It's midnight and I am on dial-up.
I can only speak for myself, but dial-up is worse than Snapple Iced Tea. How do people survive on dial-up?
Anyways, I'll be home tomorrow and reunited with my cable modem. Until then, you can enjoy Aurelius' video recap and relive the Jes and Ky kiss


  1. The Q // 5/9/07 2:35 AM  

    Aurelius, I am your #1 Super Fan.

    Does this make me a pedophile?

  2. Dana - W for Whatever // 5/9/07 6:44 AM  

    Great recap Aurelius.

    I volunteer to be your superfan - 2nd of course to Quanda.

    Ammm...I can't promise to get a tattoo on neck or any other part of my body but I can do banners, fanfare, buttons with your face on or just screaming your name if that's what you need

  3. Theodius**Misterballer** // 5/9/07 5:53 PM  

    good as usual,but your editing was off aurelius

  4. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 5/9/07 7:06 PM  

    yea, but you see how fast I released it. It's almost like the newspaper

  5. The Q // 5/9/07 8:05 PM  

    I enjoyed it Aurelius. And I have seldom laugh or enjoyed others recaps as much as I like yourss.

  6. Gabrielle // 5/9/07 9:47 PM  

    WOW!!!! Guess whose pregnant lol!!! Thanks for the birthday love!!! I appreciate it! The show is in 14 min!! Wish me happy b-day

  7. revenge // 5/9/07 11:18 PM  

    aww aurelius, i luv u.

  8. Gabrielle // 6/9/07 11:37 AM  

    Ok, so I f inally got caught up with all the blog business...
    Aurelius nice recap.....

    The clem guy is ok, I just don't like the styles, the weave looks very natural though, i like it.

    Sis P changed her hair back at the reunion so that was nothng new to me but I do see that she looks more excited about the show than new york in that pic at the bottom.

    Who is Halle Berry Pregnant By?

  9. Gabrielle // 6/9/07 11:43 AM  

    Ok one more thing, I just watched the New York Sub 0 clip and I'm curious about Bucky Blends, is he her body guard now? He snatched her away like HE was the celebrity or something lol.... He said he was her friend, if I was becoming well known from my famous friend then I would jump in the video with them and start screaming Sub 0 TOO :)

  10. Baby // 8/9/07 11:09 AM  

    Why does Heather looks like 103 years old in these clips?
    And Lacey's voice...comedy, pure comedy.

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