Okay, so the otha day, someone (who I don't even know) that goes by the monniker of "Angel" made a post about his (or her) love of the blogspot and why he (or she) loved it so much. I didn't realize this @ the time because I skipped right over it. It didn't really seem to be anything that pertained to me in any facet. But moments ago I checked my inbox and there the post was again, right in my face, with little added anecdotes from my future ex blogspot staff. And ummm.... basically it smacked me in the face that Angel was talking exclusively about me when he said that the blog was "not what it used to be" and that the reason he fell in love with the blog was because here, and ONLY here could he find news related strictly to FOL and it's spin~offs. Pardon me for being broad minded and attempting to think outside the box, but my personal thoughts regarding everything tied to vh1 is that if this blog is consistently pidgeonheld to FOL and it's spin offs, one of these days the entire blog will evaporate and there will be nothing left to say. Granted, there will always be reality tv. But one of these days, New York really IS gonna find love. And sooner or later, Flav is definitely gonna settle down. (or die) (lmao) And eventually, all FOL castoffs will be schooled with Charm. So what happens when the curtains go down, and Vh1 runs out of creative spin~offs? You can't keep wrapping up the same gift in different paper and expecting it to be a pleasant surprise every time it's opened. But no matter, that's not what this is about. Frankly, I'm writing this post to let all the readers (and my crew) that thier glorious blog can go back to it's previous, perfect state. I mean, everybody knows that I'm all that and a bag of stolen diamonds, but hell, who am I to rob someone of what they love? I remember MY first time visiting the blog and I thought it was the SHYT. So..... with one gesture I can fix it back to how it used to be. For the first (and LAST) time, Irresistable Deliscious will bow out gracefully. This is my last post.



  1. revenge // 16/9/07 7:10 PM  

    :;jumps for joy::

    thank god.

    thank you angel, thank you so muchhhhhhh.

  2. revenge // 16/9/07 7:10 PM  

    oh yeah and


  3. steups // 16/9/07 7:31 PM  

    You don't have to go, mate. Just focus more on the show.

    Looking forward to your next post. Don't make growing pains permanent, homey.

  4. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 16/9/07 7:33 PM  

    lmfao revenge

  5. "D" // 16/9/07 7:39 PM  

    LMAO Revenge.

    Let her, err him go. It's his decision.

    Ducez, but if you do decide to come back see ya later.

  6. steups // 16/9/07 7:47 PM  

    I need help...what was the joke Bret made about the hot sauce?

  7. steups // 16/9/07 7:47 PM  

    this is the shit that happens when I take too bloddy long to recap the show. I forget stuff!

  8. steups // 16/9/07 7:48 PM  

    bloody, I meant...argh.

  9. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 16/9/07 7:53 PM  

    yes!!!!!!!!!! praise jesus!!!!!!!!!~~~mr.new york

  10. steups // 16/9/07 7:53 PM  

    come on people, one of you must remember something

  11. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 16/9/07 7:58 PM  

    ignore that last comment i really don't care if he stays or leaves lol~~~mr.new york

  12. revenge // 16/9/07 8:00 PM  

    steups darling, im in the middle of homework...sorry i cant be much help.

    Aurelius - ::wink::

    sup D, I never got to formally welcome you, I definitely enjoy your prescence so far.

    as for irre dee, jesus if that dude can be any more dramatic, id slit my wrists before exposing myself to the idiotic temper trantrums again.

    good evening, everyone!

  13. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 16/9/07 8:01 PM  

    lmao revenge~~~mr.new york

  14. major_hater // 16/9/07 8:01 PM  

    haha seeya...

  15. "D" // 16/9/07 8:05 PM  

    Thanks revenge. I enjoy you too. Your remarks are hysterically hilarious.

  16. major_hater // 16/9/07 8:08 PM  

    out with the trash....don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split you and the dog shoulda bit you!!!

  17. revenge // 16/9/07 8:12 PM  


    i try.

  18. "D" // 16/9/07 8:15 PM  


    DAMN MAJOR_HATER! Dat was funny.

  19. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK(newyorkhospitality.blogspot.com) // 16/9/07 8:28 PM  

    lol i bet steups is away trying to convince him to stay~~~mr.new york

  20. steups // 16/9/07 8:55 PM  

    talking from experience, Mr New York?

  21. here4beer // 16/9/07 9:01 PM  

    mr NY that is a much better picture. You look far less homo.

    LOVE YA! :P

  22. steups // 16/9/07 9:05 PM  


  23. Bubo the Hater // 16/9/07 10:05 PM  

    Major_Hater, you are pretty damn mean.

    IrreDel, it is not that we don't like you, but we do come here for a reason, FOL/ROL,ILNY. Not for Man band, the wierd dude with the hat, etc. I like activity, but when I check for responses to an earlie rpost and it is off the screen cause 5 new posts have been added, it sucks.

  24. major_hater // 16/9/07 10:46 PM  

    hehe... bubo you were my main influence as a young lad

  25. Dana - W for Whatever // 17/9/07 6:59 AM  


    I thought his posts were funny. They made me smile.

    And if he didn't post that thing about Britney I would have never known because clearly I'm in some kinda time warp or something where there are no American celebs...

  26. steups // 17/9/07 9:24 AM  

    lmfao at Major being a Bubo protégé. Somewhat...

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