flavor-flav-flavor-of-love-3Erotic model Ms Deja, who says "big girls don't cry we take all of it" is the latest candidate to offer herself to Flavor Flav for Flavor of Love 3.
She's a late entrant but that shouldn't be a problem because I get the feeling she's not accustomed to coming early.
You can vote for her on her Flavor of Love 3 webpage and you can read about her in this interview conducted by Licious in late May.

In other news, we've dumped the old banners and added four, courtesy Jeriko. And we've added a new link in our link-bar which takes you to Hip-Hop Ruckus. Go check them out and let me know if you like their template because I want to adopt it.

So that's that...Q has an interview below, so, be sure to read it and I'll be back later with the recap of Episode7 (I think) where Sam was eliminated (highlight the gap if you don't know already)

Oh, one more thing, there is a radio show tonight at 10pm EST (7pm PST). Please be there.


  1. Bubo the Hater // 2/9/07 9:33 PM  

    hell nah

  2. Anonymous // 16/1/10 2:38 PM  

    I love Ms Deja

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