*fans self Y'all know Aurelius is the jailbait that would put The Q. in prison. But we aren't here to alert Chris Hanson about my @ss. We are all here to get a little on the shows we love to watch. Tonight episode 3 of 'Flavor of Love 3' airs @ 9PM. I am going to watch it or DVR it. I am leaning towards the latter. Steups may even surprise us with a recap. Now back to the man child who has stolen my heart. You guessed it. It's time for Aurelius's recap of episode 2 of 'Flavor of Love 3'.


Another 'To Catch A Predator' Qmoment!


  1. your mother // 25/2/08 3:06 PM  

    You handcuffed him? Aani Haan, you dirty little thing..

  2. AaniHaan...misses Brooklyn // 25/2/08 3:57 PM  

    But he wouldn't cooperate with me, Your Mother!! I really didn't want to, I mean, I eventually gave him the key, so that makes it better, right? :)

    Aurelius, you just made my week. Your recap was the highlight of the show! I swear, Rayna needs some act right in her life. I can't wait to see her and the twins really go at it, LOL.

  3. pimpboy // 25/2/08 4:17 PM  

    no I want Rayna and that fake ass Buckwild ice to go home Tonight the twins are my Favorite

  4. your mother // 25/2/08 5:17 PM  

    the twins? have you seen their teeth? or the installment that is supposed to be teeth? can't get over that teeth...

    oh i forgot,
    wonderful recap aurelius!

  5. steups // 25/2/08 5:58 PM  

    Oh yes; there will be a recap.
    Off to watch Aure's recap

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