While GabriELLE is slaving away trying give you the reader a recap. I decided to share Buddhaha's recap of Episode 10. I don't care what any of you or he (Buddha) has to say ...BUT WITH THIS BLOG THE MAN HAS TOLD US WHO HAS WON. One has to love all of that Buddha Pride & Buddha L<3ve cause now we ain't got to watch the finale. Speaking of the finale, some of the men of 'I Love New York 2' swore I was sitting next to Mr. New York @ the taping of the 'I Love New York 2' reunion show. It wasn't me folks, I promise. Later on today you may see New York in all her reunion sparkle. *sighs She looked good in a very tight, tight dress. If she is pregnant (as in currently)/was (as in reunion show taping) on Thursday, December 6th; the father is a hummingbird. I see no signs of Buddha Jr. or Princess T.M. growing within her womb.

NOTE: This was taken from Buddha's myspace page in the wee hours of the morning. If you go to his page and see an edited versiion. Great! But this is what he posted when we retrieved it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


note: Please excuse any typo's. I did what I could but the kid ain't perfect ;-)


What you didn't see is...

1. ALL of us were speaking with the Vietnamese woman and the conversation was explaining to her what "I Love New York" is ... you'll notice the conversation was muted out to make it appear as though I could be saying anything PLUS the conversation lasted about 20 secs, while awaiting the elevator, but of course production made it seem like not only was I all of the sudden miraculously STUPID enough to be flirting with some random unattractive chick but I was also dumb enough to do that for an exaggerated amount of time... Just ask yourself "how long could it possibly take for a called elevator to come down 4 floors?" LOL!

2. The Punk IMMEDIATELY got piss drunk and tried to throw The Maid over the balcony. The Punk cradled The Maid hanging over the 4th story balcony. The Maid CRIED & YELLED for me to help him and "get this motherf!%ker (Punk) off me!" I reluctantly helped The Maid by pulling him back from over the edge to safety and pushing them both inside. Several Minutes later Punk fell asleep into a drunken stupper.

3. The Punk & The Maid "boy wrestled" with each other in the limo THE ENTIRE WAY OVER to the first date with New York. You'll notice the two of them continued to "boy fight" each other with ass grabbing and "couple tussling" in the seat pretending to REEEEEALLY want to sit next to New York while just so happening to be rubbing asses in each others laps. You'll notice I was FAAAR back trailing the two "lover boys" and then just simply sat on the other side of New York (if they REALLY wanted to sit next to New York why didn't they each just take one side of her??? Unless they just REEEEEALLY wanted an excuse to continue "playing"with each other). I've NOproblems with gays but I ain't that and I damn sure don't play that way and neither do ANY grown heterosexual men that I know of.(PERIOD!!)... you call it.

4. At the club Priestess Patterson hired two blonde chicks to come flirt with me in hopes that I'd entertain their non-sense. Unfortunately for her, her plan backfired when I told both of the drunk hoes (yes! "Hoes!") off in front of everyone. New York got turned on while the "three stooges" stared at each other dumb founded at how bad Patterson's plan worked out. LMAO!! I'm not convinced New York didn't know about that however The Maid did mention to me later how suspecious he found it that the two blondes came directly to me and no one else... he thought production (NOT Patterson) put the girls up to it... he was probably right.

5. The night I walked out of "the club" I went into the limo to leave, 10 mins later The Maid was sent away by New York so that her and The Punk could be together alone. That night, prior to elimination, The Punk spent the night with New York.

6. When Punk was told to go he stood there whining and complaining for 10 mins about how "ill-logical & contradictory" she was being based off of what was said and done between them the night before when he'd slept over her place... the sh*t was almost as pathetic as Yours' plea.

-------EPISODE 10 - THE BUDDHA CONSPIRACY-----------------

Well... I now have summarized conclusively that New York "get's off" on drama and I am wholly a pleaser by nature, so drama is what I give her. The Punk is a COMPLETE back-stabber and uses New York's trust in him to manipulate her with his lies. What you also didn't see is while he was conspiring and plotting against me behind my back he was pretending everything was all good to my face... you call it. He got played and pimped by New York but from my understanding he found plenty of other boys to wrestle in South Beach before leaving.

The Maid and Chump were using New York's weakness (her personal insecurities) against her so I decided to do the same thing to them. I never told them her and I had sex (because we didn't) I only spoke VERY general and let their imaginations play on their insecurities & seeing as how these two "boy friends" are always lying on me anyhow I might as well give them something to talk about ;-) It was not disrespectful by any means and I'm slightly insulted that production chose not to display the prank in its full HILARIOUSNESS!! The camera men could hardly hold the camera's straight from laughing so hard later... it was not by any means disrespectful but it was STATEGY. The following morning New York DID find the prank funny however production left out her laughing for dramatic purposes. I didn't care to justify my actions because they were self-evident to anyone paying attention and New York is hardly as dumb as The Chump thinks she is.

At the "Club" couch I walked away after calling out the obvious conspiracy between The Three Stooges (The Maid, The Chump, & The Priestess) and that's when I told New York, "if you can't see what's going on here you're blind" and I left. Truthfully I could always give a sh*t about her following me. Only a true LOSER would sit there while being so utterly disrespected and insulted. In the real world I would of left her ass sitting there and drove home to bed.

As far as The Maid and Patterson go... well ... they don't surprise me at all so there's nothing really to talk about with them. The Maid is the same ole spineless amoeba who has nothing to offer but worship and you'd have to be a COMPLETE IDIOT to believe that she'd be interested in him had he not been lavishing her with gifts (she'd already stated how unattractive she found him in Episode 1. He only became interesting in Episode 2 after the $700 shoes were given to her).

Oh! and New York and I DID have a conversation about me being an actor THE FIRST NIGHT I was in the mansion. I asked her did it bother her that one of my professions is Acting and her response was "Not at all!! I can't be upset at you for being successful at what you do.

p.s. It will be obvious to the more intelligent viewers (and those familiar with script writing) that production is purposely trying to create a juxtiposition with what is currently seen as my character (The Hero) into that of the exact opposite (The Villian) by leaving out key events that happened here that are COMPLETELY consistent to who I really am (ALL that you have seen in previous episodes).

Obviously they would know at this point MANY people would think highly of me and (for anyone who knows a thing or two about script writing) at this point production would need to relay a counter posistion to my previously portrayed charater in order to "keep audiences guessing" and humanize the winner. Unfortunately, some simple minds will fall for this elementary story board tactic. They now give you mixed feelings about me so that you are torn about who is the "good guy and bad guy." They make it seem like The Maid's previous actions were "not really so bad" and I'm really the "evil man." LOL... WOW!! After reading some of my "loyal fans" comments and how they've now flipped on me I am only now realizing how easily manipulated and simple the public really is. WOW!!! There's an old chinese proverb some might do well to learn, "a person is not who you see today but who he has always been all the days prior."

See you next week.

-With Love,Ezra Masters aka Buddha

I wish all of you a great and positive day. If you have your Boise headphones handy at work listen to The ELLE Word's interviews with Buddha a.k.a. Ezra or Tailor Made a.k.a. Mr. Babykins (just click the 'I Love New York 2' contestant's name of your choice). Don't miss Elle's first written recap below. *smiling like a proud Mama blogger

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