YEA YEA Charm School is over but the cast offs need love too :)

Soooooo.... I tuned in to Hell date a few nights ago just to catch and episode with our dear friend from Charm school (drum roll please) THELA!!!! I'm so mad that I don't have a video to show of it but it was HILARIOUS....

I'll give a brief recap about the show and what Rain did:

Hell Date is a show on BET where certain people think they are going on a blind date with someone that a service hooked them up with... the cameras are just supposed to be a part of the show as though they are on Blind Date the TV show, the twist is, that the date BET has hooked them up with has some sort of weird problem that they have to act out on the date to see how far they can go with it.... which brings us to the show with thela

Thela's date was a VERY :) handsome young man who could not resist looking at, touching or flirting with other girls. They went to do some exercises while a girl asked him to help her on a pole. She fell down and he caught her legs while they were gapped and you could see the look of disgust on Thela's face.... (this is where I wish I had pictures) Then they go to dinner, and her date can't stop looking at a woman across the room who is on a date of her own. The woman and her date join Thela and her hell dater. They have a nice convo to get acquainted and then the woman asks Thela's date to do a body shot off of her. (This is where I wish I had a video clip) Thela gets so mad that she leaps over the man (the other womans date) with no panties on in a short dress, so she can sprint out of the restaurant. She goes to cursing and yelling as we all know "weed smoking Rain" to do and the little Devil Jumped out and told her that she was on hell date.


(On an unrelated note, for some reason when I watch Hell Date I always think of Midget Mac after the show is over... am I the only one?)


  1. steups // 14/9/07 5:00 PM  

    I heard about this but haven't seen it...

  2. The Q // 14/9/07 5:12 PM  


    Now I have to try to catch a rerun of this particualar 'Hell Date'.


    *never watches the show*

  3. steups // 14/9/07 5:30 PM  

    you should. The women on the show are extremely sexy ('cept for this episode, obviously)

  4. biggirlsdntcry // 14/9/07 8:01 PM  

    You are not the only one Gabrielle, I could have sworn that midget Mac and this devil were one and the same LOL

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