Those who often fixate, dislike & obsess over me often like to point out my age. News Flash: If I was having difficulty dealing with aging, none of you would know my age nor would I be able to constantly joke about it. Why is The Q. typing about her age? I know I am getting older because 'I am not in the know' anymore. I heard someone mention Tonex. I honestly thought is was a watch brand. Thanks to BET I now know it's a recording artist. Another example of my aging is; my Xbox 360 & Playstation 3 are used as DVD players 80%. The other 20%, y'all don't want none of The Q. on Need For Speed. *blows on knuckles and then wipes

The Blogspot reader will be able to surmise, 'Q. doesn't know a d@mn thing about online gaming.' And y'all would be absolutely right!!! However, thanks to Kayla from Konsole Kings I know a little bit more. One of the undeniably most popular Flavorettes has been made a Konsole Queen. Buckeey a.k.a. Shay Johnson of 'Flavor of Love 2' & 'Charm School' is flavoring up Madden football. I'll go out on a limb & type Madden football never looked so urbanly flavorful. (I know I am making up words again. I can't help myself.) Those into online gaming customize your ish. Those not into online gaming... get with it and customize your ish with the sexy 'Flavor of Love' booty. *coughs I meant beauty.

Atlanta, GA, February 5, 2008:
Customize your Xbox 360 with sexy celeb-reality star Shay “Buckeey” Johnson! Fresh into 2008, Konsole Kingz (KKZ) brings Xbox 360 owner’s new, behind-the-scenes footage and images of scintillating celeb-reality star Shay “Buckeey” Johnson. Star of the record-breaking series’ Flavor of Love 2 and Charm School, Shay “Buckeey” Johnson has heightened her visibility, making numerous television and radio appearances, releasing a popular calendar, hosting events nation-wide and gracing the pages of King and Smooth magazines. In a Madden football inspired photo shoot, this MVP bombshell partnered with KKZ to bring visual delight to Xbox 360 owners across the globe.

Konsole Kingz continues to bring original, hip-hop fueled content to Xbox LIVE. This is the fifth in a series of exclusive themes and gamer pictures that KKZ has released for the online entertainment network. According to Cj Peters, Konsole Kingz CEO, KKZ is very excited to have Shay “Buckeey” Johnson as our very first Xbox LIVE featured celebrity Konsole Queen. We were looking for a sexy siren with widespread appeal and charisma, and Shay embodied all that KKZ was searching for.

"I’m thrilled to be apart of KKZ’s mission and vision, and I’m very excited to connect with my urban gamer fan base", expressed Shay “Buckeey” Johnson.

Xbox 360 owners can access Shay’s content by following the steps below:

1. Go to Xbox LIVE
2. Select “Game Store”
3. Select “Themes and Gamer Pictures”
4. Select “Independents”
5. Select “Konsole Kingz”
6. Select Shay “Buckeey” Johnson Theme or Gamer Pictures

For a preview and sample assets please visit the following links:Http://

Xbox LIVE on Xbox 360 offers the ability to download themes (wallpapers), picture packs (icons), and exclusive HD videos. This online store appeals to the more than 10 million Xbox LIVE users across the world because they are able to identify with a shared commonality outside of music. Konsole Kingz recognized the connection of the two industries and introduced their unique hip-hop-fueled, gaming content to Xbox 360, and made its debut on Xbox LIVE earlier this year with the launch of Redman’s “Red Gone Wild” theme and Bonecrusher’s Theme.

Konsole Kingz, LLC, is the leader in the urban videogame space and produces quality multimedia content that serves as a vehicle for new product introduction. Konsole Kingz is one of the first independent companies to provide HD (720p) content to Microsoft’s online gaming service, XBOX Live. XBOX Live delivers videos, images and games directly to the gamer via the XBOX 360, and is available in twenty-four countries. As a niche content provider for XBOX Live, Konsole Kingz delivers content that revolves around Celebrity Gamers, the 360 gamer lifestyle and Konsole Queenz (the Konsole Kingz models). Coupled with XBOX Live and our online media partners, Konsole Kingz reaches a viewership of over 10 million. For more info, please visit:

Most of America got to know Shay "Buckeey" Johnson on the second season of the popular hit show, Flavor of Love 2 (FOL 2). Debuting with over 3.9 million viewers in its premiere episode and ending with 7.5 million by the season finale, Flavor of Love 2 became the highest rated show that was not sports related, as well as VH-1's highest viewed show in the channel's history. Shay received her first taste of the entertainment industry after being cast for music videos such as Bubba Sparxx's “Ms. New Booty”, Young Dro's “Shoulder Lean” featuring T.I., and Jazze Pha’s “Happy Hour” featuring Cee-lo. Shay recently appeared in the Fabulous video “Baby Don’t Go” as one of the lead girls. Shay’s also been featured in both King and Smooth magazines and has made special guest appearances on the Maury Povich Show and the Tyra Banks Show. Additionally, she’s made guest host appearances on morning radio shows such as Frank and Wanda in the Morning (V-103/Atlanta), The A Team Morning Show (107.9/Atlanta) and popular syndicated afternoon show, The Wendy Williams Experience (107.5/New York). Rejoining the VH-1 Celeb-Reality circuit, Shay returned to be part of Charm School, a series hosted by comedienne Mo’Nique, with hopes of taking one of the former Flavorettes and making her Charm School Queen, winning $50,000 by the end of the series. With a finale record closing of 4.1 million viewers, Charm School became VH-1's third highest rated show amongst 18-49 year old viewers.


Konsole Kingz, Konsole Queenz, Celebrity Gamerz, Gamerz Lifestyle and UGR are trademarks of Konsole Kingz, LLC, in the United States and/or other countries. Xbox is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

It warms my soul to know there is life and success beyond 'Flavor of Love' & 'Charm School'. The 'Flavor of Love 2' balcony scene where Buckeey nearly sent Krazy flying is a classic! Who can forget Buckeey & Bootz stealing Smiley's picture of her deceased mother during 'Charm School'? Yes, Buckeey has given me some classic reality television moments. For that I thank Miss Johnson and wish her nothing but happiness & success.

Credit: Konsole Kingz & Xbox 360

A online gaming Qmoment!


  1. your mother // 5/2/08 3:34 PM  

    damn, those pictures look better than her calendar... for the 2009 calendar i suggest to hire this photographer...

  2. Anonymous // 5/2/08 3:53 PM  


  3. Anonymous // 5/2/08 3:53 PM  

    much prefer a post about FOL3 casting special????????

  4. Aurelius (aka Adnan Ghalib) // 5/2/08 4:32 PM  

    oh snap, two awesome posts in a row
    this was second favorite girl

    Q, you're on top of things

  5. RockstarDani // 5/2/08 9:26 PM  

    *yawn* BORING!!!!!!!!

  6. The Q © 2007 // 6/2/08 1:31 AM  

    Thanks Aurelius! I knew you'd appreciate it.


  7. Anonymous // 6/2/08 2:05 AM  

    EXACTLY! this post would only interest a kid

  8. The Q © 2007 // 6/2/08 2:41 AM  

    Well that's the awesome thing about Freedom of Choice.

    If it doesn't interest you... you don't have to continue reading it. LOL!

  9. Shawn // 6/2/08 11:17 AM  

    All I have to say is WOW. Now that is wonderful accomplishment.

    You go Buckeey.

  10. Misha // 6/2/08 2:36 PM  

    I guess some of the girls from FOL are really moving up..I just saw a commerical today for a play "Three Ways to get a Husband" and the one and only Goldie is in it. I guess some of them are doing bigger and better things.

    Keep doing what you do Q. I love the post especially when I want to procratinate.

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