Another great recap from Aurelius, watch and enjoy.


  1. Baby // 16/12/07 2:26 AM  

    (standing ovation)

    Well done, Aurelius!

  2. karlene // 16/12/07 7:18 AM  

    when does this kid turn 18? lol.. neways good recap.. she's so emotionally unstable w/ buddha the new tango?
    "So you going to walk out on me"
    talk about reliving last season.

  3. Babygirl~Pebbles // 16/12/07 12:28 PM  

    Hello ALL, good recap!

  4. Babygirl~Pebbles // 16/12/07 12:28 PM  

    Hello ALL, good recap!

  5. Ava // 16/12/07 12:55 PM  

    Video is no longer available ..:(

  6. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 16/12/07 2:07 PM  

    thanks guys :)
    ava, what do you mean? It still plays. man, you scared me for a sec

  7. The Q © 2007 // 16/12/07 2:23 PM  


    She scared me too. I really enjoy all your recaps. The season just wouldn't be the same without your spin on things. Thanks for all you do.

    When does Aurelius turn 18, Karlene that is so UNPROFESSIONAL.


  8. your mother // 16/12/07 4:09 PM  

    wonderful recap as usual :)

    what about shay's 2008 calendar...
    - this one's great
    - looks like nibblz ;)


  9. karlene // 16/12/07 5:34 PM  

    Your mother, do you love it?

    cuz i dont, seriously what happened to her hair since FLO2, i thought her weave was tight, but since then it been down hill, the photos weren't even photoshopped, no bronzer on her skin, at leave she shaved her ...ummm she is a pretty girl can't Larrisa right her hair.
    She a real friend tells you when ur weave is wack. SMH girls are so shady these days.

  10. karlene // 16/12/07 5:36 PM  

    * can't larrisa fix her hair
    *at least
    *See a real friend

    damn see that's what happened when u multi task eating a bagel and typing..

  11. Licious // 16/12/07 11:35 PM  


    I love this... I sent it to one of the producers @ Wise Owl Music and he was ROLLIN! He was like this kids a genius!!!!

    I concur! NO YOU DIDNT say, "Wednesday Addams" ROFLMAO!!

  12. Licious // 16/12/07 11:35 PM  

    And Donald and Melania Trump?? ROFLMAOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh shit CLASSIC! That mess is hilarious yo!

  13. your mother // 17/12/07 2:57 AM  

    @ karlene: you're right, they could've photoshopped some of the pictures and especially on the cover her hair looks not the best it has ever loooked but still she's prettier than most of the former FOL contestants ;)

  14. Ava // 17/12/07 5:38 AM  

    Im glad its up and running and aging...shoot !! Dont kill the messenger!! lol I sent you a comment Aurilius.. and a Christmas Tree...:) Lubz...:) That was as usual over the top..:)Thesame thing happened with the Spoler videos to the finnale,they went down for a few hours....

  15. Anonymous // 17/12/07 7:18 AM  


  16. Anonymous // 17/12/07 7:33 AM  

    are babygirl~pebbles and baby[kin{s}] the same person? Hope not,

  17. PaleBlackSheep // 17/12/07 7:40 AM  

    Morning everyone

    Aurelius, great recap as usual!

    Well tonight is the night, although we all ready knows who wins LOL

  18. PaleBlackSheep // 17/12/07 10:06 AM  

    Ya'll now Pretty has a blog up on his myspace about David, I don't know which was better the actually show or all this cattiness after the season is done..I didn't see this much back and forth from the girls of FOL then these guys LOL!

  19. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 17/12/07 12:08 PM  

    thanks everyone

    Licious, who would have known that women who broke up tailor made and NY is mr.wise's assistant? lol I was shocked when I found that out

  20. karlene // 17/12/07 12:13 PM  

    thanks aurelius, i thought i was the only one who notice i think her name is Jen, i was like sent in spies, j.k

  21. PaleBlackSheep // 17/12/07 12:18 PM  

    ??? what did I miss, what woman who broke up TM and NY?

  22. karlene // 17/12/07 12:21 PM  

    ok i just went to Petty's blog aka Pretty, get went on & on, blahing about how PUNK is a PUNK.

    Ugh i guess Buddha has brain washed him also into being anti-PUNK , i think that's why Sis. P and Buddha didn't like each other cuwz they both have the power of brainwashing people.

    The beef is stupid and I've always been Team Hoodfellaz anyway.

  23. Buddah Tha Messiah // 17/12/07 12:26 PM  

    It took Pretty a long time to come up with that response of his. I find it interesting that one of the people defending him on the blog entries is one of his reported boyfriends..... But I'm not one to gossip!

  24. Jada // 17/12/07 1:46 PM  

    It's funny that it's all Punk's fault when Buddha started the rumor in the first place. Why are people afraid of this ass-clown? Are Pretty and Buddha dating or something?

    Anyway, Pretty just needs to come out of his boa laden closet and get with me on those tips to keep those lips nice and moisturized. Pretty is gorgeous.

    This show is so full of gossip this time. I would rather them scrap like real men than blog back and forth.

    All those muscles gone to waste.

  25. SpeakNtrutH // 17/12/07 2:56 PM  

    For the record I think your a 1000% hotter than Tom Cruise. And I loved the recap.

  26. The Q © 2007 // 17/12/07 3:26 PM  

    LOL @ Speak

    Chris Hanson of 'Dateline' may be lurking. Hush women HUSH!!!

    New post up for those who care...

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