Got this from Shamicka and I am republishing verbatim:

The famous loud mouth Pumkin from Flavor of Love 1 will be on the Court TV
Show 'Cristina's Court'new season beginning September. She is suing a party promoter and uses her foul mouth to make a good show. She was dressed in a little teeny dress (with no underwear) and some cheap black wood shoes. She won the case but almost got thrown out several times.
She attends with her "boyfriend" who looks just like her brother with bleach blonde hair!

Just thought I'd let ya know!


  1. Baby // 24/8/07 2:45 PM  

    She's so pathetic. And getting predictable. Nothing worse than predictable pathetic. That makes it uber-pathetic.

  2. Baby // 24/8/07 2:45 PM  
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  3. Baby // 24/8/07 2:46 PM  
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  4. Baby // 24/8/07 2:48 PM  

    And Steups, it's "foul mouth"

    Obnoxious, aren't I? :)

  5. Aurelius (aka bhattipimpin88) // 24/8/07 3:12 PM  

    mmmm Pumkin, nothing gets better than that. I'm gone for the weekend, I'll be back Sunday night, peace BLOGPSOT

    MUCH Love,

  6. Savanna // 24/8/07 4:11 PM  

    Oh, Pumkin.

  7. dalgal23 // 24/8/07 4:23 PM  

    She is becoming like a bad train wreck...and becoming almost uninteresting. And why is she suing someone?? We should sue her for having to watch her.

  8. The Q // 24/8/07 4:28 PM  

    Sue her for having to watch?


    The point is WE DON'T!!!

    Long live PUMKIN!!!!

  9. pghbeautydoll // 24/8/07 6:56 PM  

    That damn Pumpkin needs a harsh reality check.

  10. steups // 24/8/07 7:43 PM  

    very obnoxious...I can't even say it's not my fault because I did re-read and obviously didn't spot the chicken

  11. Bubo the Hater // 24/8/07 7:58 PM  

    Well, NEw York acting the way she did at the club an dPumpkin acting this way on tv does not surprise me on ebit. They are both trshy (especially Pumpkin) and I have come to expect this from them. It does make me wonder why Pumpkin got the boot from Charm School.

  12. Baby // 25/8/07 8:51 AM  

    She got the boot because she was performing fellatio on an ice sculpture at a party. That's sufficient grounds for dismissal, don't you think?

    Speaking of which (sorta), Superhead is publishing a new book next month. I know, that was random...

  13. The Q // 25/8/07 2:02 PM  


    I have Vixen Diaries on pre-order. It'll be finished in a day.


  14. Baby // 26/8/07 10:15 AM  

    I swear one of those rappers is gonna take her out before she gets to write book #3. Trust. She ain't gonna be putting fools on blast three times and live to tell about it. No way.

  15. Bubo the Hater // 26/8/07 11:10 PM  

    baby, first you have to believe these rappers' images. Most of them are nothing more than Studio gangsters. Second, no publicity is bad publicity if it helps sell records.

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