Not sure what's been posted or not for the last three months, but, I am fairly certain this picture of Deelishis is new to your eyes.
You can find another flight-attendant picture of Deelishis, and may more at Cutie Central; the place to be if you're into collecting snapshots of your favorite black female celebrities.
It's a massive picture -should you decide to click- so apologies to those neanderthals on dial-up.


  1. your mother // 16/2/08 12:58 PM  

    She looks cute in that outfit. I'd still like to know what it is about that blue jeans- story...

    german television has just announced that charm school premieres february 24th ;o)

  2. Gabrielle // 16/2/08 12:58 PM  

    Thats not a flight attendant looks more like a las vegas showgirl/hooker type thing :)

  3. The Q © 2007 // 16/2/08 1:32 PM  

    BOOOOO @ Gabrielle

    What don't you understand about the jeans Your Mother?

  4. your mother // 16/2/08 1:46 PM  

    the story about deelishis leaving flav "to sell some blue jeans".. i think i haven't read anything about the reason for their split yet...

  5. AaniHaan // 16/2/08 2:22 PM  

    I thought he got some other chick pregnant, Your Mother. I want to hear Deelishis' respnse to that BS though.

    OOOO! I know exactly where that outfit comes from: THE FIFTH ELEMENT!!!!!

    Wow, I'm a dork, hehe...

  6. your mother // 16/2/08 2:35 PM  

    wow you're good.. i knew the outfit, just didn't know why ;)

    i thought flav and deelishis were seperated already when he sperminated that other chick..

  7. Bubo the Hater // 16/2/08 2:39 PM  

    mile high club, makes me want to join it. looking good.

    I thought among her post Flav activities was her own line of jeans.

  8. Bubo the Hater // 16/2/08 2:41 PM  

    flav can't say he added baby number 7, that may make the show look less sophisticated

  9. The Q © 2007 // 16/2/08 3:24 PM  

    OMG! Free labor is over... Steups has POSTED. It's a national holiday.

    The whole time I thought these a Gabrielle or Aani post!!!!

    I am free at last!!!!

  10. The Q © 2007 // 16/2/08 3:26 PM  

    After the taping of Flavor of Love 2, Flavor Flav fathered his seventh child. Deelishis found out when she arrived the the Reunion Show taping from one of the other Flavorettes.

  11. none of your business // 16/2/08 3:47 PM  

    Hello Everyone,

    Yes she found out about the babymomma at the reunion because the lady was there.

    About the blue Jeans Deelishis run a Jeans company call Deelishis which actually are some good jeans.

  12. your mother // 16/2/08 3:53 PM  

    alright... i'm back in the know... thanks Q and none of my business :o)

    so they had to bring the story about her leaving him for the blue jeans up to avoid the mentioning of the baby... i'm slow, but i'm getting it.. ;o)
    although they simply could have said "it didn't work out"... whatever ;o)

    so vh1 is going to replace the whole cast of fol3, eh? i'm still confused... can't wait to see the next episode.

  13. your mother // 16/2/08 4:00 PM  

    flav looks like grampa in the picture below.. too much grey for a pimp.

    10pm in my world, i'm gettin' ready to pAArty, have a nice day and a beautiful weekend y'all!

  14. KitBit // 16/2/08 4:43 PM  

    Yeah guys, I was really puttin' Flav on blast for sayin' that Deelishis "used" him to sell blue jeans. Puh-lease!! Dee tells it a totally different way: How he just called her up at the beginning of 2007 and told her that "This will be your year." That was basically his way of ending it with her and she felt that he wanted to make it work with his latest baby momma.

    Anywayz, I love Dee and all but geez... When will she put that ass away?!! How many ass pictures of her do we need??

  15. Savanna // 16/2/08 4:58 PM  

    If anyone wanted to know where to get that outfit from it's from Victoria's Secret. DON'T ASK ME HOW I KNOW LOL

  16. The Q © 2007 // 16/2/08 5:06 PM  

    HAHAHAHAHAAHA! @ Savanna

    You are three much!

  17. steups // 16/2/08 5:06 PM  

    I like the bra.

  18. steups // 16/2/08 5:07 PM  

    lemme head up to the other comment box, now.

  19. Anonymous // 16/2/08 9:03 PM  

    it's the same bra that boots was rocking

  20. your mother // 16/2/08 11:21 PM  

    wow @ shaynep... that'simpressive ;)

  21. AaniHaan // 17/2/08 12:32 AM  


  22. whatyathink // 17/2/08 4:43 AM  

    oh god who cares

  23. RockstarDani // 17/2/08 3:28 PM  

    wow. she actually looks really nice in this picture.

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