I've typed it before and I'll type it now. Reality television is an opportunity in most cases to see individuals act a fool in unrealistic circumstances. Is there a script? I don't think so. However, there may be a mind or 51 encouraging certain cast members to amp up their personalities or call someone out. Is it a crime to instigate in the name of our mindless entertainment? Nope.

Y'all know I don't like a lot of spoilers. However, Bossip has an interesting post up. So I can't sit on my hands any longer. Bossip.com reported that a certain female is the winner of 'Flavor of Love 3'. The Q. loves Bossip. However, I've heard a totally different rumor. Frankly I don't want to ruin it for the thousands of our readers. So, I am going to keep quiet on it. Trust me it takes the fun out of watching the show when you know who the winner is for sure.

However, I will share this because frankly I picked up on it. Considering I am no genius; many of you have picked up on it too. When one watches the snippets of upcoming episodes of 'Flavor of Love 3' there are women that look nothing like the 20 Flavorettes we've already seen. Trust me, I recorded and played back slowly. Some of the women in upcoming episodes weren't in episode 1 of 'Flavor of Love 3'. I don't know when, how or why. However, I am certain fresh meat will be injected to the mansion for Flavor Flav's pleasure. Allow me to dig deeper; he usually isn't so negative about the women in the 'Flavor of Love 3' mansion. What if all of his negativity is laying down a 'legitimate' reason to introduce new women into the competition for the last clock?

Now CLICK HERE to see who Bossip is hinting as the winner. I have my eyes on another another lady. However, y'all know I ain't one to give up all the info. Read & comment below in Aani's post about the lovely Sinceer. Oh and before I forget, today The ELLE Word interviews Savanna of 'Flavor of Love 3' @ 7pm Pacific Time/ 10pm Eastern Time. Call in # (646) 478-5101 to ask the questions you want answers to!

Credit: Bossip.com & Bubo
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