The Q. is crying with joy! VH1 has giving us a sneak peek @ the premiere episode of 'Rock of Love 2'! Yes, I'll type it. The 'Rock of Love' series kick @ss. I love those f*cking beezys and I'm proud of it. Don't misunderstand me, my fingers ain't going to be nice this season. However, it doesn't mean I don't have love these women & Bret for entertaining me for an hour every Sunday.

*inhales & exhales

Go to & watch the new 'Rock of Love 2' beezys in action. I am in love with VH1 today. Click any of the 'Rock of Love 2' s to watch now.

Credit: VH1 & 51 Minds

A rockin' Qmoment!


  1. ava // 11/1/08 5:39 PM  

    WOW!! Vh1 was actually really good to us with the footage...Im ready now...:)

  2. Bubo the Hater // 11/1/08 7:03 PM  

    Well, it can't be worse than ILNY 2 or ROL1...can it?

  3. If you want to call me "Baby," just go ahead now... // 11/1/08 8:54 PM  

    No disrespect to this new crop, but I hope Heather comes back as a contestant. She is Bret with lady parts. They are perfect for one another.

  4. Katie // 11/1/08 11:32 PM  

    There's already a recap?

    you guys have competition :O

  5. Anonymous // 12/1/08 2:11 AM  

    That was so unfair -- why show the whole show except for the last girl -- unless it is to make sure that people turn in on Sunday night

  6. Anonymous // 12/1/08 5:48 AM  

    q rock of love Should Be Good but Flavor of love 3 is gonna get more viewers than rock of love 2 Bret just can't compare to Flavs Viking horns!! Flavor Flav!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous // 12/1/08 8:12 AM  

    Steupz! When I type to go to the blogspot, it doesn't work anymore =( I don't wanna type the longer address lol

  8. The Q © 2007 // 12/1/08 8:32 AM  

    Good morning to All!


    The Q. actually doesn't compete. I don't go to many other blogs. And the ones in the vein of Flavor of Love and it's spin offs beside Big Brother's own VH1... I AVOID. That way when I get information I post it. Instead of worrying about what other blogs posted what first.

    I wish the blog oogles of success.


    Yeppers, I am so looking forward to Rock of Love 2 this season. Not to say I didn't love the first season of beezys w/ the exception of Lacey.

    I do what I can when I can. Your very welcome! (I know you commenting in a lower box but I am trying to cover it all in one comment.)

    Y'all know I am LAZY!

    Anonymous @ 2:11am

    Life isn't fair. However, if you watch the trailer you'll know who gets the last chain. Due to those who don't want to know I am not saying.


  9. Anonymous // 12/1/08 8:44 AM  

    q did steupz Disappears AGAIN we all know that he did comment last week on the blogger

  10. jorundi // 12/1/08 2:08 PM  

    Aw, Sheesh, Q. Now I have to go and look at the preview again and again to see who the 15th person will be.

    Anyway, I'm off to the vh1 website to watch that danged preview. I hope it's Afro-Mohawk-Sanjaya...LMAO. She seems interesting.

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