Until the pain medication takes hold, I am up. The Q. was suppose to go to the 'Rock of Love 2' premiere party. However, Sunday morning I got in a huge verbal altercation & decided not to go. *sighs I am still mad at myself for not going. The 'Rock of Love 2' beezys looked like they had an awesome time. All say Aubry threw one hell of a bash. I ain't mad @ her.

First we have the gorgeous Erin. She definitely has moved on.
Roxy & Courtney giving us the 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' pose. If I had gone Courtney was going to be my ride.
The captivating cougar Catherine giving us DIVA.
Niki looking FABULOUS and smiling like she just won Lotto.
Jessica, Ambre & Destiney giving us Bret's Angels and looking devilishly heavenly.
And finally Kristy Joe & Aubry posing, looking like BFF.
Alright, I am going to watch Project Runway. Tim Gunn is so d@mn hot. Happy Thursday folks, see you Friday & not before. I've taken care of y'all for today.

A premiere Qmoment!

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