I usually don't do post about past events and I SURELY don't do positive posts about Pumkin of Flavor of Love and Charm School contrary to the love The Q has for her lol. But I realized that Aurelius and Brooke celebrated their birthday's close to the same days and I thought it was cute. In the spirit of keeping The Blogspot Rolling, our now 16 year old Aurelius has made a preview clip to his recaps for the Flavor of Love 3 season..... and there is a video of the Flavor of Love 3 girls that The Q introduced a few posts ago, nothing big just the pictures and the nicknames they were given... (You may notice a Short-ee on the video who was The Elle Word's guest formally known as Sexy Angie she already has a stan on the loose so let's see what she brings this season)


  1. Anonymous // 28/1/08 7:40 PM  

    this is good

  2. Gabrielle // 28/1/08 7:48 PM  

    wow? positive feeback!!! so rare, but much appreciated lol!!!

  3. Anonymous // 28/1/08 7:58 PM  

    nice work aurelius hell q and everybody let's Enjoy FOL3 because from what i'm hearing this is the final season.” In other words, whatever the outcome, we will not see another Flavor Flav dating show Ever i got this from www.realityblurred.com

  4. KitBit // 28/1/08 8:58 PM  

    LMAO!! This kid is GREAT!!!!


  5. AaniHaan // 28/1/08 10:18 PM  


    I can't contain the excitement, really. OK I totally live on another planet, what's the name/artist of the song playing on the second video?

    Fun post :)

  6. Jenny // 28/1/08 10:30 PM  

    Lmfao at pumpkin. I thought she was one of those porn stars on Rock Of Sluts, but this fit for her, because she is a slut. Now all she has to do is fix them roots on her hair, and have some silicone breasts, because those tits are sagging.

    I can see she lose a couple of pounds, though.

    Sorry - I never liked her, never will.

  7. Gabrielle // 28/1/08 10:43 PM  

    lol aani i'm just as out of the loop as u, all I can guess is the name of the song playing is Hello! lol or "To all my haters" no idea who the artist is

  8. Bubo the Hater // 28/1/08 11:32 PM  

    Jenny, I have never seen such small titties that sag so? I am a fan of breasts, great and small, bu tthose are truly weird.

  9. your mother // 29/1/08 3:17 AM  

    i love the preview video, this kid is talented... sweet sixteen... "strawberries and champagne.." who's the artist of the second track (bet on it or something like that..)?

    and did you know that kristy joe and leilene are the same person?.. at least that's my oppinion..

  10. your mother // 29/1/08 4:27 AM  

    oh damn... i just found out the artist of "bet on it".. do i have to be ashamed for liking the track?

  11. your mother // 29/1/08 4:29 AM  

    one more efron.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baucaN6xebs

    i think i'm in love.

  12. Katsgoturtongue // 29/1/08 9:57 AM  


    You got talent kid!

  13. revenge // 29/1/08 12:15 PM  

    :;looks around::

    aurelius, you are so damn cute i cant stand it...you dragged me out of the depths of hell (aka my life)...how could i not comment on such brilliance?!

    Im excited.

  14. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 29/1/08 3:30 PM  

    hahah Gabby, thanks for the post. I love it.

    And thanks to everyone for the love. Revenge, you crack me up :)

    your mother, the song is kinda catchy. And I thought I was crazy for thinking KJ looked like Leilene, but now I know there's others out there lol

  15. Gabrielle // 29/1/08 4:26 PM  

    lol aurelius, i had to check with Q first, I was like "um I just found this video of aurelius on youtube, u think he'll get mad if i post it?" lol good thing u not!

    but I knew I was going to mention your birthday with that crackish looking ladies pic I posted lol :) I know that u love her so

  16. your mother // 29/1/08 5:35 PM  

    kristy joe's not just looking like leilene, she's also crying a whole lot and weren't there some issues with some current or not so current husband?... maybe they used the flavor of love 1 script ;)

  17. The Q © 2007 // 29/1/08 5:41 PM  



    We have only 2 more years to wait and then we can tell the world of our love.

  18. Lily Strange // 4/2/08 9:46 PM  

    I'm afraid I don't feel the Pumkin love. She just seems genuinely trashy.

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