I_Love_New_York_2_Yours_on_the_Elle_WordMy vacation ended a few weeks ago, but it seems like I have not quite returned as yet...I think it has something to do with 'Rock of Love', which I never got all happy about. The show is borderline boring.
Anyways, there are just two episodes of that mess for us to endure; the Finale and the Rock of Love Reunion, so we can do it...

And of course I Love New York 2 is on the horizon; and even closer than that when you consider the Elle Word has been pre-screening the candidates for you.
Tonight, Elle (and possibly Quanda) interviews/interrogates 'Yours' (aka Twin) of I love New York 2. I don't know much about the guy but he looks like a cunt to me (covers mouth - was that harsh?)
(Lol; sorry, that slipped out)

Showtime is 9pm EST (6pm PST, 8pm Central) and you can speak to/abuse the boy by dialing 1-646-478-5101
(to the left-top of the blog is a media-player that replays the show if you're reading this after 10:30 pm EST)

Click here or the graphic to listen/participate as the Elle Word show features Yours of ILNY2

In other news, we are trying really hard to get Esha on the show. If you don't know her; she's an excellent singer-songwriter who's on the verge of being signed. She's good-looking too.
Here's Esha's MySpace for you to encourage her to come talk to Gabrielle on The Elle Word, and here is her version of J Holiday's 'Bed'.
Listen and comment.

Download the Female version of 'Bed' here if your slow-ass 1980's Internet doesn't stream audio. (right-click then save-target-as or whatever)


  1. Anonymous // 25/9/07 8:31 PM  

    who here

  2. Anonymous // 26/9/07 2:42 AM  

    I like 'Yours/Twin'...he seems real cool, laid back, just chillin...I like him so far!

    Mk...i'm sleepy. Holla lol

  3. Anonymous // 26/9/07 2:48 AM  

    LOL txshawty

  4. Anonymous // 26/9/07 9:36 AM  

    damn i thought this was alicia keys at first..lol

  5. Aisha // 11/2/08 1:07 PM  

    lol you must not be trying hard enough because I never got an invite! lol just hit me up on my myspace

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