Some of you care about this stuff -I know I do- so here's the latest...
I Love New York 2 Episode 7 grabbed 4.4 million viewers two Mondays ago. The giddy numbers placed it 1st among reality television shows for that week and 7th overall among all cable fare.
Yep, it's a hit.

I really hope VH-1 is paying her well, because the only shows beating her are wrestling, football and Disney's garbage.


  1. jorundi // 2/12/07 12:54 PM  


    "The Hills" is okay, but why no Crypt-Keeper?, I mean Tila Tequila?

  2. jorundi // 2/12/07 12:57 PM  


    Congratulations to Ms Tiffany Pollard and the success of her show. Although the young lady has been vilified by some, her star seems to rise. I, too, hope that 26.5 Minds are paying her well. A Sistah, regardless of intelligence, MUST be paid.

  3. revenge // 2/12/07 1:00 PM  

    ummm off topic, but on buddha's blog on his myspace he describes his return as Cris Abrego's doing and not New York's.

    The show says differently.

    Just an observation...

    lmao@jorundi's 26.5 MInds.

    ahh the first snow of winter fell this morning. its official, im depressed.

  4. jorundi // 2/12/07 1:07 PM  

    Revenge, I gave them 1 mind too many. They are actually 25.5 Minds...LOL

  5. Anonymous // 2/12/07 2:07 PM  

    fuck u steups wwe wrestling and football is not garbage.

  6. steups // 2/12/07 2:22 PM  

    lmmfao...I never said that, actually. But sorry, anyway.

  7. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 2/12/07 2:40 PM  

    how about heroes? I always have a dilemma whether I should watch Heroes or this show. Usually Heroes wins, and I have to catch the late night show


    damn rican just totally spilled the beans thanks!!! york

  9. Baby // 2/12/07 3:47 PM  

    The snow is so pretty! Particularly when viewed nestled under a flannel blanket from the comfort of a well heated home that smells like baked goods (mmmm....)

    Now, tomorrow when I have to go outside my view about the snow will defintely change :)

  10. Mysty™ // 2/12/07 3:55 PM  

    lol @ Baby...I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing. I SO wanna play hooky tomorrow, it's not even funny!

  11. steups // 2/12/07 4:14 PM  

    I won't lie, Krazy stood up to Deelishis in that argument.

  12. steups // 2/12/07 4:27 PM  

    Flavor of Love 2 was bananas

  13. Baby // 2/12/07 4:59 PM  

    Hey Mysty!
    Call in "fed up" I did it last
    Did you see Episode 9 of ILNY2 yet? HIGHlarious!
    And you need to take the "tm" out of your name, for obvious reasons. Hmph!

  14. Baby // 2/12/07 5:00 PM  

    wth happened to the Tailor Made thumbnail pic in the upper right hand corner?

  15. steups // 2/12/07 5:03 PM  

    I dumped it...Winners only!!!
    And you talk about him too bloody much

  16. bambi // 2/12/07 5:04 PM  

    So speaking of getting paid how much does New York and flav get paid fro having their own shows? inquiring minds would like to know

  17. Baby // 2/12/07 5:08 PM  

    Oh well, I've got my desktop background to ogle instead...

  18. steups // 2/12/07 5:16 PM  

    I'ma remove that too, tonight.
    New York makes a 1/4 mil...that's my best guess

  19. Baby // 2/12/07 5:34 PM  

    I have no idea. Good question. I guess it depends on producer credits, etc. Maybe $100K (based on the paltry scale starting with the 50G winner's prize on Charm School)? Dunno.

    FOL2 is so much better than season 1...

  20. Anonymous // 2/12/07 5:37 PM  

    So which role did NY played in this movie since she don't have a major role? Is she one of the girls at the carwash or one of the girls in the crowd?

    Also why haven't anyone mention she stop smoking because of her chest pains.

  21. Mysty™ // 2/12/07 5:42 PM  

    Hey Baby! The tm stays because I own it! lmao
    Tomorrow's my last day for this class, so I guess I'll deal with it.
    I saw Ep 9 and am sooo ready for this thing to be over, it's torture now! I'm sick of Butthead, Punk is too mercurial for me, his moods are like a female's and words!

  22. Baby // 2/12/07 5:43 PM  

    Those chest pains might have more to do with breast aug instead of smoking...just a theory...

  23. steups // 2/12/07 5:43 PM  

    I'ma post that question-interview thing, later, anonymous.
    Y'all stay on the ball.

  24. steups // 2/12/07 5:45 PM  

    lmfao at Baby.
    Mysty, is thins like a new thing black women do? To tag men as effeminate as a way to insult them.

    It seems a tad self-deprecating, on y'all part; as if to suggest to act as a woman is a negative.

  25. Anonymous // 2/12/07 5:46 PM  

    Wasn't epsiode 7 shown 2 times in oneday. So even though those ratings are high but thanks to showing that show earlier in the day plus at the regular time kinda help those ratings.

  26. Mysty™ // 2/12/07 5:46 PM  

    lol @ Baby..those things look heavy! Speaking as a naturally well endowed woman, I know breasts can be heavy, but they look like they weigh her down...hope she doesn't sleep on her back! lmao

  27. Baby // 2/12/07 5:47 PM  

    We have classes until Dec. 23rd. Lucky you.

    NY called it, Buddha is angry, mean and jealous. Finally, she sees the light.

    And you are right re: Tailor Made
    There are no more words. Just actions, lol.

  28. Anonymous // 2/12/07 5:48 PM  

    You might to post the interview on how NY and Buddha both are changing their lives which have people thinking Buddha won now since his dad mention it on epsiode 9.

  29. Baby // 2/12/07 5:49 PM  

    I think "real" twins are far less trouble. Lucky us :)

  30. Anonymous // 2/12/07 5:49 PM  

    I left out that buddha suppose to post it on one of blogs that he ask her to stop smoking and she agree to do it.

  31. steups // 2/12/07 5:51 PM  

    I think the late evening airing is the one that's quoted. So the show probably attracts more than 6million, for all I know.

  32. Mysty™ // 2/12/07 5:51 PM  

    Steups, I don't consider calling a man effeminate to be insulting. I am just not attracted to a man who has feminine characteristics...that's why I'm not a lesbian. That's why I commented about Punk, as well as Butthead...I'm not at all interested in the 3 finalists.
    I can't answer for black women, I am 1 person. I'm happy being me, so I don't consider being a woman to be negative.

  33. Mysty™ // 2/12/07 5:55 PM  

    I'm done with classes on Thursday, but have papers due until the 13th. Then I will have 1 1/2 semesters of classes left..thank goodness!
    As for TM...I just lost my appetite, thanks! LMAO
    Natural twins can be heavy too, that's why it always good to have someone hold them for you...for the comfort of your back of course! ; )

  34. steups // 2/12/07 5:56 PM  

    Dang, FOL still is mad popular. Been a while since the blog had this sorta traffic

  35. Baby // 2/12/07 6:06 PM  

    Re: Help with the natural twins
    Amen to that! Why carry your burden(s) alone when the bf is so willing to do it for you?

    And if the bf acts up, then Tailor Made can do the honors. lol :)

  36. Anonymous // 2/12/07 6:09 PM  

    I'm sitting here reading this idiot blog and man oh man if she pick buddha she is so dumb. This man kepts dogging the mess out of her.

    Steups, you know there is a rumor that Punk suppose to be dealing with one of the FOL 2 girls.

  37. Mysty™ // 2/12/07 6:14 PM  

    Baby, you are delusional!lol Did you see how awkward TM was with NY...I would not let him anywhere near the twins...he could cause irreparable damage! I'm not willing to risk the welfare of the twins for anyone...

  38. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 2/12/07 6:26 PM  

    ugh, season 2 was so fake

  39. steups // 2/12/07 6:34 PM  

    which girl, mate?
    New York? (rolls eyes)

  40. Baby // 2/12/07 6:37 PM  

    Don't start with me, Mysty!

    He was nervous--not awkward. Cameras all around? Poor thing. (Not that the camera stops some people...)

    Besides,he seems like a breast man anyway, so I imagine he would be a willing student :)

    Bootz is gone. She was my favorite on FOL 2.

  41. steups // 2/12/07 6:43 PM  

    Oh Jesus

  42. Mysty™ // 2/12/07 6:46 PM  

    Baby, instinct can not be taught. Either you know what to do or you don't...I have no time to teach a grown behind man.
    Good luck with the advanced courses he'll need. lol
    I must admit I felt sorry for him when NY hinted at his need for an implant...that, in addition to the fact that she has insulted his kissing style, makes me feel for him.
    She will cheat if she picks him, just like she claimed she would have for Turtle's 2 in peter.

  43. Mysty™ // 2/12/07 6:48 PM  

    **2 inch...doesn't even feel right to type that! lol

  44. B-rad // 2/12/07 6:49 PM  

    hey steups have you found those pics of ny in king

  45. B-rad // 2/12/07 6:50 PM  

    if you cant its fine

  46. B-rad // 2/12/07 6:51 PM  

    and could someone post the i love new york 2 episode 9 on youtube plz

  47. B-rad // 2/12/07 6:52 PM  

    hello anyone there

  48. B-rad // 2/12/07 6:53 PM  

    i htink the writers strike has been helpful for the ratings which is good i love her

  49. Baby // 2/12/07 6:54 PM  

    That penis implant thing was a hypothetical question. Nice try...
    I am fairly certain TM knows what and how to do what he does well.
    Very well...

    Now, I knew Tango wasn't packing from almost the beginning. That was obvious.

  50. B-rad // 2/12/07 6:54 PM  

    is any one gonna answer me

  51. B-rad // 2/12/07 6:55 PM  

    hey how do you know what hes packing

  52. B-rad // 2/12/07 6:56 PM  

    have you seen it or something

  53. B-rad // 2/12/07 6:56 PM  

    im talking about tango

  54. B-rad // 2/12/07 6:59 PM  


  55. B-rad // 2/12/07 6:59 PM  

    go to everyone

  56. B-rad // 2/12/07 7:01 PM  

    well if noone is gonna talk ill just leave

  57. B-rad // 2/12/07 7:03 PM  

    has anyone watched the video on youtube where tango talks about ny

  58. Mysty™ // 2/12/07 7:09 PM  

    Baby, I had no attraction to Tango either, so I never cared what he was packing. In all honesty, unless a man is severely disadvantaged in that area, I am not phased...I'm not a size queen. NY just seems to enjoy using TM as a toy, that's why I feel bad for him, he's clearly in over his head with her. He put up a good fight by trying the little deceitful tactics in the beginning, but even they have waned...he's officially NY's pet. She's just waiting to see how much more he'll spend on her before he's dismissed, either on the show or after.

  59. Mysty™ // 2/12/07 7:10 PM  

    Hi b-rad...sorry I was rude.

  60. steups // 2/12/07 8:00 PM  

    Hey B-rad...I'm still looking

  61. Baby // 2/12/07 8:16 PM  

    Mysty, I didn't dislike Tango at the beginning, but as the show progressed he got really corny, swaggerless and in it to win--not win NY. And He looked wack in his drawers! The reunion was the final straw.
    I don't think NY is about with money or those Mama's boys would have stayed longer. I think she and TM really feel each other. As she said "he makes her shake in her soul" (Dayum!) And TM seems like he is there to win NY--not just the show. We'll see...

    On another note, does it seem that NY looks like a different person with each progressive show. Not just the new twins either :) This l'il heifer is a chameleon.

  62. steups // 2/12/07 8:22 PM  

    lmao at shakes in her soul being a dayum. Seems terrifically corny without an orchestra in the background

  63. Mysty™ // 2/12/07 8:35 PM  

    Baby, I never thought Tango had an attractive personality, something about him rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning so I was not surprised at how he behaved during the reunion. Also, I think there is a difference between having a lot of money, like the Mama's Boys, and spending it on NY. TM has been very generous with the gifts, unlike most of the other men (could be editing?) and NY really seems to enjoy his taste. She's a little too crazy about Underbite for me to believe she's really feeling TM as a person. I think she just loves the fact that TM seems to love her (or he's one hell of an actor). Actually, I don't see her genuinely falling for any of them. She wants Buddha and Punk in her bed and TM as her caretaker or someone to feed her ego.

  64. Thats Hot // 3/12/07 3:01 AM  

    Anyone see the commercial of New York and Perez Hilton on VH1? It basically promotes Perez Hilton's show...

    And I thought that was ironic because PH has called NY a drag queen in the past...

  65. Gabrielle // 3/12/07 10:18 AM  

    I'm sure that someone has had to miss Elle in the mist of all these new posts I missed :)

  66. revenge // 3/12/07 11:00 AM  

    i missed you gabby.

    i miss q too.

    that b-rad character is annoying.


  67. Electra (trinidad) // 3/12/07 12:10 PM  

    Oh hey guys :)

    I was pleasantly surprised when I turned my tele on about 1am Sunday morning (after my cousin's wedding) to see FOL final episode and reunion, LOL. It reminded me why I Love NY so much LOL.

    Now I did not get to see ILNY2 but say what?

  68. steups // 3/12/07 12:24 PM  

    y'all gotta help me with dialogue for the recap, please.
    Post as many quotes as you can from the SisP vs Frank's mom battle

  69. Electra (trinidad) // 3/12/07 12:59 PM  

    Hey Steups hope all is well with you and yours.


  70. steups // 3/12/07 1:01 PM  

    Nope, all isn't well, actually.
    What about you, and yours, E?

  71. Electra (trinidad) // 3/12/07 1:08 PM  

    Well you know what? I can find something to complain about BUT I have soooooo mucch to be thankful for its not worth it.

    I am doing very well thanks, : ) its been a very very long time I since I've felt so good.

  72. steups // 3/12/07 1:13 PM  

    Aye, I'm happy for you...let's use the new comment box I just put up

  73. Anonymous // 3/12/07 4:07 PM  

    gabrielle who

  74. steups // 3/12/07 4:16 PM  

    hello Mate

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