Black Rican sent me this picture of Bootz (Flavor of Love, Charm School) for y'all something with, I guess.
He got it from Cutie Central, which is like the greatest site ever, for pictures of beautiful black women. (you can view the rest of the picture by clicking on the small of her back) Bootz can be seen in the October 2007 issue of Smooth Magazine.



  1. Anonymous // 26/9/07 2:23 PM  


    Was not sure where to post this so I just picked the latest post. I heard rumor that the "rock star" in Rock Of Love 2 is going to be Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue. Confirm or deny?

  2. The Q // 26/9/07 2:25 PM  

    I have heard several names. I can neither confirn nor deny.

  3. Anonymous // 26/9/07 2:27 PM  

    What other names have you heard?

  4. Anonymous // 26/9/07 3:07 PM  

    Please no More! crock of love

  5. Licious // 26/9/07 3:20 PM  

    Ummm, bootz looks HOT in that pic. OOOO WEEE

  6. Anonymous // 26/9/07 3:31 PM  

    LOL are we Bysexual licious

  7. Anonymous // 26/9/07 3:44 PM  

    dam steups were the Nude Pic

  8. SapphireTigress // 26/9/07 4:11 PM  

    She looks great! Except the hair... me no likey the hair...

  9. Licious // 26/9/07 5:50 PM  

    ANON... no, Im not bi-sexual but I do have the ability to look at women and recognize when they're hot. Doesnt mean I wanna put the Santaria or the Mo Betta on them... gheesh!

  10. Bubo the Hater // 26/9/07 6:52 PM  

    Give me one time that Bootz has not looked great (withthe volume down, cause that attitude is/was awful). I do not like the hair, but in the words of Devin the Dude..."...I don't ever rememebr askin a bi--h for no hair."

  11. Aaliyah // 26/9/07 10:19 PM  

    Her weave looks Victorian. Like something you'd see on an English person in a history book or some shit.

  12. here4beer // 27/9/07 1:07 PM  

    Bootz always looks beautiful, and that pic is effin GORGEOUS. Too bad her attitude is so damn stank.

  13. Anonymous // 28/9/07 1:12 PM  

    She reminds me of the possum daughter on that movie "over the Hedge". She's so classless!

  14. Anonymous // 22/11/07 8:06 AM  

    work it girl cuz like i said they think i look as good as u.

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