Not Gabrielle, however we @ The Blogspot want to give a huge B-Day wish to the lovely, bright & charming Gabrielle. She's H.B.I.C. (Head Beauty in Charge) over at The ELLE Word.


Halle Berry is happily pregnant. She confirmed it with Access News today. Congratz to Miss Berry and that model dude (Gabriel Aubry). Halle is a beautiful woman. I wish her a healthy labor and baby. Read the actual story HERE. Y'all think the baby will look like the H.B.I.C.? *wondering

Now onto Miss Tiffany Pollard, word on the street is New York is expecting her baby on October 8, 2007. That's right folks New York lovers & haters alike are waiting on pins & needles for her delivery. It was approximately 3 weeks of labor and love for New York. Her baby is hopefully an entertaining bundle of joy named 'I Love New York 2'.

New York is not pregnant to my knowlegde. So don't run off to various message boards spreading garbage. The baby in this post is 'I Love New York 2'.

Now on with the video~

Credit: com, Access News & Sub Zero

A preggers Qmoment!

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