Okay, so after posting on the BRIT~Tastrophe that was The opening of the VMAs, I came across this absolutely retarded clip of a Britney fan. Now I may be a nightmare bitch, but I try not to be so biased that I don't present both sides of a coin. So I had to hand deliver this total ridiculosity to you all. This is as bad as Hottie's fur wig from Charm School. Okay maybe not.

Can you beieve this kid? And believe it or not, that's a guy, not a girl. But alas, one of everything is never enough, so I present this to you:

And now that I've made your day, I can put on my eye mask and sleep well tonigt. Smooches!


  1. Baby // 12/9/07 7:24 PM  


  2. JP13 // 12/9/07 8:20 PM  

    Now THAT is some funny shit. I discovered it earlier on yahoo after hearing a clip on the radio. Classic stupidity making another dumbass famous on the internet.

  3. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 12/9/07 8:42 PM  

    lol Chris Crocker is pretty weird, but my older sis became obsessed with the hair flip video

  4. steups // 12/9/07 8:43 PM  

    that's what gets me every time. She has been featured on Yahoo's front-page and expect her to be on Leno by Friday

  5. Licious // 12/9/07 8:47 PM  


    Lawd... that was the funniest ish Ive seen today. Thank you BITCH! Oh I love it!

    I was oddly touched by his pain for Brit... awww!

  6. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ (myspace.com/fetish2006) // 12/9/07 8:50 PM  

    I really, really, REEEEaaaaaaalllly hope he was acting. Because if that was real, I'm very concerned for this child. I mean come on, wtf?? Oh, HI steups! Thanks again for letting me post. But quick question... does Mr. New York right for you?

  7. ~*~$$$Irresistible Deliscious$$$~*~ (myspace.com/fetish2006) // 12/9/07 8:51 PM  


  8. HipsNThighs OH MY // 12/9/07 9:49 PM  

    Irre, your writing has forced me to actually comment. I LOVE YOU. you are so deliciously EVIL. LOVE IT.
    and to Licious, that picture of that man got me in trouble with my husband. thank you lol

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