begin to decorate the dining area and we learn Myammee will be the waitress for Team B. As the final minutes are counted, Rayna appears in a wonderfully tight jump-suit, looking sexier than ever.
It's time to eat.

Dinner Time
Thing 1 and 2-greet-MerrillFlav's guest food-critic is Merrill Schindler of Zagat's Guide (more proof of the Jewish conspiracy, lol) and Flav, after the usual greeting, takes the well-known eater to be greeted by the Twins.
On meeting them, Merrill looks almost orgasmic at the sight of black twins (you could see the fantasy forming in his mind). The twins noted his glee, "he had the hugest Kool-Aid smile" (now really, why did they have to say Kool-Aid? Obama can't come quick enough)

Sat at a table, Schindler notes the New Orleans style of the restaurant (looked tacky to me) was obvious, save for the reindeer behind Flav. But, Flav loved the reindeer, and added to his discovery that the restaurant was named after his son; it was a very good beginning for the A-Team.
The middle and the ending, however, wasn't as good.
The wings were "a little dry", and the shrimp-chicken-sausage gumbo was, according to Merrill, "salty to the point where I'm glad I got a drink".
So that was that for the A-Team.

The B-Team, got off with a bang with a catchy greeting that assured they "serve anything from sweets to soul", but the decor itself was described as "subdued" by Merrill, and Flavor was unimpressed.
Things got better, though, as Myammee appeared in lingerie to serve an appetizer. An Merrill-sippin-that-Hennyappetizer which turned out to be Hennessy Cognac. Merrill couldn't have had many cognacs as an appetizer, but he seemed pleased with the start and even more so when Myammee walked away to reveal each and every inch of her legs.
Merrill noted "it was a terrible place to bring a married man" whilst flashing a mischievous grin .
Surprisingly, Flav seemed upset by the lack of class, and worse followed when he saw his name was misspelled on the menu.
"I hate my name being spelled wrong; that's a bad start for me. The food at Flava's better be the bomb"

It wasn't.
It was supposed to be sea-food Pasta Alfredo, but it looked like baby shit.
Merrill wasn't so brave this time, "if I eat this whole dish, I'd be dead" (lmfao). Flav spared his having to taste it, "one thing I can't have, is people dropping dead in my restaurant"
And then came Prancer; on roller-skates... (wowwww)
And with cheesecake too. The girl who looked like a leprechaun last week, suddenly turned into a hottie; and she's honest too, admitting the cake came from The Cheesecake Factory.

After a food challenge where little was eaten, Merrill announced the A-'s Karma restaurant as the winner. They won a group date and their manager, Grayvee won a "romantical date out to the most romantical place in the world."

The Dates
Grayvee-and-flav-romantical-dateThe "romantical place in the world" was Tony Roma's where he and Grayvee ate ribs (what else?) and discussed the joy of eating pig-feet. (I've had pig-feet by the way; and it isn't bad)
The next morning was the group date, but before they took off, the phone rang...Prancer took the call. It was the Detroit radio-station for Ice who let us know she "was there for her career" and "I lovvve black men, but he's just not attractive" (seriously, why didn't this idiot try out for Rock of Love?)
At this point we knew she was gone, but the show still had twenty minutes to fill.

The group date was at the ice-rink and Flav confessed ice-skating was special to him as a kid. The instructor, and second celebrity guest was Scott Stewart, a US Champion and Olympic gold medalist. (I've watched skating for years and never ever heard of this chap)
Scott did a couple twirlys and other shit before he went on his merry way.

With the Olympian out of the way, Sinceer seized her opportunity for alone time with Flav. Just as Seezinz predicted on the sidelines, as she watched them skate; Sinceer averred rumors of her alcoholism are untrue. (that was a difficult sentence for me to read; and I wrote it!)
When the ladies were reunited again, Seezinz and Sinceer had yet another argument, but this time Sinceer also had it out with Bunz.
They went back-and-forth with the insults until Sinceer told Bunz her mother (Bunz') was dead. We then learnt she was aware that Bun'z father is dead and her mother has a brain injury.

Told or having overheard them, Flav intervened and scolded Sinceer; but did not much more than that as it was now time to return to the mansion.

Prancer-rats-out-IceAt the mansion Flav is making beats, but is interrupted by Shy, who tells him Rayna told her she just wants to make the Top 10. (So? I don't get why that is bad)
And later, Prancer interrupts to warn Flav that ice is conducting interviews from the mansion.

Flav confronts both ladies...Rayna does a pathetic acting job and Flav doesn't buy it. Ice denies she did an interview and is hesitant when Flav asks, "are you feeling that connection?"
They kiss, or rather Flav kisses her.
She then confesses, "if I need to make-out with Flavor Flav to get where I need to be; that's what I'm gonna do" (she needs to be where, exactly? And why does she believe Flav can get her there?)

At the Elimination ceremony, Flav calls, in order:

  1. Thing 1 and Thing 2
  2. Seezinz who is still boiling over Sinceer's Episode 2 comment and says, "Oh, I'm nobody, bitch? I'll be somebody."
  3. Prancer, who looks 'fione, fione, fione'
  4. Grayvee
  5. Bunz

Bunz' selection ticks-off Sinceer, "some fakeass gettin' chosen before me? Wtf is up with that? I don't think so"
Sinceer-apologyAnd it gets worse for her as Flav then calls, Shy, Bee-ex and Hotlanta before, he says 'Sinceer'.

But there is a twist, as he asks her to apologize to Bunz. She does, but later remarks, "whateva, I still got my clock; fuck yo momma" (that's kinda evil; but her ass looked damn good tonight)

It's now down to three ladies and one clock. Flav calls Ice; only to say, "Ice, your time is up"
She says "thanks for giving me the time to get to know you", then cries and expresses regret about leaving just as she was starting to like Flav (I know women change their minds quickly, but this is ridiculous)

Two ladies left, and it's perhaps the two most attractive women in the mansion, Myammee and Rayna. Without much fanfare, he says he is feeling Myammee, and sends Rayna packing.
Outside, Rayna ranted about his keeping the 5-head (Sinceer) and the Doublemint twins; but she's out, no matter what she says.

So that's that, Episode 3 is in the can. Not too exciting I have to say. Hopefully the series picks up next week.
Until then, thanks for reading the recap.

Pictures courtesy the VH1 blog


  1. steups // 26/2/08 5:06 AM  

    Spot an error?
    List it here and I'll correct it when I can

  2. your mother // 26/2/08 5:08 AM  

    What a wonderful day.. Great recap, steups! Prancer just keeps on looking better and better...

  3. your mother // 26/2/08 5:08 AM  

    dammit... second. and third. ha!

  4. pimpboy // 26/2/08 5:50 AM  

    woooow that was the best recaps in a long long time no wonder steups do the best recaps oh yah i have a deep crush on Prancer now this make my morning Well, Goodbye Till the next time

  5. your mother // 26/2/08 9:10 AM  

    the only thing i don't like about this recap is the result of eliminations in the headline. you're taking the surprise to those wo haven't watched ;o)

    bunz just postet this bulletin referring to her gumbo:

    I'm sure you all wanted to know that :o)

  6. The Black XXX Z-lister. // 26/2/08 9:30 AM  


  7. P.B.S. aka Ms. F // 26/2/08 10:46 AM  

    Great Re-cap Steups, and I agree I hope this show picks up next is getting kinda boring..

    Flav is just mean this season, why does he care that people mis spell his name, it seems as if he doesn't have enough to grumble about so he is focusing in on his name, and his face, and his dis-like of pigs feet.

    Heck I don't like Pigs Feet either but it is no skin off my back if you eat them and enjoy them...

  8. The Black XXX Z-lister. // 26/2/08 11:01 AM  

    I think I can understand about the name thing that gets him so piss off about. There is another rapper from old school that had/have a similar name. I guess you can say that rapper came out about the same time Public Enemy did.

  9. RockstarDani // 26/2/08 11:12 AM  

    haha. my friend thinks that Thing1 and Thing2 look like a couple of bootleg Deelishises.

  10. AaniHaan...misses Brooklyn // 26/2/08 12:42 PM  

    Nice recap. Def. spoiled it for me though ... and then I watched the episode, and realized that I didn't miss much!

    Sad to see Sinceer be so evil ... :( Glad to see Prancer be so hot ... :)

  11. Anonymous // 26/2/08 12:43 PM  

    I'm glad Ice went, she was nothing more than attractive version of buckwild. As far as T1&T2 go, they have no personality whatsoever and look like troll versions of Deelishis. I'm glad Rayna left, she had a decent face, but did anyone besides me notic she had a nasty gut and a cheesey ass?
    I think Prancer's cool, just too young. My personal favorite is Shy, because she's upfront. Sinceer is your typical ghetto hoe and Seezinz is a pansy. I also dig Hotlanta, she seems really cool. Bunz is definitley fake.
    Also I don't think any of these shows (I Love NewYork(1,2), Rock of love(1,2) or FOL (2,3)) will ever compare to FOL 1.

  12. your mother // 26/2/08 12:51 PM  

    that's just because fol1 was all new, i don't think it was THAT much better than the following shows..

    and what the &§%$= makes ice buckwild? i don't get it... because they're both white and try to bet ghetto? so all the black ghetto chicks are one and the same?

  13. your mother // 26/2/08 1:48 PM  

    dayamn, still no torrent online... anybody here willing to upload last nights episode? your mother is drunk...

  14. The Black XXX Z-lister. // 26/2/08 1:50 PM  


  15. your mother // 26/2/08 2:01 PM  

    yeah... but still getting qord verification right, so not drunk enuff..

  16. your mother // 26/2/08 2:02 PM  

    you see? even getting typing right... i'll stop spamming right now ;o)

  17. steups // 26/2/08 2:15 PM  

    Fe Fi Fo Fum...
    DEAD at her defending her gumbo. She prolly doesn't know food for home and food for a restaurant ain't the same food.

    I'm sure her gumbo is good; but I won't eat it.
    Thanks for the compliment, though; the ONE compliment, lol. I used the headline there because I'd already taken so dang long I couldn't use the older post as the recap post...which I'd normally do.

  18. steups // 26/2/08 2:16 PM  

    Now that I'm here, let me open anonymous comments. 17 comments isn't good for my ego.

  19. steups // 26/2/08 2:20 PM  

    Actually, scrap that, I see Q has an article in development (that sounds so professional)

    So we'll leave it as is. Or do it up there and I'll monitor the comments.

  20. The Black XXX Z-lister. // 26/2/08 2:21 PM  

    OK Steups,

    So which one of these chicks are a pornstar?

    Did you do your research on Bee-ex, however you spell her name.

    I send you some pics. She look very nice.

  21. Anonymous // 26/2/08 3:53 PM  

    Am I the only one noticing Ice's HICKEY??????

  22. KitBit // 26/2/08 4:56 PM  

    Geez, everyone is comparing T1&2 to Deelishis. Am I the only one who thinks they look JUST like Bootz?!!!

    Anyway, I still for the life of me can't figure out which twin is which. Who is the one with the gap in the front teeth???

  23. your mother // 26/2/08 5:03 PM  

    Bootz??? Are you serious? The twins are looking "JUST like Bootz" as Schatar/ Hottie is looking JUST like Beyoncé..

  24. KitBit // 26/2/08 5:05 PM  

    LOL@ Your Mother!! I just aint seein' it! I think Sinceer is more dead on for Deelishis than the twins. :)

  25. Anonymous // 26/2/08 5:51 PM  

    When I saw Grayvee going on her date with Flav and she picked up them ribs I knew they were a match!

    Twin 1&2 are some fake ass breezies first broads to point a chick fake is fake themselves.They do look like Deelishis.Don't like Sinceer, forhead tooo big and she cocky as hell to an ugly ass breezy.

    Shy, is putting on a good show, a show we seen before,NY.

    LOL I actually like Ice

  26. AaniHaan...misses Brooklyn // 26/2/08 6:02 PM  

    I'm with Your Mother... Ice NEVER ONCE reminded me of Buckwild. Though I think she did more to hurt her career than help it by being so ... *anywayz*

    Your Mother, VH1's online videos don't work overseas?
    When does it air there?

  27. your mother // 26/2/08 7:38 PM  


    it nevers airs here.. well... maybe.. in 2009.. charm school has just started here ;o)
    i have to download the episodes, not quite sure if this is *cough*legal*cough*... my us pen pal sends me his tape ;o)

  28. steups // 26/2/08 11:57 PM  

    Yeah, I saw what looked like a hickey, and wanted to get it in the recap; but it was late and I forgot.

  29. KitBit // 27/2/08 12:24 AM  

    Can anyone figure out what the scoop is on Bee-Ex in the next episode? What do they find out about her?!!!

  30. here4beer // 28/2/08 1:17 PM  

    Hi Ho all...
    your mother- you can watch eps on i used to live overseas and was able to, anyway.

    It seemed to me that all of Ice's confessionals were from her casting, before she entered the house. They let her in anyway, so obvs she thought it was cool to promote herself while she was there.

    P.S. Ice does not remind me of Buckwild one smidge.

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