Lol the title speaks for it's self. The Q posted the stroller derby video already so hopefully that was enough of a recap for you!!

But I will try to shorten the remainder of the Episode for you!
Kristie Joe (Bret's main Beezy) won a date with him, but she was so happy that she won it that she spoke out the side of her neck about Catherine not having good enough mothering skills to keep her Baby Bret safe. (What mother would be skating on a ramp with her baby in a stroller without straps on it.... is beyond me, but I'm black and maybe it's a cultural thing to play with your baby like that, that I don't know about!) The girls on Catherine's team got upset with Kristie Joe and the 2 with V.I.P passes decided to use their passes while Kristie Joe was on her date with Bret.

Destiny and Daisy both went to interrupt the date one following the other but Daisy got rejected. Later on Bret found Daisy and had a talk with her to apologize...

(Fast Forward) Elimination time:
Bret Left Kristie Joe in suspence... but when giving the last pass away he said "I have made it very obvious that I am very attracted to this lady..." I noticed that Angelique's face got puzzled... which I laughed at, cause she knew then that it wasn't her. Kristie Joe got the pass leaving Roxy :( and Angelique out the door! Bret said that Angelique was too much of a free spirit, for loss of better words and he said that Roxy didn't use her Playa card (V.I.P Pass) on time like the other two girls did when they were trying to sabotage Kristie Joe's date. Roxy made a very nice speech on her way out... Fin!


I believe in my heart of hearts that Daisy and Angelique are either mother and daughter or they have the same surgeon.... the nose and the lips look so similar

I thought I was the only one who thought those two looked alike until my room mate informed me that I wasn't trippen.


In The Elle Word Chat Box during the Courtney interview a listener suggested that Bret Michael's was prejudice because he always kicks the black girls off early for no reason!
I personally don't believe that Bret is a prejudice person, but has a taste for a certain type of woman, not necessarily white, but let's call it a 'sylicone valley' type of girl lol...

If I had a dating show with 20 men and they chose Mr. Boston and 20 Pack as the 2 'racially challenged' men for the show, I would kick them off early too lol, Heat would have stayed and so would White Boy and Rico but I can't have a boogar eater or an eyebrow tweezer tryna holla at me!

But given the evidence that Dallas and the Raven from season 1 of ROL and Erin and Roxy of ROL2 got cut so early in the season without a dignified reason, do you think that is a ground to call Bret Michael's prejudice?

Oh yeah, and for any Down South Music lovers, if you remember an Artist named Devin the Dude from a few years back... and you would like to see what he's been up to and what new music he has out, check him out THURSDAY on The Elle Word!

Sorry for the typos, as Boo-Duh would say... The Kidd ain't perfect :)


  1. your mother // 29/1/08 5:59 PM  

    i still don't know when jessica became vip. was jessica her name? couldn't believe that roxy and entertaingelique had to leave before boringass jessica, dumbass megan and crazyass destiney.

    i loved roxys voice..

  2. your mother // 29/1/08 6:03 PM  

    and i think it's too bad that nobody really is interested in rol2, i really like some of the chicks... maybe because i'm white...

    btw FIRST (with first psot) :) yay

  3. The Q © 2007 // 29/1/08 6:08 PM  

    Well I love 'Rock of Love 2'! And the ratings say plenty of people are interested.

  4. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 29/1/08 6:18 PM  

    I think I'm more surprised that Erin left so soon than Roxy. Erin was hot and seemed pretty cool. Roxy was a party girl too, but I guess she didn't put her self out there enough.

    I dk if Bret is prejudice, but maybe VH1 needs to cast more "outgoing" girls like they do for FOL.

  5. Gabrielle // 29/1/08 6:19 PM  

    I wonder what kind of guys Erin and Roxy go for....

  6. Gabrielle // 29/1/08 6:23 PM  

    lol I don't think those kind of girls apply for ROL2

  7. Anonymous // 29/1/08 6:29 PM  

    gabrielle what your point about steups

  8. JORDEN // 29/1/08 7:10 PM  


  9. Bubo the Hater // 29/1/08 7:12 PM  

    Erin was too boring for the show. As pretty as she is, I don't see her taking her clothes off, gettin gin fights, etc that garner ratings.

    Devin the Dude! I love him even though hi slast CD was just okay compared to his prior 2 and Odd Squad...Face Mob.

    Roxy leaving was BS. It is not predjudiced, peerhaps he likes a certain look. H should have gotten rid of the Old lady, Catherine

  10. Gabrielle // 29/1/08 7:44 PM  

    I didn't make a point about steups

  11. The Q © 2007 // 29/1/08 7:54 PM  


    I need your investigating skills AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

    Thank you.

  12. jorundi // 29/1/08 8:29 PM  

    Prejudiced, Schmejudiced - it really doesn't matter. All I'm saying is if he doesn't like the black girls there, stop being hypocritical trying to make us believe that they have a chance.

  13. MaiTye // 29/1/08 9:07 PM  

    Bret Michaels, prejudice??

    Based on THESE actions? ABSOLUTELY NOT. In reference to Season One...Let's be FOR REAL...Dallas, IN MY OPINION was NOT the bizness. And well, Raven...Come on...Seriously??

    As for Season Two...I barely heard five words from Roxy...and I knew she was gettin' the boot when she kept sayin' "I'm waiting for the right time...I don't want to use my pass right now...blah blah". She was cute and all, but damn...There's PLENTY of hotness in the house (INNA!!) And there aint that much time in the world. As for Erin, TOTALLY HOT. But when she started talkin' about MySpace & HTML, you could see it all over Bret's face, that it was a WRAP.

  14. Gabrielle // 29/1/08 9:11 PM  

    Thats a really good point. BUt I'll disagree on Roxy, that wasn't a good reason.

  15. Anonymous // 29/1/08 9:26 PM  

    gabrielle Prejudiced will in that case Should We Call flava flav prejudice for not picking any white girl's from the flavor of love PASS and i Doubt that on flavor of love 3 he will not pic one

  16. Bubo the Hater // 29/1/08 9:33 PM  

    Bret has those he lusts after. Kristie Joe should have been gone as she is weak, but he wants her. Roxy didn't even get any camera time.

    Dallas was fugly and Raven had a dick.

  17. Gabrielle // 29/1/08 9:49 PM  

    Well I don't think Bret is prejudice first off.... I just posed the question. But the point was made that he gets rid of the girls early, so it wouldn't be the same for flav because he always has a white female in the top 3...

  18. Jorden // 29/1/08 11:09 PM  

    A quickie wedding could apparently be in the works for I Love New York second-season lovebirds Tiffany "New York" Pollard and her fiance George "Tailor Made" Weisgerber.

    "We haven't set a date," Weisgerber told Splash News on Monday, according to the New York Post. "We'll probably just go to Vegas on a whim."

    Sources close to the couple confirmed Pollard and Weisgerber plan to travel to Vegas on February 8, according to the Post, leading the paper to speculate that the previously twice-spurned Flavor of Love bachelorette could be off the market by Valentine's Day.

  19. jorden // 30/1/08 12:07 AM  

    Q and Elle are the best writers. No one misses Steups. Greeat job ladies!!!

  20. "drama queen" // 30/1/08 12:20 AM  

    First of all, I have thought that Daisy and Angelique looked alike since the first episode. I had a hard time telling them apart for the first 2 shows! (Both ugly)

    Secondly, I really dont think Bret appears to be prejudice at all, he has even kissed and hugged on a black chick on one of the shows (hasnt he?) just dont think that he is as attracted to them compared to the other 15 white whores throwing themselves at him. Here is where I agree w/Pumpkins comment on the charm school reunion, remember.? White chicks, atleast the ones I know are ALOT looser!

    And most importantly, have I heard of someone named Devin the Dude?? Are you kidding me, I looove Devin, basically anyone who smokes does though. Im still bumping SEE WHAT I CAN PULL (one of my all time fave songs) from the dude album from back in da day, remember when he was sitting on the toilet boobooing on the cover? Wouldnt mind finding out more details about his latest album and release dates!!

    Everybody in the yay bump Devin, he's like an E-40!


  21. Thats Hot // 30/1/08 2:05 AM  

    I think Roxy was eliminated to try and "surprise" the viewers that a VIP member was being eliminated. He eliminated her at the very end of the 1st eliminations for a reason. The fact that they didn't click didn't help her chances, either.

    I'm officially convinced that Kristy Joe is actually Leilene (Charm School and FOL 1) in a mask!!!! They talk EXACTLY the same. Do the same hand gestures, are both hypersensitive, fresh from a previous relationship etc., etc. They're extremely similar.

  22. jorundi // 30/1/08 7:44 AM  

    OMG!!! I just looked at the photos of Daisy and Angelique...Angelique actually does look like Daisy's mom.


    Daisy's photo is symbolic of that whole culture. The significance of the razor blade in the photo is not lost.

  23. Gabrielle // 30/1/08 9:16 AM  

    Lol I thought I was the only one who knew that Devin the Dude was the one who said "I was on the toilet doo dooing" on his song, so I didn't mention it lol, but I'm glad I'm not alone. I used to love him in my rap days

  24. SHawn // 30/1/08 11:32 AM  

    Hey Q,

    I'm about to hit you up in Email.

  25. Anonymous // 30/1/08 12:56 PM  

    I said it before I'll say it again.
    On all these dating shows the black person is always one of the first to go.
    It has nothing to do with being prejudice, but there are a lot of factors at play. I don't think that you can compare the black chicks in ROL1 at all because they were subpar.
    Erin while very pretty is just way too young for a 40+ guy that Bret is. I mean really she comes across as a little girl and if Bret had gotten with her people would've wondered about a lot of different things with him, so it made sense that he got rid of her.
    As far as Roxy, I think she looked awesome, but VH1 never showed her spending any time with Bret, they didn't even show her when she was in the strip booth, I still wonder what she did in there.
    This doesn't mean tha she didn't spend any time with Bret though. I also understand why she didn't use her VIP pass at the time and I think she was damned if she did and damned if she didn't either way. Had she used it, it would've been because she didn't use it for the right reasons. Regardless, just because someone isn't attracted to a black chick doesn't mean that they are prejudice, there are lots of black people who would never date a white person, does that make them prejudice or is that just their preference?

  26. Gabrielle // 30/1/08 2:03 PM  

    I agree on the part about Roxy, she was messed up either way if that was his reason for kicking her out... it was ironic though because usually the person doing the right thing makes it through lol.

    I disagree about Erin being too young because I think that Jes was about the same age as Erin.

    Flavor Flav is 48? I think lol or am I was off? 58? lol anyways, Bootz was 22 so the age thing doesn't really hold up to me, and I don't think that Erin was the youngest this season.

  27. Anonymous // 30/1/08 2:36 PM  

    Bret is going to choose the marry chick. Watch it will be a repeat like Ny and TM.

  28. Bubo the Hater // 30/1/08 11:22 PM  

    Angeliquw is lik an ealier expirement of Daisy before they kind of got the plastic surgery figured out.

    Kristy Joe does not have the testicular fortitude to survive.

  29. Aaliyah // 31/1/08 4:24 AM  

    I don't know if Bret is prejudiced or not, but I do think he gave a bs reason for eliminating Roxy. On her VH1 blog, she said for the talent/peep show she'd planned to do a sexy burlesque show, but they said she couldn't do it for whatever reason. She said she came up with a poem at the last minute.

    She's one of a handful of girls who are way too good for that show anyway.

  30. Anonymous // 1/2/08 4:30 PM  

    the producers are the racists. they are not interested in producing an interracial couple, especially not with a black person beating out all the whites. Let's just keep it really real. So they pick undesirably flawed characters to be on the show. Do I really have to name names? Cheesy, Mr. Boston, Heat and 12 pack are gay, they never thought NY would find attraction to Tailor Made. He was supposed to be the white-bread nerd on the show. In the same way that ROL, picked that beat up face ho on the first show, who was black as night and had the audacity to say she didnt date black men. She should have been honest and said black men dont wont her ugly azz. Anyhoo, the black girls on ROL2 were cute but come on, the first one was an airhead and the second one wasnt really feeling bret. When you're 2-3 outta 20, you're bound to go home. And for the record, Bret would screw a hot black chick but he CLEARLY has a preference for white. Which he has a right to. the black girls are tokens.

  31. Anonymous // 1/2/08 4:35 PM  

    the only thing daisy and angelique have in common, is that they have both been BUTCHERED by plasic surgeons. The foreign one is ugly as sin with that tacky do-it-yourself in 2mins weave, overcooked tan, hard boob implants, lines across her face, turned up injection lips, and pintucked nose - UGH!!! What the hell does she see when looking in the mirror? Satisfaction? Give me a break. Anyway, white girls are possessed with the need for a man's approval of their looks to the point that they were change everything about their looks and starve themselves. It's crazy! The other one with the lips and hat always pulled down on her face, just looks stupid.

  32. ava // 2/2/08 11:26 AM  

    Erin was boring...even I wasfallim asleep..Bret was right that house wouldve chewed her up and spat her out..Roxy should have stepped up!! She didnt,,,Destiny and Daisy showed they were willing to do anything for their man...Roxy thought it would all fall into her Princess lil lap...WHY IS IT ALWAYS about RACE!! I swear...

  33. ava // 2/2/08 11:33 AM  

    and NO my head is not in the sand about prejiduce in America..I am well aware it still goes is a sad thing BUT Please,,,Do we have to call it on EVERYTHING even The Rock of Love??? It is just ridiculous ..oh and my opinion on Daisy and Angelique?? PULEEEEEZE....No words....Someone on this blog said Angelique was entertaining!!! She was annoying ....I couldnt take anymore....It was funny at first got old real was time to let other girls be on the forefront and REALLY find love if thats the case,,,or atleast get their 15 minutes...she was ALWAYS in Bret's face...

  34. KNOWLEDGE // 5/2/08 4:05 PM  


  35. Joke // 6/2/08 11:39 AM  

    Most of the reality shows on VH1 are produced by the same people.

  36. Ava // 7/2/08 8:36 PM  

    Why does it have to be a secret Knowledge?? lol cmon tell us!!! lol

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