Aubry is a Californian babe born & raised. The City of Angels (along with several of my gang bangin' cousins) is where she calls home. The slender lass loves being surrounded by sunshine & family. (Don't forget the smog!) Aubry and I share the same love. We both love sushi, crab legs & dark chocolate. (Mmm...mmm...mmm I should be eating dark chocolate with my man right now.) Aubry has to stick to non dairy ice cream. She's lactose intolerant. I doubt she'll be doing a GOT MILK ad anytime soon.

Besides being a nicotine junkie, Aubry is co dependant when it comes to other people's drama. Smoking cigarettes is her one regret. I'd prefer a cancer stick over someone else's drama but that's me. Aubry is working on putting an end to her Captain Save a Drama Hoe mentality. I have just the hoe for her to meet, to end this habit instantly.

Stealing never became a habit, thanks to her mother. At 7 years old Aubry had a case of sticky fingers. She stole an item from a store. Once her mother discovered her dishonest deed; she made Aubry return the item. Her mother made her go into the store, request the manager, return the stolen merchandise and tell him of her actions. She remembers her nerves being absolutely wrecked. The humiliation was the cure for any future of the sticky fingers' virus. Aubry's mother not only taught her the importance of honesty. She also explained to her daughter the rules of karma. Aubry laughingly shares ".... I taught myself the meaning of karma. " Her upbringing instilled in her the importance of being true to yourself & true to others.

At the age of 24 Aubry lost her biological father. Recently she suffered the lost of her step dad due to a recent divorce. He is no longer a part of her life. However, Aubry credits her step dad for being a huge part in raising her. One can't help wonder if Bret's age is a major attraction for a woman who has lost two older male figures in her life. (See even The Q. has her Dr. Phil moments.) Aubry admits to liking Poison's music as a kid. She makes it clear her attraction to Bret is about who he is as a man, his soul. There are several reasons why Aubry auditioned for the show. However, this 'Rock of Love 2' beezy's lip are sealed. She assures me all her reasons will unfold in front of millions of homes this season. Will Aubry get the final V.I.P. pass this season? I don't know. All I know is I am watching every Sunday to find out. 'Rock of Love 2' premieres Sunday, Jan 13th on VH1 @ 9PM.

Credit: Denny Gerard (2nd photo)

A honest Qmoment!


  1. Bubo the Hater // 10/1/08 5:03 AM  

    I thought you already featured her..oh, that was Ambre. Nothing to see here, move along.

  2. Mysty™ // 10/1/08 7:51 AM  

    Good Morning...I think I smell a conspiracy...either vh1 has visually challenged photographer taking pictures of all their contestants or they make everyone look bad on purpose. I'm just saying, I have YET to see someone on any of these shows look better in their cast picture than the do on the show or in camera phone pics. lol

  3. ava // 10/1/08 9:21 AM  

    Dr.Q~...mmmm mmmm mmmmm if peeps only knew..:)I think u hit the nail on the head with the whole father thing on the post,,,but then I could be wrong again....only the Q knows for sure!!!!!I just know you know dammit! lmao

  4. Shawn // 10/1/08 11:12 AM  

    Ok I am first. Doing the running man.

    Anyway she is cute. I hope she turn Bret Micheals out and make him her puppy slut.


  5. Shawn // 10/1/08 12:33 PM  

    Hey Q,

    How long was they in the house for this time around? I hope this time they don't repeat who the winner gonna be like they did the last time. That was so unfair.

  6. The Q © 2007 // 10/1/08 12:42 PM  

    3 weeks of taping which is the normal formula for these shows.

    And HUH?

  7. SHawn // 10/1/08 1:05 PM  

    What I mean was the Jess thingy. I hope they didn't pull a Jess thingy. You know pick the winner in the beginning then it all comes out in the end that the winner was already pick before the show even aired.

    That's what I meant.

  8. The Q © 2007 // 10/1/08 1:30 PM  

    Honestly I think that is garbage. I am not typing that I don't think production doesn't have a say in who stays. However, to say they had a winner picked in the beginning is crazy. And totally doesn't make logical sense.

    If the goal is to pull in viewers & keep them. 51 Minds would be IDIOTS to pick the winner and the order in which the ladies go home. It's a numbers game & the best bet would be to watch the cast members in action & watch the pulse of the viewer.

  9. Shawn // 10/1/08 1:32 PM  

    Thanks so much Q. I know you can't give so much information.

    So when is the big day for the revealing of the FOL3 girls?

    Hint Hint.

    I'm so tired of hearing about NY and TM rumors.

  10. The Q © 2007 // 10/1/08 2:17 PM  

    Oh and we all know it's taped months before it airs. However, from previous shows they know that drama keeps people watching. So when they are taping I am sure they are coaching various individuals to give them more. Or they plant seeds for them to do something not so nice.

    Whatever the case may or may not be, I just don't think they pick the winner way in advance.

    I've already shown you all two FOL3beauties but I guess y'all don't get my hints.


  11. Shawn // 10/1/08 3:03 PM  

    Yes you did show us 2 of the ladies but we all know you got something up those sleeves of your.

    I hope Steups (did I spell it right this time) really appreciate you guys on what you all are doing.

    Steups they need a raise. (hint hint).

  12. Buddah Tha Messiah // 10/1/08 4:28 PM  

    I agree with Mysty about these photos. That photographer needs to have his ass whipped. I have yet to see a flattering promotion picture of these girls. Why does it seem that they encourage the women to find the most skanktastic outfit to wear while doing the photo as well. That's not helping the situation. I like her second shot and she looks pretty there. I'm just not feeling that first Tupac meets Britney Spears photo session. I'll be glad when it begins, so I can see what this show is all about.

  13. Posse_Corruption // 11/1/08 1:06 PM  

    Brett Michaels?? Come on, this show is junk, and the women are worse. Groupie's looking for a chance to sleep with old washed up 80's band members?? Can this get any worse??? Even the contestants look like used handbags. Way to spread the STD's VH1! That's a hit!

  14. The Q © 2007 // 11/1/08 1:18 PM  

    Interesting comment Posse...

    However, Bret Michaels is still a viable rocker. He still has his loyal fans supporting his bands and music. Whether he has a multiplatium album or not; he is touring. And those who are a little familiar with the music industry know the $$$ is in touring. He is hardly washed up. By the way he's a millionaire.

    As far as these women spreading STDs, that comment is equally not valid. VH1/ 51 Minds test these women of STDs in order for them to enter the 'Rock of Love 2' mansion.

  15. there is no posse // 11/1/08 8:33 PM  

    used handbags? um, ok, wow.

  16. ava // 11/1/08 8:53 PM  

    lmao!!Does Bret have to take a test ??? From the looks of things I think I'd be more worried of catching sumthin fom

  17. Anonymous // 21/1/08 4:57 PM  

    She is also a stripper in L.A.

    How classy.

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