One of the 'I Love New York 2' men the VH1 viewer didn't get to see much of was Milliown a.k.a. Jamaal. One of the five internet winners Milliown was sent home on the first night. Well tonight the rapper shares his 'I Love New York 2' experience & music with The ELLE Word listener. Tonight @ 7pm Pacific/ 10pm Eastern Time Click here ---->LISTEN LIVE , join the chat box now. Call in # (646)478-5101.


  1. jorundi // 10/1/08 5:54 PM  

    F I R S T ! ! !

    Isn't he the one that "charged" Buddha about his tight shirt and pants when Buddha pulled off is jacket on stage at the reunion?

  2. ava // 10/1/08 5:55 PM  

    This could be

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