The H.B.I.C. 's BuddyBefore I disappear from the computer tonight. The Q. wanted to make sure y'all have something new to read first thing in the morning. So I said what would The Blogspot reader want to know. I thought about revealing some of the 'Flavor of Love 3' cast. But I said to myself, "Naw, that's a cop out." It's too soon & easy. I don't want VH1 too mad at me. I will tell you there are twins this season. But you didn't hear that from The Q.! (SHHHHHHHH!) So then I said, " I could blog about New York." But I said, "Naw we need some variety up on here." Then it hit me like when Moses parted the Red Sea. I heard a voice say, "Red Oyster." With the premiere of 'Flavor of Love 3' airing next month, I thought let's look back at one of the original 'Flavor of Love' beezys.

So Red Oyster it is. One has to listen to the voices in their head. Red Oyster of 'Flavor of Love' was a hot snitching mess. In her defense, why are you calling your ex on another man's phone in a house full of women? It don't make no d@mn sense. So looking back... was she really wrong for snitching? Hell no, it's a competition. It's survival of the fittest & sluttiest. Did I just type that? Red Oyster is one of several women who have withdrawn themselves from the 'Flavor of Love', 'Flavor of Love 2' & 'Rock of Love 2' series. I think she is actually the first competitor to do so. (Am I wrong?) Her reason, Red Oyster's father was in a car accident. Abigail a.k.a. Red Oyster showed her priority is her family. One has to respect & admire her for that fact. However, at the 'Flavor of Love' reunion we discovered the Asian beauty was legally married. *smh

Fast forward to today, I like to refer to Red Oyster of 'Flavor of Love' & New York of 'I Love New York 2' as the Thelma & Louise of reality television. I mean they are one of a few reality chicks who appear to have maintained a solid friendship. *wonders if they refer to one another as BFF Abigail a.k.a. Red Oyster had a birthday recently. Stizo of CLUBWORKS is throwing a birthday bash for Red Oyster this Saturday, January 19 at The Highlands! The Q. of course isn't invited. However, The Blogspot wishes Abigail the biggest...


One question, where the hell does she find all those d@mn red dresses?

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A snitching Qmoment!


  1. Anonymous // 17/1/08 3:37 AM  

    q I already have 4 flavor of love 3 Contestant's on my myspace as friends i'm a good person so i will zip my lips

  2. The Q © 2007 // 17/1/08 3:54 AM  

    *raises eyesbrows

    That's great for you. I don't know how that makes you a good or bad person whether you share what you know with others or not.

    You know who 4 of the FOL3 women are. I am sure there are plenty of people who know who over half of them are.

  3. The Purple Mist // 17/1/08 2:00 PM  

    I actually liked Red Oyster, and the fact that she didn't really knock herself out trying to capitalize on the whole FOL thing. I do wonder what she's been up to lately though. Any news on her at all? Including how her father was doing(I don't think anyone asked at the first reunion show)?

  4. Chamillion // 17/1/08 6:15 PM  

    I love Red Oyster. She is my favorite on FOL. I'm glad you made a post about her. I wish I could see her again on TV.

  5. miz karlene // 18/1/08 2:51 PM  

    Her snitching wouldn't have worked in S2 cuz those girls would of called her out much hard (Bootz,Like Dat, etc, all the big mouths)

    yeah what is she doing now?
    is she an actress too?

    for some reason, I think she and NY knew each other before.

    i just seen season 1 on dvd a few weeks back, and i automatically got that vibe.

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