Many were shocked to see Punk go on last nights episode. Tonight Punk will take your questions on The Official Radio Show of The Blogspot: THE ELLE WORD

We have alot of listeners in the chat room who say, "I WANT TO CALL IN BUT I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO ASK" so I will give you a few questions you can call in and ask:

  1. What did you think about Buddha coming back?
  2. When you flipped the table over on Real's leg did you expect to be eliminated?
  3. What did you think about New York's opinion of your mom?
  4. Have you spoken to your ex girlfriend since the show?
  5. Do you still have love for New York?
and yes I will still be taking questions from the chatroom tonight so be there on time
7pm Pacific(Cali Time), 9pm Central (Texas Time), 10pm EST (New York Time)
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  1. "drama queen" // 11/12/07 7:36 PM  

    sorry but Im still tryna get over the loss, sob... not ready for closure yet

  2. "drama queen" // 11/12/07 7:38 PM  

    thanks for the nice professional picture though

  3. "drama queen" // 11/12/07 7:40 PM  

    it's funny cause I think I personally liked punk, not so much for new york's sake, so Im trying convince myself that it was for the best that he got eliminated, guess I had lost myself and didnt realize she didn't really deserve to be with him nor did they have 1 damn thing in common!

  4. Gabrielle // 11/12/07 7:44 PM  

    Punk is so lucky

  5. Anonymous // 11/12/07 8:01 PM  

    puck is lucky about what and were the hell is steups

  6. ~*~Princess Irresistible Deliscious~*~ // 11/12/07 8:43 PM  

    That's a good question... where IS steups? lol.... hmmm if he's dead... then that means Q becomes first in command. Can I be vice prez?

  7. ShakazP // 11/12/07 8:59 PM  

    Great show last night, Gabrielle, The Entertainer's Mom Should have a show by herself, lol.

  8. The Q © 2007 // 11/12/07 9:32 PM  

    Irre, you are a hot bowl of oatmeal w/ peaches n cream.

    Sit down, Steups is not dead.

  9. Anonymous // 11/12/07 9:46 PM  

    Someone should do a short recap, just in case,usually a recap would've been posted by now. Maybe Steups computer isn't working at the moment and it's going to be a bit before he can get it fixed. It's already Tuesday and the show first aired around noon on Sunday.... Pretty long time to go without any recaps.

    If his computer is messed up when he gets back on will he really want the pressure of having to write a recap?

  10. Anonymous // 12/12/07 12:01 AM  
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
  11. Anonymous // 12/12/07 12:11 AM  

    I would like to thank David, Q, Elle and Irre, for taking my call today. I was the first caller and had never called into any blog radio show before and it was a wonderful first expereince. You guys have a great show!

    Thanks for being the first to bust my radio blog cherry!

  12. Anonymous // 12/12/07 12:20 AM  

    QUEEN BRINA is a Dirty Slut 29 year old White Trash whore who think she black

  13. Anonymous // 12/12/07 12:23 AM  

    Oh dear.....

  14. Anonymous // 12/12/07 12:28 AM  

    queenbrina how much for head from you

  15. Shawn // 12/12/07 12:31 AM  

    Ok I miss it again tonight. Did anyone ask Punk about the stuff Buddha wrote on his blog about Punk.

    Also can someone correct me or not since the contestants on a contract are they allow to talk about any of the show while it airing?

    Good Show last night ladies.

  16. PIMPBOY77 // 12/12/07 12:31 AM  

    Anon @ 12:28 AM she free LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  17. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 12:34 AM  


  18. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 12:35 AM  

    Shawn yes to both

    Punk even gave out a lil something something

  19. Anonymous // 12/12/07 12:38 AM  

    gabrielle good show

  20. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 12:38 AM  

    Thank you so much

  21. Anonymous // 12/12/07 12:43 AM  

    gabrielle what is trailer park brina doing here i thought trailer park people be sleeping at this time

  22. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 12:45 AM  

    Seeking attention.

  23. Anonymous // 12/12/07 12:48 AM  

    gabrielle we have to find steups I'm starting to worry

  24. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 12:52 AM  

    this is final exam week, he'll be back

  25. Anonymous // 12/12/07 12:53 AM  

    gabrielle looks at this Sanford and Son Baltimore CLUB MIX

  26. Anonymous // 12/12/07 12:54 AM  

    gabrielle i know you like Sanford and Son

  27. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 12:55 AM  

    i love it. 1 of my 2 fav shows. how did u kno though?

  28. Anonymous // 12/12/07 12:57 AM  

    hey gabrielle when you talk to steups just call him U BIG DUMMY!to his face LMAO

  29. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 12:59 AM  

    lol i will. That was SOOOO GOOD! lol i love u for that. Thanks.

  30. Anonymous // 12/12/07 1:00 AM  

    gabrielle on your Interests on myspace you have Sanford and Son that how i know you dont like goodtimes

  31. Anonymous // 12/12/07 1:03 AM  

    your so welcome gabrielle

  32. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 1:06 AM  

    lol, have u sent me a message on myspace?

  33. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 1:08 AM  

    Where u the anon who was posting those pics the other day?

  34. Anonymous // 12/12/07 1:12 AM  

    gabrielle my myspace was hack so it was delete tonight

  35. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 1:13 AM  

    Oh, sorry to hear that

  36. Anonymous // 12/12/07 1:14 AM  

    that was not me gabrielle

  37. Anonymous // 12/12/07 1:18 AM  

    how do you Stay Away from hackers gabrielle

  38. karlene // 12/12/07 1:20 AM  

    gab, do u have the link to the punk interview i can listen to all if it cuz @ blogtalk it only gave me 20 mins

  39. Anonymous // 12/12/07 1:21 AM  

    gabby i've never dated a black man, but PUNK I will definitely date him. He's a catch. I'll take him.

  40. Anonymous // 12/12/07 1:22 AM  

    Do you think about the future? If it works out with this new guy, there won’t be an I Love New York 3. Then what do you do? Where does your career go?

    This guy, like I said, before, is so perfect and we fit together so well. He said that he will not allow another season and I told him, “Don’t take that tone with me, because I am not gonna allow another season. It’s OK for me to say that, not for you to say that.” ‘Cause I have my man in check. But anyway, I do see myself branching out and pursuing a career in acting and stuff like that. Just because I’m not going to do a third season of I Love New York, it doesn’t mean that there’s not going to be another project waiting for me.

    I can't imagine Tailor Made telling New York that, but then again I can't imagine New York saying Buddha is in check.

  41. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 1:23 AM  

    Give me one sec and i'll get u that link.

    I change my password constantly

    Lol... I date all races... but Punk is a catch

  42. Anonymous // 12/12/07 1:26 AM  

    wow gabrielle you date all races what about age

  43. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 1:26 AM  

    Punk interview

  44. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 1:27 AM  

    Legal and under my moms age

  45. Anonymous // 12/12/07 1:28 AM  

    Lordy. Buddha has released his latest blog with all kinda libelous crap. This boy needs help.

  46. Anonymous // 12/12/07 1:29 AM  

    gabrielle what about Onix you like him and he is over 30

  47. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 1:29 AM  

    can u link me to budds blog?

  48. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 1:30 AM  

    My mom is over 30.

  49. lays90 // 12/12/07 1:32 AM  

    hey gabrielle very good show tonight.

  50. karlene // 12/12/07 1:33 AM  

    thanks elle...not to quote chance but punk does look like a "freako", lol

  51. Anonymous // 12/12/07 1:34 AM  

    Read with caution, Gabrielle...

  52. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 1:37 AM  

    Thanks Lays "Get your smile on"

    Lol Punk does not look like a freak, Chance just looks like a bone lol

    Thanks anon, I'm sure Q will post it lol

  53. lays90 // 12/12/07 1:42 AM  

    gabrielle so they doing a clip show of i love new wednesday I'm Glad wednesday not sunday so we can Finish Up i love new york this sunday I'm shock that vh1 did not push it back two weeks like they all way do

  54. Anonymous // 12/12/07 1:43 AM  

    Actually, Chance was calling him "Rico" not "freako"! LoL. I've heard this diss before. Very old school. I'm surprised no one is talking about the little tidbit David let out of the bag about another contestant at the Reuinion. Must see TV!

  55. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 1:45 AM  

    Me too lays. I'm so ready to wrap this show up, i need fol3.

    Anon, I don't wanna talk about it because I don't want punk to get in trouble

  56. karlene // 12/12/07 1:45 AM  

    i thought he was calling him rico cuz of my closed captions but it sounded like freako either way both names let's call him Punk Rico Freako...that's hots i love it..

    nevermind David is better

  57. lays90 // 12/12/07 1:50 AM  

    gabrielle Speeking of flavor of love 3 they should be doing Promo by now What's Happening do you know

  58. Anonymous // 12/12/07 1:53 AM  

    I didn't think about that Gabrielle. I'll hush... ;)

  59. karlene // 12/12/07 1:57 AM  

    elle, the link cuts off @ 20 mins also...i dunno maybe its BTR's error.

  60. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 2:00 AM  

    Sorry Karlene I don't know whats up

    Thanks Anon.

    Lays I have no idea. Maybe they want it to be a surprise lol

  61. Anonymous // 12/12/07 2:07 AM  

    gabrielle i was shock to seen rock of love Promo

  62. Anonymous // 12/12/07 2:09 AM  

    I hope Steups comes back soon.

    I heard his dissapearance has nothing to do with final's but that he was really sent on a secret covert mission to find Osama Bin Laden.

    If that's true, it's not much of a secret because I found out about it, and he should go back home, because that cat is out of the bag:)

  63. lays90 // 12/12/07 2:11 AM  

    gabrielle flavor of love was to premiere in January and now i see rock of love and not only that but flavor of love did their casting call way before rock of love did Things that make you go "Hmmm". gabrielle LOL

  64. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 2:22 AM  

    lol i'm not sure... Hopefully it's not postponed

  65. Anonymous // 12/12/07 2:26 AM  

    hello gabrielle The Dallas Mavericks suck they will not win the Championship LOL

  66. Anonymous // 12/12/07 2:28 AM  

    The Boston Celtics will win the Championship

  67. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 2:33 AM  


  68. lays90 // 12/12/07 2:38 AM  

    LOL @ gabrielle saying OK to Anon Good Night gabrielle talk to you Tomorrow

  69. Anonymous // 12/12/07 7:26 AM  

    I hope VH1 sues Buddha and his big mouth. Of course there is always the chance that they are all setting us up for a huge twist where he wins. Or an even bigger twist she picks Chance in the end and gets rid of both TM and Buddha.

  70. Mysty™ // 12/12/07 8:32 AM  

    Good morning Folks! I should be getting ready for work, but I had to comment on Bubba's blog. Yesterday I expected him to have his version of Ep 10 posted, because he is quick to put his spin on things and I find it comical how he rewrites history...since creation! lmao Anyway, his blog basically said he would do it last night and allowed people to post their comments. Some of the same Stans who had been drooling over their intelligent, chivalrous, Mandingo warrior for months were now ripping him a new one because of his behavior in the Ep. They called him immature for being addicted to the same dramatics as NY and stupid for allowing her to play him. Most of them thought he was quite tacky for the little "prank" he pulled by telling the guys about all the "dirty, freaky things they did".
    I already knew Bubba would try to come hard at NY and the other guys to justify his own stupidity and I was right. I swear this man should be a political adviser because he's a wiz at spinning the truth! His comments about Punk and TM are ridiculous. He never should have mentioned that the two of them were pissy drunk when they were "wresting". Men do stupid ish when they're drunk, that doesn't make them gay. I also doubt that TM would be wresting with Punk after he tried to throw him off a 4 story balcony moments before, he's not that dumb. I did however find it funny that they were fighting over that 1 chair when there was another on the other side, chalk that up to drunkenness as well.
    Bubba is a sad creature and just like several of his Stans said he has superiority issues and is unstable enough to be an abuser. I wonder what the REAL story is behind his ex and that restraining order. Since he was talking with her on Hell Date when they'd been broken up for years, then all of a sudden she's crazy! She probably has one out on him too, I would!
    I'm off to work...everyone have a buderful day!
    P.S. - If you don't hear from me by Friday, Bubba tracked me down...lmao

  71. Katsgoturtongue // 12/12/07 8:57 AM  

    Good Morning All!

    Misty, I echo your thoughts as well. 'Nuff said.


  72. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 10:17 AM  


  73. Baby // 12/12/07 10:32 AM  

    Dayum Mysty...

    But the real question is why are you reading this fool's blog. Every hit on that copyrighted ish makes him think he is loved.

    PS-I wouldn't be surprised if that restraining order is out on his goofy ass. T-shirts and blazers...yeah, dude, w/e

  74. Gabrielle // 12/12/07 10:39 AM  


  75. Ava // 12/12/07 11:32 AM  

    Buddhaha could have easily been the one who had a friggen chair thrown at his pompous ass at this point !! WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING!!! Not only that, I hope PUNK tore into him.....That guy makes me soooo sick,,,I think he is more hated than Tailor Made but the rest of the guys are so weak and pathetic they TOO are scared of his sorry ass.....except for PUNK...Punk WILL STAND UP FOR SURE...I think that man has bizness with both New York and Buddhaha

  76. Baby // 12/12/07 12:55 PM  

    OK, I broke down and read it...
    I especially like this:

    "It will be obvious to the more intelligent viewers ...that production is purposely trying to create a juxtiposition..."

    What is obvious to this here unintelligent viewer is that juxtAposition is misspelled.

  77. Anonymous // 12/12/07 2:05 PM  

    Bwahhahaha! Baby, that's hilarious. Don't you just love how Buddha uses the word intelligent, then proceeds to butcher the english language for many to see on a regular? He's now edited his blog to complain about his many "unloyal minions" and their insubordination in not agreeing with the "Almighty Buddha" on this one. Buddha needs to go into comedy writing because this dude keeps me in stitches with these ill written blog commentary's

  78. The Q © 2007 // 12/12/07 2:25 PM  

    Buddha tracked you down.


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