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rayna-criesThe recap is coming in two hours, maybe sooner, if people stop calling me on the mobile.
Anyways, two more got kicked out, one was a major shock.

Rayna was eliminated which is the most extraordinarily stupid thing. Only an ugly-ass man has the ego to dump a girl like Rayna. The other girl eliminated was Ice -good riddance.
I've only just started the recap, so it'll be another hour again; at least.


  1. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 25/2/08 10:29 PM  

    that was BS who he eliminated

    Ice- I liked Ice. She's from Detroit and has a show on 955, the greatest station out here. But I think it was a bit foolish on her part to call the station SO EARLY on. I mean, at least wait till later on.

    Rayna- I thought Rayna was hilarious. It sucks she had to go so early, cause the act she was putting on mad me crack up.

  2. zzbd444 // 25/2/08 10:33 PM  

    Well both eliminations were pretty expected as the episodes go by...I knew Ice would go by last week. The first episode even showed that she was pretty much there for TV like most of these chicks. Won't stop me from watching though.

  3. steups // 25/2/08 10:37 PM  

    Ice was just dumb...but Rayna? Hell naw...

    Ryana would have to stab me 236 times with a screwdriver and then refuse to give me a pint of blood for me to get rid of her.

    And yet, if she slept with me when I got out of hospital I'd take her back

  4. pimpboy // 25/2/08 10:45 PM  

    Oh come on aurelius ice was a fake ass Buckwild Wannabe Oh and Rayna LMAO

  5. pimpboy // 25/2/08 10:49 PM  

    steups Sinceer is damn childish a big 4 head ho I would've backslapped that ho all the way back to STAR WARS

  6. steups // 25/2/08 11:25 PM  

    Pimpslap back to Star Wars!! Hahahahaha.


  7. Bubo the Hater // 25/2/08 11:40 PM  

    Damn Directv signal went out 21 minutes into it, so Imy TV skipped it. Damned snow storm with these big ass flakes! Rayna was the most attractive one there...maybe a 3-way tie with Hotlanta and Myamee. Her attitude was stank, but she also had the most draw. Ice should have been gone week one, but I guess even though she was tall and blond, she had to get gone.

  8. steups // 26/2/08 12:07 AM  

    Man Bubo, I guess we are both seeing that grown woman sexiness on Hotlanta.

    I wanna deny it, but every time she comes on screen it's like 'BAM!'

  9. pimpboy // 26/2/08 12:26 AM  

    steups you like hotlanta to I guess we both think alike is it me or is one of the twins Teeth fuck up looking

  10. steups // 26/2/08 12:31 AM  

    Man, the Twins are jacked up in the mouth. How hard is it to spend some bucks on your mouth.

    What are they waiting on? Universal Health Care?

  11. pimpboy // 26/2/08 12:35 AM  


  12. Anonymous // 26/2/08 12:39 AM  

    i just want to know what the h*ll they put on those women's chest on elimination -- rock of love does it too. Everytime I see their chest glistening I just wish someone would just wipe it off and note to self: never never eat ribs with flav and grayvee

  13. pimpboy // 26/2/08 12:40 AM  

    steups you have to be Feeling prancers she is sexy in a goofy way

  14. Anonymous // 26/2/08 12:40 AM  

    one more note: Bee-ex, where a whole shirt or stand up straight -- one of the two should make that pouch go away

  15. steups // 26/2/08 12:42 AM  

    shaynep, lmfao.

    Pimpboy, you are reading my mind, son. Here is the opening line of the recap

    First up; Aurelius was dead on the money, 'Prancer' is beautiful.

  16. pimpboy // 26/2/08 12:49 AM  

    steups is it me or do Prancer look like Holly Robinson

  17. steups // 26/2/08 1:07 AM  

    eah, I could agree with that. But Prancer is cuter, and definitely sexier.

  18. pimpboy // 26/2/08 1:14 AM  

    true dat, true dat

  19. The Black XXX Z-lister. // 26/2/08 1:19 AM  

    Hello Everyone,

    I knew both of the ladies was going to be eliminated. For Ice she was mad cool but when she should had been more careful on the things she was saying out of her mouth and what she do around the girls. Poor Rayna.

    Steups I think you need to do your research on Bee-Ex what you discover you will be surprise. Few clues Reality shows or another show. he he he

  20. steups // 26/2/08 1:46 AM  

    Z-lister, mannne, I've been so out of the loop I didn't know she existed until Flav called her name at elimination.

    I was like, where did you come from?
    I'll look around though...thanks for the clue.

  21. pimpboy // 26/2/08 2:04 AM  

    steups you know that there will be more contestants add to the show right that the big surprise next week

  22. steups // 26/2/08 2:10 AM  

    Get out!
    For real, mate?

    Dang, it's late...I should really get crack a lackin...I'm only where the teams were announced.

  23. steups // 26/2/08 2:11 AM  

    I'm drinking Bailey's like water

  24. pimpboy // 26/2/08 2:42 AM  

    Yep if you have not heard there a midseason twist to this show

  25. steups // 26/2/08 2:46 AM  

    who will it be? Or how many?

  26. whatyathink // 26/2/08 3:01 AM  

    i love q not being around so much. thanks steups!

  27. pimpboy // 26/2/08 3:03 AM  

    steups q said there will be five more woman's Adding to the show i Already Know who one is and her name is CANDACE CABREREA they said she the Winner of the show but i don't think its true

  28. steups // 26/2/08 3:45 AM  

    I disagree, whatyathink. I wish she were around more.
    I wish she was here now.

    Oky, Pimp, I was told about her, but I thought she'd be a guest.

  29. pimpboy // 26/2/08 4:05 AM  

    nope she a Contestant

  30. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 26/2/08 8:39 PM  

    This group is odd.

    Ice is an idiot. And goofy.
    Myamee looks really cheap.
    Bee-ex is funny and likes to eat :) Got some secrets though...
    Sinceer has a forehead even worse than Myamee with a belligerent drinking habit to match. Love-r-ly...
    Bunz is a misnomer. She has a booty but ain't booming. She looked like one of those PacMan ghosts in that outfit she had on at elimination
    The Twins-look like genetic materal Deelishus discarded and mean and jealous as hell
    Tik-um, hi, no.
    Hotlanta-27 yrs old? Either me and my friends are the best looking 27 year olds ever or she's lying big time. Um, I'm just gonna go with the latter.
    The internet chicks were, interesting...
    Rayna-gorgeous and HIGHlarious
    Prancer-My fave! Das ma gurl! I like the cadence of her speech (sounds weird, I know). "Look at your stretch marks.."

    OK, Q, I'm all caught up now on the shows and will now attempt to sleep off this monstrous jet-lag that I can't seem to shake.

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