I've been discussing Rock of Love and Flavor of Love with my friends, debating which show is better. Some say they like Bret's activities with the ladies better, and some say Flav is more fun. What do yall think? Just to clear your minds from the previous post...

And with also the contestants of each show, Which are better finalists in the top 2:

- Rock of Love:
Jes & Heather

- Flavor of Love 1:
New York

- Flavor of Love 2:
New York

- I Love New York 1:

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  1. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 16/9/07 8:46 PM  

    flavor of love 2 was the best!!!!!!~~~mr.new york

  2. "D" // 16/9/07 8:47 PM  

    As far as the contestants, I agree...

  3. steups // 16/9/07 9:03 PM  

    New York and Deelishis

  4. Qais // 16/9/07 9:32 PM  

    I'm gonna have to say New York and Hoopz. New York was more genuine in the 1st season, and her beef with Hoopz was as well. In the 2nd season, it just seemed like New York was only their for ratings, and she KNEW it and acted on it.

    As much as I hate Lacey, having her in the final two would probably make the finale of ROL better than any other show. But then again, I want Jes to win...

  5. revenge // 16/9/07 9:32 PM  

    yes i have to agree FOL 2 is what really hooked me for good.

    although, i really do enjoy rock of love...for some weird reason I love Heather.

    I would have had to pull out all of Lacey's burgundy-pinish hair has I been there.

    and my favorite was Samantha.
    Sam, I love you!

  6. steups // 16/9/07 9:39 PM  

    qais...nice outfit.

    Rev...Heather? Come on, homey.

    everyone else...grab some pictures for me from V-Spot please.

  7. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 16/9/07 9:41 PM  

    I totally agree with everything Qais said. nothing can ever top season 1

  8. revenge // 16/9/07 9:48 PM  

    whats really wrong with heather? I think she is one of the realest down to earth chicks on reality tv.

  9. steups // 16/9/07 9:48 PM  

    question for y'all, did daddy lacey say cock or hog when he spoke to Bret?

  10. revenge // 16/9/07 9:58 PM  


  11. steups // 16/9/07 10:01 PM  

    lmao...afraid of an 'o' Revenge?

  12. Bubo the Hater // 16/9/07 10:02 PM  

    Tango and Chance cause Chance was genuinely an idiot.

    Then NY and Delicious, cause Hoopz seemed more reserved like Jes, but you know Dee would have whooped that ass.

  13. steups // 16/9/07 10:09 PM  

    recap is up...I have to go now, but I'll be back to neaten it and add pictures and whatnot.

    list any errors you find, please.

  14. Bubo the Hater // 16/9/07 10:15 PM  


    I got a celebrity moment. I was eating at Pappadeaux Restaurant with a large group and my date (wife, but ignore that part Q, Elle and Venge...and Jane) says the young woman behind me was in a movie and she recognized her. Note, she is also the one who id'd Beautiful in Roll Bounce. I jokingly said, it was Beautiful..and she said, yeah, thats her. Conveniently, I there was a mirror so I could see her when she leaned forward.

    I wanted to ask her, but she was with some guy, possibly a date. I diidn't want to disrespect their time, so I failed to ask her, but I am certain,a s wis my female friend (wife, but again, ignore that ladies) that it was beutiful. I know she is from Chicago and this was a destination for West Side Chicago residents. She was smaller than I thought she'd be, really petit. The voice was similar too. I am thinking it was her, but could be wrong.

  15. revenge // 16/9/07 10:22 PM  

    awww bubo...


    your cute.

  16. steups // 16/9/07 10:29 PM  

    lol, at Bubo's story.
    Something tells me she would have loved the interruption

  17. Cheesemeister // 24/9/07 2:02 AM  

    I'm going with "I Love New York" with Tango and Chance because it was nice to see one of these shows with a woman taking charge. And New York is most assuredly the HBIC--she said it herself!

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