Well folks, never in my 39 years have I dealt with a sensitive comedian, until today. Aren't they suppose to have thick skins? Aren't they suppose to be able to laugh at themselves? I am asking y'all because I thought a comedian could take as good as he/she gives. Darnell Wright a.k.a. Sweetie Pie a.k.a. Bulletin King deleted The Q. as a MySpace friend. Let me go find a skyscraper and jump off the roof top. My life is over. I've lost a MySpace friend.

The MySpace Bulletin King often posts funny @ss bulletins. That's why in a previous post I stated he was officially funny! Darnell has talent. He recently posted a bulletin. (Surprise!) It's title was 'Why the F@ck?' It's a long bulletin but no worries because it's funny as all h@ll. The last part reads as follows:

Last But Not Least…

Why The F@ck won't you read my bulletins because they are really that interesting. Why The F@ck won't you subscribe to my blogs, which are the hottest shit on myspace. Why The F@ck haven't you added www.myspace.com/bkmonarchy or left me a comment on www.darnellwright.com Why The F@ck haven't your spread the word to your friends on how funny the bulletins are and have them add me at www.myspace.com/darnellwright Why the f@ck won't listen today to me and DChoc Every Monday @ 5PM on blogtalkradio.com/no_bullish ? Nah F@ck that Why the F@ck Am I Not on Everyone's Friends List!!! Why The F@ck? Because something's I just don't understand!www.darnellwright.comwww.myspace.com/darnellwright

The Q. trying to be funny in spite of not being a professional like Mr. Wright responded with:

I don't read your f@#$ing bulletins because they are too f@#$ing long. And you post too many f@#$ing bulletins.

I thought Sweetie Pie would get that I read this bulletin in it's entirety & his previous bulletins. I thought he would get that I was trying to be funny. I thought he would get that I was acknowledging his bulletin. He didn't. I was told that he doesn't even know that I exist among his 16,000 friends. He never asked me to read his bulletins. Delete him or don't read them. 'Actually you are deleted so you never have to read my long interesting bulletins again.'

Does the H in Darnell stand for humble? Oh my bad there isn't a H, go figure. How is The Q. ever going to survive without reading another Darnell Wright bulletin? I am heartbroken, devastated. "Licious, Licious call the doctor I am suicidal!" *giggles Man, I thought Romance was emotional!!!
'I Love New York 2' is definitely going to be a MUST SEE. Darnell's sensitive side, Dave's abs, Midget Mac's gangsta love, Mat's charm, Nico's sexy eyes..... I could go on but I need to go kill myself. Before I jump allow me to remind y'all that Darnell Wright is suppose to come out with a HOT, HOT DVD in October. And I am sure it'll be as funny as Pootie & Romance times 2. So if you are 1 of his 15,999 friends look out for a bulletin announcing his comedy DVD release. Where the hell are my Kotex? (Did D.W. steal my pads?)

VH-1 is the place to be October 8th for the 'I Love New York 2' Premiere!!!

Credit: Darnell Wright

A sensitive Qmoment!


  1. 3pm // 12/9/07 2:07 AM  

    this Should Be Good quanda this is your ex how are you doing today Beautiful

  2. 3pm // 12/9/07 2:09 AM  

    quanda i only come around when you here

  3. The Q // 12/9/07 2:09 AM  

    3pm how are you doing?! You have been missed. I hope you stop by more often to harrass me. Yeah, I Love New York 2 is going to be hot!

    I am doing good, no complaints. Thanks!!!

  4. 3pm // 12/9/07 2:22 AM  

    i'm doing well quanda do you know who won the top 5 of flavor of love 3 i'm not sure but i think sexyangie won this go to her mysapce www.myspace.com/mrsflav401

  5. 3pm // 12/9/07 2:30 AM  

    and yes i will stop by more often to harrass you now that i love new york is Coming Up LOL

  6. biggirlsdntcry // 12/9/07 11:04 AM  

    Darnell is a sweetie..he is funny and a nice guy to boot, glad he made the show

  7. Genia // 12/9/07 12:35 PM  

    I support Darnell 100% and I've always loved his spirit and felt that he was a very nice, respectable person. My feelings were confirmed this past weekend when I met him in Atlanta.

    Darnell IS a Sweetie Pie. He didn't have a bad word to say and was just an enjoyable person to be around.

    Thanks for letting everyone know about his DVD being released in October. I will definitely continue to support him by buying it.

  8. steups // 12/9/07 12:45 PM  

    Dick wads come in different looks.

  9. steups // 12/9/07 12:46 PM  

    but now you know how valuable those lol's and lmao's are

  10. cpgeorgiapeach // 12/9/07 1:13 PM  

    Wow, Im happy to see Darnell getting so much love! He has always been respectful and well spoken to me and I enjoy his bulletins! Darnell, you are the man!!!! Much love!!

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