Heat, Heat, Heat... I misses him. *wonders how Diva Maria & Ya-Ya are doing 'The Party Boyz' (Heat and 12 Pack) have been nominated at this years 'Fox Reality Awards' airing Saturday, October 13th! Did I catch a glimpse or two of New York a.ka. H.B.I.C. of 'I Love New York 2'? Now we all know she most definitely needs to be nominated for Ultimate Reality Princess.

Did you say you want to see 'The PartyBoyz' sooner? No fear they'll be on VH-1's 'Where Are They Now' September 24th @10pm. You can't wait that long? Then visit The Party Boyz Page before and after upcoming MUST SEE changes. It's Party Boyz Time!

Heat sends mad love out to all who have supported The Party Boyz. (Did I ever mention that Heat has an awesome body?)

Credit: Jason Rosell & FOX

A heated Qmoment!


  1. Bubo the Hater // 12/9/07 7:47 AM  

    Where are they now? Probably in som egay bath house

  2. The Q // 12/9/07 11:43 AM  

    Bubo they aren't gay.


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