The Italian Spice
Sunday night we got to watch the premiere episode of 'Rock of Love 2'. One of the beezys her looked like she was going to be around threw us for a loop. When Bret offered Jackie the final tour pass, she ultimately declined. Jackie shared with Bret that she was having a bad case of anxiety. Until he came down for the elimination ceremony, she wanted to go home. After he asked her if she really wanted to remain in the 'Rock of Love 2' mansion, Jackie decided to give another beezy an opportunity to remain. Big John escorted Jackie out.

The young Italian cutie was definitely sparking Mr. Michaels' interest. Jackie was sweet enough to tell me a little about herself. Jackie is a Californian native. She grew up in Irvine. At 19, she moved out on her own & relocated to Huntington Beach. There is nothing better in her mind than walking up to the ocean. She loves the people and amazing weather of the O.C.! Don't let her petite frame fool you. Jackie can grab with the best of them. Her favorite foods are pizza, sushi, cheese and cherry pie. The spicy lass also admits to loving milk. By the looks of it 'Milk definitely does the body good'.

Those who cherish Jackie say she's dependable, easy going, loyal, creative, funny and a giver. On the flip side of coin, she can be very irritable, blunt and an impatient b!tch. Jackie share, "My mom & dad are the greatest people in the world! They have so much love for my sisters, brothers and I. It's unreal." The most important lesson her parents instilled in her is never judge a book by it's cover.

Well Jackie's tour may have ended on 'Rock of Love 2'. However, I think it's nicer to walk off of the tour on your own accord than to be thrown off. Was it nerves, the competition or did her desire to be with Bret Michaels die down? We may never know. However, I will type Jackie goes down as one of several who left a reality dating show on their own accord. The Blogspot parting message to Jackie; Siete giovani, bei e pieni di vita. Non legar giĆ¹, vivono la vostra vita pienamente. L'un giorno troverete la vostra roccia di amore.

An Italian Qmoment!


  1. Thats Hot // 17/1/08 7:13 PM  

    Wait, you decided not to go Sunday morning because of a huge verbal altercation? Who/what/where/when/why????

  2. Anonymous // 17/1/08 7:15 PM  

    She needs to put down the pipe maybe it would help her anxiety!

  3. Thats Hot // 17/1/08 8:22 PM  

    PS: If your altercation was personal or something, I understand for not saying, and I wouldn't say anything either. But if it was with a ROL beezy, that'd be so interesting

  4. The Q © 2007 // 17/1/08 8:51 PM  

    LOL @ That's Hot

    It was not Blogspot related. LOL! I hear you though. Most of the cast members are really good to me. On occasion I have to cuss one or two out but it's rare.

  5. Bubo the Hater // 17/1/08 11:36 PM  

    Were you arguing over me? I am always yours, don't fret!

  6. Buddah Tha Messiah // 18/1/08 1:38 PM  

    Errr...Roxy (Mya?) looks real unbeweavable with those orange tone highlights. I don't likey. I like the red highlights better. I see Courtney was sober enough to fully attend an event. I'm mad that she didn't make it past the first elimination. I had her picked for one of my faves. Kristy Joe now has my heart.

  7. your mother // 18/1/08 2:25 PM  

    unbeweavable... that's funny.. i didn't know that one...

    i don't even have a favorite since jackie left... ambre is cute and daisy seems to be fun..
    and i still don't know who jessica is.. can't remember her.. has she been on the premiere episode?


  8. The Q © 2007 // 18/1/08 3:11 PM  

    Yes Jessica kissed Bret in front of Ambre & Ashley (who you didn't see in the shot).

    She is the blond Bret called an innocent farm girl during the photo shoot.

  9. your mother // 18/1/08 4:16 PM  

    so who's ashley? ;)

    i think i have to watch this episode a second time, too much information.. i'll stick with my favorites though, everyone i can't remember can't be that special...

  10. your mother // 18/1/08 5:06 PM  

    i've just rewatched it and now i know who ashley and jessica are.. wonder why i rewatched it...

    but daisy is so mandy lynn.... fun fun fun

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