Yesterday was Valentine's Day; it was a good day. Today may be a better day for The Q.! I love shopping. Today I am going to be materialistic. A new Carlos Fachi handbag would be a nice addition to my accessory collection. Moving right along, yesterday was the official day of love. I hope all who read this felt loved even if only loved by your mother. Love is love in whatever form... no? Frankly no love is greater than the love of a mother if you ask me. Yeah, I know you didn't. posted a photo gallery of a variety of celebrities titled 'Who's The Most Romantic?'... Out of 16, only one was a reality celebrity. I know some of you are guessing Tiffany a.k.a. New York. While others are guessing Joshua a.k.a. Whiteboy. We all know Babykin is guessing George W. a.k.a. Tailor Made. You are all wrong. Among Amanda Bynes, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Leona Lewis & Diane Warren we got a glimpse of Mat a.k.a. Cheezy of 'I Love New York 2'. You know I am older than dirt when the only name I recognize is Diane Warren. I have no clue to who the others are nor do I have the slightest interest. I am officially old. Apparently asked about V Day, Cheezy share the following, "Every girlfriend I've ever had, we've broken up right before Valentine's Day. So finally, about two years ago... I wore a tuxedo. I had our song by Lifehouse playing. We had the most romantic kiss I've ever had in my life."


Cheezy of 'I Love New York 2' is definitely a romantic @ heart. None of us should be surprised. He allowed New York to spank him in the name of love. And don't forget he did it stylishly in heart print boxers. The Q. doesn't know if Cheezy shared it with someone special. However, we hope the man who cheezed his way into millions of 'I Love New York 2' viewers television screens had a very happy Valentine's Day.

A little birdy chirped some other reality gossip in my ear. Two very sexy reality celebs were seen posing up a storm together. Mandy Lynn of 'America's Smartest Model' & Heat of 'I Love New York' have been making some beautiful pictures together. Has it gone from behind the cameras to underneath the sheets? The Q. doesn't know as of yet. Heat is not replying to my requests for an answer. But I won't give up until he melts to my hands. If that fails I can always call Diva Maria and find out what I need to know.

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A loving Qmoment!


  1. AaniHaan // 15/2/08 4:48 PM  

    So how was your special day Q?

  2. The Q © 2007 // 15/2/08 5:23 PM  

    I received my favorite candy, favorite flowers & a very sentimental note. I was pleasantly surprised.

  3. AaniHaan // 15/2/08 8:00 PM  

    Awwww... that beats my eggs and toast that my man made me for dinner :) (But those was some damn good eggs!)

  4. your mother // 15/2/08 8:14 PM  

    awwww... that beats my beer and the dirt my budgie made for me...

    mandy lynn looks really cute in this outfit... i (heart) ug boots

  5. Bubo the Hater // 15/2/08 11:31 PM

    Important rumor

  6. AaniHaan // 16/2/08 12:26 AM  

    Bubo, that girl doesn't even look like she's on the show! Am I missing something?

  7. whatyathink // 17/2/08 4:46 AM  

    get a life people

  8. The Q © 2007 // 19/2/08 7:02 PM  

    We have one. And to add to our lives we have a hobby. It's called blogging.


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