There is something in the Florida water. I don't know what but can we get some Floridian water in California? H@ll, Yours, Midget Mac or Whiteboy can you FedEx an old hag some of that good sh!t? Sexiness is just overflowing out of the Big F. The Q. is surely not mad about it. Southern men have swagger for days & nights. *bites bottom lip I recently communicated with Yours of 'I Love New York 2'. Yours' voice is like a fine cognac.

Yours a.k.a. Twin was born & raised in Jacksonville, Florida. One of his favorite memories is growing up with his identical twin Chekel. Yours & Chekel stayed out of extreme trouble by expressing themselves through Hip Hop dance (95 South & 69 Boyz). *thinking I miss Kid 'n' Play Yours is one of the top event promoters in Jacksonville and it's surrounding areas. He also dibbles 'n' dabbles (thank you Chance) in home improvement. Legitimate hustle is soooooooooo sexy.
To match a killer personality, Yours has an awesome body. *fans self I would love to learn braille on his body. He works out everyday to maintain his dark chocolate cuts. Twin a.k.a. Yours eats healthy. He doesn't eat pork or beef. (NO CHITLINS?!!! WTH?) His favorite meal is baked salmon with steamed vegetables. (Yuck! I am destined to remain overweight.) Beside his muscles Twin rocks a beautiful head full of locks. He's been growing his luscious locks for six years. *cringes @ the thought of New York touching his locks

Yours has a New York state of mind. Yours finds Tiffany very attractive. He openly and honestly stated his attraction for New York started with those big ole' titties. He likes curves on a woman. He admits to being very sexual. And is committed to pleasuring the woman he's with. They're not finished until she is satisfied. *sings Downtown... goin' Downtown Besides breasts, Yours loves a woman who can carry a conversation. A woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind is a big turn on. He wants a woman who will tell him what she wants.
An interesting fact is that Yours tried out for 'I Love New York 2' because of his brother. Many in the south know Yours as Twin-4-Lyfe. Yours and Chekel were very close. They not only played together. Chekel assisted Yours in many of his business dealings. Traits both brothers shared were their generosity and big hearts. Chekel willingness to believe the best in others led to his death. On November 29, 2005 Chekel was robbed & murdered by a 'friend'. He was killed by a man he would've given the shirt off his back to... if asked (for cash & jewelry). Yours still deals with the loss of his twin daily. Chekel's death was a lesson Yours will never forget. "You never know when your end will come. It's important for all of us to live our lives to the fullest. It's important if you see something you want... to work for it. If you see a woman you want, don't hesitate to approach her." Yours saw New York. He did what he had to in order to meet the H.B.I.C. *thinks first Whiteboy & Onix, now Yours, Punk, Midget Mac, Nico, The Entertainer & Tailor Made... New York is one LUCKY woman

A Chekel Qmoment!


  1. SapphireTigress // 14/9/07 3:13 PM  

    Oh my gosh... those lips.... yummy

  2. The Q // 14/9/07 4:02 PM  

    Yep, yep ... I agree Tigress.

  3. Licious // 14/9/07 4:03 PM  


  4. Baby // 14/9/07 4:19 PM  

    Ixnay on the long haired dudes. Can't join you ladies on this one!

  5. steups // 14/9/07 5:17 PM  

    He must be really happy Midget Mac is in the house with his 5ft 6 ass

  6. Anonymous // 14/9/07 5:23 PM  

    He's alright I guess

  7. steups // 14/9/07 5:31 PM  

    Jane, we have issues, homey?

  8. Anonymous // 14/9/07 5:32 PM  

    don't talk me

  9. The Q // 14/9/07 5:41 PM  


    I think he's 5' 8". I need to rethink something.

  10. SapphireTigress // 14/9/07 6:11 PM  

    Awww! 5'8"! That has officially knocked him down a couple on my list. He's still got some delicious looking lips though...

  11. The Q // 14/9/07 6:13 PM  


    Y'all are tough. I think he's a great young man.

  12. SapphireTigress // 14/9/07 6:26 PM  

    Don't get me wrong. He seems like a great catch, but the Tigress can't be bending down to kiss her man...

    Praise Jesus! Mychal Bell has been cleared (Jena 6 - not sure if you've been following it...)

    gotta run, have a great night!

  13. steups // 14/9/07 6:31 PM  

    I read that elsewhere, but they still beat up that white-boy didn't they? Or has that been lost in the fight against racism?

  14. TBH2001 // 15/9/07 12:31 AM  

    I cant wait for ilny2...

  15. TBH2001 // 15/9/07 12:32 AM  

    I love new york 2 is coming out ?? already wow ...

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