San Diego, California is where this intoxicating babydoll call home. Courtney enjoys year round almost perfect weather. (Important note: When it sprinkles Southern California residents think it's a national disaster.) Besides the sunny weather, Court enjoys all the hot stud muffins walking around. The woman loves her eye candy. Her favorite foods to devour are breakfast foods & sandwiches, as of late. She is a slave to food phases. Next month Soul Food may be favorite type of food.

Court is known to hold it down for those she loves. No one messes with her loved ones without Court jumping into the mix. When she ain't mixing it up; she's messing it up. The 'Rock of Love 2' beezy admits to being a piggy. She has an uncanny ability to turn a clean room a tornado. (Oink Oink!) Her life motto is, "It sounded like a good idea at the time!" Yeppers, she is the reigning Queen of Bad Ideas.

One of those bad ideas was getting behind the wheel while drunk. She openly shares, "It was the stupidest, most selfish thing I've ever done. I was caught, luckily no one got hurt." She rolled a stop sign & was pulled over. The officer decided not to take her to jail. Community service & driver education classes was her consequence. Court will never be that selfish or stupid again. She learned that every action has a consequence, welcomed or not.

Court has nothing but praise for her mother. "My mother is the most amazing, selfless individual in the entire planet. My whole life she's put mine and my brother's needs ahead of her own. She is the true embodiment of selflessness. She taught me to be grateful for everything & happiness is a choice, not a stroke of luck." She admits her father wasn't the greatest dad when she was younger. He recognizes the fact and is trying to be a better father now. Court admires the fact that her father is trying his best now. None of us can turn back the clock. Trying your best is really any of us can do.

'Every Rose Has It's Thorn' was the first song Court memorized. ('Hit the Road Jack' by Ray Charles is the 1st song Q. memorized.) She knew nothing of Bret Micheals or Poison at the time. She was only five years old. " was my jam at 5 years old." The Q. thought the prerequisite jam for kindergartners was 'Old McDonald'. (I have one foot in the old folks' home. What do I know?) The opportunity of being cast in 'Rock of Love 2' fell into her lap. Babydoll C. thought it would be a shame to waste. "You never know where you might find love. I was willing to give reality TV a shot."

From her absence in the 'Rock of Love 2' group photo, we all know Court is all about the shots. *wonders if she's a B-52, tequila or blow job type of chick There's only one way y'all are going to know for sure. You guess it! Every Sunday @ 9PM change the channel to VH1 for 'Rock of Love 2' starting January 13th. Will Bret Michael's appreciate Court trying to win his heart?

A trying Qmoment!


  1. KitBit // 10/1/08 7:05 PM  

    I love this girl! (And we share the same name so, she's EXTRA FABULOUS in my book!!!) ;)

  2. ava // 10/1/08 9:30 PM  

    I thoroughly enjoy Courtney's profile probably helps tha she is one of my favs...:hi Kit...

  3. Bubo the Hater // 10/1/08 10:01 PM  

    she is cute

  4. your mother // 11/1/08 5:22 AM  

    366 People are most looking forward to see flavor of love 3.. one for every day of this year.. yay =)

    court rocks.. too bad that toastee isn't available as a nickname anymore..

  5. ava // 11/1/08 10:46 AM  

    Hi Bubo...:)Doesnt she look like Phoebe Cates from Fast Tims at Ridgemont High??

  6. BUDDAH THA MESSIAH // 11/1/08 3:31 PM  

    Pretty girl. I like her profile. I don't see her as Brett's type, though.

  7. ava // 11/1/08 5:40 PM  

    From the looks of the sneek peeks from Vh1....ummm its safe to say you are

  8. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 11/1/08 8:53 PM  

    Ah, you're right. It's a leap year! I totally forgot.

  9. jorundi // 12/1/08 2:02 AM  

    Wow, I tried to post on the current blog entry, but comments have been disabled...anywhoooo...

    I just saw the ROL2 preview, thanks to you Q, and I must say that this is going to be waaaaaaay more interesting than last year. I will definitely be watching this Sunday night to see who will be the 15th girl.

    Thanks again, Q for all that you do.

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