sam-rock-of-love-3Good-bye, good riddance and good-luck.
It's women like Samantha who drive men to women like Lacey. Like who would want to deal with her endless river of tears; having to hide the pills and sharp knives so her crazy-ass doesn't kill herself.

Long live Lacey.

I'll be back with a recap if I can somehow survive my migraine headache.


  1. Sawyers_Stash // 2/9/07 10:31 PM  

    Ahh I've been away from the computer and in the 30 seconds it took me to log in there is another post.
    Looking forward to the episode.
    I'm into Crazy Sam kinda sad she's gone. She is the poster child for Emo kids everywhere. She should get spoons tattooed on her wrists cuz thats the emo way to cut.

    Ladyrap1...isn't she on like 45 casting sites like this? Not that that is an issue huh? Like Bubo said..just a means to an end.

    Brooke, you want to be Bridget Neilson so bad. If you were my kids teacher I'd raise so much hell..Also I would tell my kid to spit on you.

    In other news I love the new "arch rivals' banner.

  2. "D" // 2/9/07 10:42 PM  

    Oh, wow! Sam, going home? Saw it coming...but not so soon.

    Yep, people give it up with da suspense. Dey keepin Lacey on for da drama and we all know it cuz none of dez other girls aint gon start no drama or beef and its not Flavor of Love so dont expect much once Lacey leaves.

  3. Sawyers_Stash // 2/9/07 10:50 PM  

    Also I hasne't seen the episode yet but i'm guessing the tattoo is Heather based on stalking the vh1 hard to navigate message boards.
    Someone was all "What if she gets married..will she get it removed?"

    1 the tattoo is not very big it would be smarter to cover it up.

    2 it would not be more then like 400 to get it removed. Heather could make that in a day of...whatever she does.

    3. If she don't got a man now anyone who sees her sparkling personality on RoL I'm sure is gonna come running

  4. Jeff Loves New York // 2/9/07 11:58 PM  


  5. Baby // 3/9/07 12:22 AM  

    How odd, I have a migraine headache too. Since 9 pm. Weird.

  6. "D" // 3/9/07 2:41 AM  

    Ok, After seeing the show, it made more since. You would think Sam would end the show off crying her ass off and flipping Lacey off while stabbing her repeatedly. Not this time, folks, Sam and Bret shared a long, beautiful kiss before Sam made her exit. Bravo, Bravo!

    No, not bravo for the kiss. Bravo to Lacey's crying. C'mon! Could you fake it even harder? She totally doesn't deserve an Oscar. I saw right thru her. She's staying for a while! rock! Now you gon be rockin' yo chair as a old woman with that Bret tattoo on the back of your neck. Yikes!

    Jes, you're still cool, girl. No matter what nobody says. I love Jes and LMAO at her impression on Lacey crying.

    Brandi, BB, Brandi M, whatever. My girl! You know I still got love for you. You're so freakin hott (says in white boy tone) and I like freakin love you dude. Anyways, whats up with the buring weave? C'mon BB??

    On the next ROL...
    Speechless. BB, thats a no-no. No getting too drunk! Lacey...GO HOME!

  7. lareigna // 3/9/07 9:39 AM  

    Lacey is a grade A fucking lunatic. What's sad is because of her behavior she will be kept around for a while, simply because she makes good tv. She truly is the white version of NY. Crazy as hell.

  8. Marcy // 3/9/07 12:22 PM  

    Sam was too smart a chick for Bret Michaels. I loved her so much but in the end I know she is way too good for him.

    I don't think he will be with Lacey in the end. I think him and Heather deserve each other. They have the same personality.

  9. steups // 3/9/07 12:48 PM  

    Come on; Sam was a massive disappointment.
    A Columbia educated, tattoo wearing sissy.

  10. steups // 3/9/07 12:50 PM  

    She had the potential to create a whole new reality tv star. Alas, she flopped.

  11. Bubo the Hater // 3/9/07 12:56 PM  

    Sam was too emotional, not in an unstable Lacey way, but shut the hell up Rodeo way. Se was likeable, but annoying at the same time.

    Lacey couldn't hold NY's jock in a contest of being devious. For NY, it seemed natural, Lacey seems like she has to try at it and make a point how good she is at doing it, NY evilness just flows.
    If Lacey states that she is in a band one more time, I may sceam. She is as bad as a self promoter than Krazy, but not nearly as bad as the Stallionaires....although with her crying display, she did show that she could do a cameo on their next single.

  12. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 3/9/07 12:58 PM  

    darn, I missed the episode due to enjoying the last summer days at Cedar Point. I just downloaded it on my PSP so I'll go watch it

  13. steups // 3/9/07 1:02 PM  

    Lacey has a killer body, though. Especially with the ten pounds or so she's added during the show

  14. "D" // 3/9/07 1:23 PM  

    LOL @ Aurelius. I missed like the first 10 min, but I'm sure nothing happened there. Anyways, this episode was fairly good.

    I liked that the 3 superfans apologized to Sam and told her it wasn't to hurt her, rather their purpose and job to interrogate the ladies. I liked them better afterward, then when the picked BB to go down as one of the 2 ladies who they thought weren't right for him, my 'like for them meter' when down a few notches.

  15. THE ORIGINAL MR.NEW YORK( // 3/9/07 1:46 PM  

    hello people hows it going sooooooooooooo here iam back to my boring old blog york

  16. Jeff Loves New York // 3/9/07 2:06 PM  

    sam was an emotional wreck i am so happy she went home!!! i want lacey or heather to win!

    I think Jes is to young and just seems like another hoopz, i dont think she could handle the lime light and paparazzi.

    I think Brandi M is not gonna win because i think she is "just there to get out of the strip clubs" quoting one of the super fans.

    I think Lacey has a chance because once again she is in a band and she has kind of the "same" personality as bret. And just because she is in a band does not mean she is there for her band she has already toured the U.S and has opened up for many bands.

    I think Heather has a chance because she seems like she has alot of feelings for bret and it seems like bret has alot of feelings for her.

    Thats my insight for the rest of the girls =]]

  17. Bubo the Hater // 3/9/07 5:27 PM  

    Who is Lacey's band? A bunch of funky tramps from he rhigh school that hated the "cool kids" in school?

  18. Jeff Loves New York // 3/9/07 5:34 PM  

    no it is a good band called nocturne go to and you can listen to some of the songs bubo

  19. revenge // 3/9/07 6:28 PM  


    damn shame.

  20. Sawyers_Stash // 3/9/07 8:45 PM  

    wow, just actually got to watch the episode. i'm glad Sam got to leave happy at least. Dignity mostly in tact.

    If this follows the vh1 dating formula next week will be the double dates where one is asked for a "night cap"
    I think Brandi and Lacey will get asked for night caps.

    I predict Brandi will go home.

    Then the "meet the parents" episode
    We will see a completely brand new Lacey.

    I think Lacey will go home...but maybe Jes due to her being a nice girl. but pretty sure Lacey.

    Then it will be down to Jes and Heather for the final dates.
    Heather will win.

    Jes will do a few intereviews get a few hot photos. she is however alot like Hoops, it just wouldn't work.

  21. Anonymous // 3/9/07 9:15 PM  

    There are 2 preview pics of NY from INLY 2 on

  22. Bubo the Hater // 3/9/07 9:18 PM  

    I finally saw the episode, it solidifies that Lacey is in the show for ratings. Everyon ehas told him she is not the one, she is bad fo rhim, but she is still there. Why the hell would he want her around his kids? Another revalation this episode showed me is that she too, is on scripts and is seeing a therapist. Obvious! I am sick of her and her shit-eating grin. Take out that silly lip ring.

    Heather is simply more mature, so she can relate to BRet better than the others..only second to Rodeo. She played the tatoo move brilliantly cause she can make enough money on the pole (in one night) to have that removed from the back of her neck when things don't work out.

    Jes, cool. Young, but seems to have a thought now and then.

    These fans have a collective 19 years of groupieness among them. Bret Micheals and Poison were popular (in their prime) almost a longer time ago than that! Get someone from maybe the early nineties, but I guess they would not be as attactive having led the groupie lifestyle for nearly 20 years.

    Sam, good riddance. I was sick of her hot/cold butt. She seemed like a decent show, but her constant threats to leave were tiring.

    Brandi M. I've seen the pictures and I am not that impressed.

    Just to let you all know, I hate pretty much all these people on these shows. In cases like Tango, Hoopz, Jess, it is a matter of who I hate the least that garners my favor.

  23. Anonymous // 3/9/07 9:40 PM  


    I bet you can't wait for ILNY 2

    you will really be at your hating best then.

  24. Baby // 3/9/07 9:40 PM  

    I thought she went to Brown, not Columbia. She seems like more like a Brownie. They're all on Prozac and a couple of Indigo Girls songs away from suicide. I'm just sayin...

  25. The Realness // 3/9/07 10:45 PM  

    I am better than steups LOL anyway did you guys read new york's interview where she bared it all?

    she said that she did'nt like how sleazy she came off in ILNY and that season 2 will be alot more classier. She also mentioned that she's not really looking for love and is just having fun with this because it's pure entertainment. She also said she was never with tango nor were they really engaged. The whole engagement was a set up to gain ratings. She also said that the real reason she did'nt pick chance was because he refused to give her oral sex.

    she even admitted she never loved flav and that she only played the whole "i love you" game to win him over.

    She even admitted that he was'nt all that attractive and the only reason she slept with him the first time was'nt because she cared about him, but instead was to increase her chances of winning. "maybe if i satisfy him in bed, he won't pick hoopz"

    kinda sad, don't ya think?

  26. Bubo the Hater // 3/9/07 10:53 PM  

    the realness, no one is better than steups/meups/weups...maybe besides Q. If what you typed is true, then she (NY) is an idiot. Why would she give away the "secret", nicotene withdrawal?
    In the end, NY won cause she has her own shows.

    Jane, with my last post, (thanks in part to LadyRap's silly ass(Great interview Elle, you helped m erealize my full potential), I have realized that I hate all these people. It is simply whom I dislike th eleast which will be my favorite. I hate them cause they are liars. They go on these shows saying they are searching for true love and that is the foundation for my hate.

  27. The Q // 3/9/07 11:56 PM  

    Bubo, I think I may be the second Sith. There is an evil inside me that is coming out. And I can't seem to stop it.

    New post up.

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