My head is f@cking killing me. I can't sleep, eat or do much. So I went to MySpace to check messages. I had one from an 'I Love New York' cast member. *swoons I had many more from friends. I was going to sign off when I caught a glimpse of a Lacey bulletin. It mentioned the 'Rock of Love' Super Fan episode.

I am feeling exceptionally evil right now. So, I am going to give you my unedited & unsolicited opinion. My mother hasn't died. Actually it's her 67th birthday today. She is most likely in Reno, Nevada gambling my inheritance away as I type.


Your Muffin loves you. Now back to my unedited opinion that I am not going to keep to myself. I've been in therapy and prescribed medication. Whatever the reasons, I was f@cking depressed. I am not going to make excuses nor do I feel the need to explain. Call me a crazy b!tch, I don't care.

Yes 51 Minds could've left your explanation in but they didn't. Their decision because Lacey signed the contract, therefore they do what they do... EDIT. Was it shitty for them to edit your explanation out? No. Many of us honestly don't care. (That's what Lifetime, Dr. Phil & Oprah are for!) It was a good solid episode. Many a viewer was entertained. A las production did their job and made at least one person happy, ME. The loss of Lacey's mother didn't move the Super Fans because they still picked 666 a.k.a. Lacey in the bottom two. With all that typed, I am sorry to read about the loss of Lacey's mother. But if I want violins, I'll visit the symphony. Lacey's blog:

September 3, 2007 - Monday

the episode with the "Super fans", and how "real" is reality tv?

Hey Guys!

I often get asked if reality tv is actually "real". The answer is: "yes" and "no". It is not real in the sense that, how often in life would you be put into a situation of: a bunch of girls, forced to live together, and forced to compete for the same man...and forced to live together without TV, internet, books, radio, and not being allowed to leave the house. So of course that is not a "real" setting or scenario, and will obviously lead to events taking place that probably would not occur in real life. However, it WAS real in the sense that nothing was scripted, and for the most part, the producers did not tell us what to say or do, (but they do occasionally encourage us, or "egg us on"). And of course, as I said, I purposely (and obviously) made a big effort to rattle all the other girls. Yes, that "bitch" side of me is very real...however, in "real" life, it RARELY ever comes out. So all of this tells you that reality tv is both "real", and not "real", just depending on which way you want to look at it.

The other thing you have to keep in mind is that the producers can do whatever they want with editing. For the most part, the way Rock Of Love was edited is pretty true to how everything actually went down in the house. They didn't really change things up. But they DID leave quite a bit out. For the most part, I'm pretty happy with the way I'm being portrayed on the show. I WANTED - and set out to be - the dominant, devious, "puppet master" of the house. So the way it was edited is very true to that. However, I have to admit that I was a bit disturbed by one thing that did take place on the "super fans" episode that recently aired. Something very tragic happened in my life not to long Mother, who was EXTREMELY close with, suddenly passed away. I have always been a very happy person with a positive outlook on life. But when she passed away, it put me into an extreme state of sadness and mourning. Even though I had never taken medication in my life, after she died, I started taking anti-depressants, which helped me immensely with the healing process. On the show, the "super fans" asked me if I was in therapy, and I said "yes". Then they said "are you on medication?", I said "yes". What REALLY happened, was I said "yes, I am taking medication to help me heal from the death of my Mother". One of the "super fan" girls said "I'm so sorry to hear that. I experienced a death in my family too, so I can relate." But of course, they didn't show any of that. Instead, they just showed the girl saying, "Do you take medication", and then cut to me saying "yes", but then they cut out the explanation of WHY I was taking medicine. I have no problems with the producers making me out to be "the crazy one" on the show...that was part of my own plan and my own doing, too. However, to take something so personal to me...the death of my beloved Mother...and use it against me on the show...I thought that was pretty shitty of them. But, at the end of the day, they're just trying to make it a good what can you do. But I did feel the need to write a blog about it...I thought that was something that should be explained to you guys.

Anyway, thanks for continuing to watch the show, and for continuing to show your love to me! You guys rock!!!

Take care,


Credit: Lacey

An evil Qmoment!


  1. Electra (trinidad) // 4/9/07 7:22 AM  

    Hey Guys long time no talk. : )

  2. Bubo the Hater // 4/9/07 7:53 AM  

    I like the shirt LAcey..but I still hate you.

  3. pghbeautydoll // 4/9/07 8:24 AM  

    Those thin thighs have ruined my soggy waffles I planned on eating... Not sexy lacey ....those thighs need medication

  4. Electra (trinidad) // 4/9/07 9:00 AM  

    I honestly think that Lacey is crazy for true, honestly.

  5. Baby // 4/9/07 10:42 AM  

    The Devil has a mother?

  6. Anonymous // 4/9/07 1:59 PM  

    Found this on imdb,

    did you guys hear new york's former friend on the radio the other day? He was really pissed off at the fact that tiffany fired him for reasons he could'nt mention, so he went on wendy williams and put all her business out there.

    he talked about how as a child, tiffany was abused and neglected by her mother and that sister patterson only made her feel loved when she would do things that met her approval.. He also talked about how NY was teased alot at school and that the boys often did'nt talk to her, which has caused her to become very insecure about her appearance and does'nt dare to step out the house without make-up..He mentioned that she is afraid of other women and does'nt get along with any because she considers them all competition.. He also talked about how new york was an exotic dancer/prostitute before she became an actress and how her nickname in high school was "d!ck breath" because she had a reputation for giving head.

    He also mentioned that she was'nt too comfortable with "I love new york" because of how sleazy she came off and that season 2 will be alot more classier. He also mentioned that she's not really looking for love and is just having fun with this because it's pure entertainment. He also said she was never with tango nor were they really engaged. The whole engagement was a set up to gain ratings. He also said that the real reason she did'nt pick chance was because he refused to give her oral sex.

    The guy also mentioned that new york admitted that she never loved flav and that she only played the whole "i love you" game to win him over.

    He also said that She said Flav was'nt all that attractive and the only reason she slept with him the first time was'nt because she cared about him, but instead was to increase her chances of winning. "maybe if i satisfy him in bed, he won't pick hoopz"..and was brought back for ratings and continued to sleep with him because she's a ho and that's what ho's do.

    quite interesting, don't ya think?

  7. pghbeautydoll // 4/9/07 2:16 PM  

    That's deep but not a surprise as well....I fuck wit new york simply because that beyatch is rude sexual and don't give a fuck out in the open these other bitchs on flav try to act innocent and angelic when low key they all online ass naked ass in the air but on camera they got class...fuck outta here new york wears a bad weave pounds of face paint and don't give a fuck,...I quote hoopz on finale frowning with digust at new york sleeping wit flav....look at hoopz now.....I quote delicious acting like she is genuine and acting like her daughter can't see her acting crazy....o I guess kids don't use computers now and can't see her mothers ass and breast hanging.I love all the flav girls but let's keep it real

  8. Anonymous // 4/9/07 2:34 PM  

    If the Chance thing is true then I don't blame her,

    its so lame when a dude does not eat pussy.

  9. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 4/9/07 3:23 PM  

    that thing about NY makes me laugh. And I never believed that little fake-ass "I Love you, Flav" stuff either.

  10. The Q // 4/9/07 3:42 PM  

    Who was the friend? And where is the interview?

  11. Anonymous // 4/9/07 4:04 PM  

    I don't know Q

    I found the whole thing on IMDB

    it could be fake.

  12. The Q // 4/9/07 4:11 PM  

    First I heard it was New York that said it. Now a friend, I'd like to hear in for myself.

    Thanks Jane!

  13. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 4/9/07 5:08 PM  

    lol Q, I heard the same thing too. But most of that sounds true, except they left out the part of her being a man

  14. Joe // 4/9/07 7:41 PM  

    I asked new york herself. She said none of it was true. I'd believe her more so than the anonymous friend.

  15. Anonymous // 24/9/07 11:08 PM  

    Glad you got kicked off the show. You are so fake and I would blow up my radio before listening to any of that crap you sing... (It even annoys my dog.) "Play" your stocks. (By the way, that was crap and your dad is as fake as you are...) It's the only way you are going to make it. See also, Sanjaya. He was interesting to watch on AI but you might as well buy him a tombstone because his career is dead just like Noturn.

  16. Anonymous // 24/9/07 11:15 PM  

    It's funny that an "animal rights" activist can be so horrible to humans, which are animals too. Can you say "hypocrite"? PS. Bret wears leather, Stupid.

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